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You know what they do to guys like us in prison

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Title from the guys themselves! ;) x

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Hey kids sorry for neglecting my work lately! Personal crisis zone but im on a high today! xx On my way to getting better hopefully! :) x

Gerards POV
I am rushing down a pathway of pure bleakness. The white hurting my eyes which are gradually closing and opening. He almost knocked me out with that punch. He's dangerous, but that doesn't kill me wanting to get closer to him, to know him properly, to fall into him. I'm not afraid anymore. I'll just take a breath and nosedive this time around. Being cautious hasn't stopped me from getting hurt, it hasnt stopped me from being an ex boyfriend multiple times. Hell, none of it ever worked before, time has to change. But first, he's going to feel something i like to call sweet revenge.

Franks POV
"You've done this way too many times!" My Mum screamed at me. " Every person who's not even getting to you Frank! And you're hitting out at them constantly!" She paces as that idiot of a boyfriend of hers stands smugly behind her.
"He was pushing me Mom. And you can get out and all." I turn to her boyfriend.
"Don't speak to him like that!" She screamed at me, placing her hands on her head breathing in and out slowly and heavily. She began to calm after a few long moments.
"Right, get to Dayles son. You need to explain to him whats happened and then you need to apologise to that poor lad." She said leaving me there in pieces, her boyfriend in tow. I hadn't tasted the salt in my tears for a long time, why me? Why now? Because you're worthless. You're fucking awful. A terrible, horrible creature that shouldn't live. And with that i walked in the rain to Dayles house, greeted by two police officers who like all the rest of the townsfolk, wore an utterly disgusted expression.

Banged up. What an expression to call it. Sitting in this icy hell some call jail or prison. Yeah, they've arrested me for ABH. Actual bodily harm and guess what else? They are pressing Charges. The entire Way family want to see me go down for what i did. The police have even accused me of being homophobic. How can that be? How can they call me a homophobe? I've never had an issue with gay people, especially not kind, sweet and beautiful ones who try to help me when i'm at my weakest. Like now, i just need him. I just need to have him here. With me.
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