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Playing God

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The court case is coming up! :)

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Hey guys this is where it gets interesting and gets more connected with the storyline the story is actually based on! :) Sorry for being slacky lately with my updates, i'm having a few personal issues and so i've been lacking the motivation for a while! :) xx

Gerards POV
"Okay Mr Way just turn to your left for me please." The surly police officer tells me. They want photographic evidence of my injuries. It's not a big deal really, just minor bruising and a tiny gash. My parents were furious with Frank, absolutely livid. They had been called by the police and had already made it clear that they wanted to see Frank punished. Me? I wanted him sent down, but for a completely different reason. I didn't care about him hitting me, nor did i care that the gash, regardless of how small, may scar my forehead for life. Not in the tiniest bit. I wanted to see him sent down so he would finally realise. He would finally see that there was nothing wrong with being homosexual, but there was ALOT wrong with being homophobic. If he did his time in jail, he could come out a reformed person, openly be gay and not be afraid to share that, well if everything went according to plan. The alternatives were he came out hating my guts and still hadn't come to terms with liking men. Or that he wouldn't be sent down at all and so no progress would be recognised or even made. I didn't know which of these would be the worst outcome. Ideally he would just admit it right now, all charges dropped and he would come to me and tell me he liked me. Not that it would ever happen, i'm not completely delusional. I understand you might believe it considering I have developed somewhat of a crush on the guy. He gives off all that tough exterior, but i can tell theres more to him than that, just the way he speaks. The way he struts about the place wearing that cute little smile of his. God, he's infuriatingly and annoyingly perfect. Witty, attractive and oh yeah... aggressive. Why do i always want the ones i can't have?

Franks POV
The cell is as cold as the night before. The dull emulsion coated walls closing in on me. I wanted to just fall asleep. But I couldn't do that like this, cold and shaking, completely alone. I hated to admit to it, but I Frank Iero was scared. Scared that my already pathetic life wasn't going anywhere now. At least before I had the options there if I wanted to change, although I didn't take any. Now I was rethinking. If I had been more fearless and gone back to college, made something of myself then maybe the police would be more reasonable. They would see that i lacked motivation, i didn't have the support other kids i knew had access too. I know you probably think i'm just making excuses but it's the entire truth. My Mum pushes me, Dayle does too but what they don't do is try and ask me what I think and what I want to do. It's usually a charade of "don't do that, that'll get you nowhere." or "you're making a mistake, this will all be a total mess."

A stream of bright light is sent directly into my eyes as the iron door flys open, revealing two police officers clad in their uniform and looking at me seriously as i slump at the wall, trying to disguise my tear stained face. "You have a visitor." The tallest of the two says in his deep, gruff voice. I slowly and shakily rise to my feet and follow the two men to a small secluded room. Through the glass i see an unmistakeably nervous Georgia and her brother waiting for me at a tiny desk, as though they are the police from earlier, waiting to interrogate me. I slowly approach the two of them, Georgia staring me down as i take a seat opposite the Bryar Family's pride and joy. Bob being the pride as they fucking love him and brag about his success non stop and Georgia being the joy as they they seem to believe the sun shines out of her backside. Yeah, it doesn't by the way. She's not at all as sweet as she first comes across. "Frank, you idiotic, pathetic excuse of a boyfriend! Bob told me all about your cover up! Well we're fucking through! You get it! Through, over! Done!" She leaps up and screeches as Bob flashes a sympathetic smile in my direction. I simply glare at the both of them. Pride and Joy? More like Bitch and Motherfucker. Okay, so I shouldn't have slept with Georgia and I shouldn't have made advances towards Bob but every motherfucking human makes mistakes. My biggest one then became clear, it was hitting the one person who could have given me that hope i needed. Who could have made it all okay. Gerard. And now? I may have scrapped it once and for all.
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