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We Killjoys are a FAMILY and we UNITE!!!

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NEW STORY!!! killjoy fanfic!!!

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okay the story my auditioners have been waiting for really hope you like it (nervous giggle)

third person

Its 2017 in the hazardous desert filled with draculoids tried to complete their one and only plan...taking over the world and brainwashing people for their leader korse the main person that is trying to convert people to BL/Ind (better living industries).but in every place there are bad guys and theres the good guys in this case we have killjoys. the people who have rebeled against BL/Ind and are stopping korse's evil plans and ofcourse killjoys have their leader Dr.death defying the one who found and created killjoys and have taught them everything they know.


beep.beep.beep. the buzzer on the boombox beeped that meant that the killjoys had a mission or meeting to attend to. midnight was one of the first people to rebel against BL/Ind she took her sister Alanna but she changed her name to what Dr.D calls killjoy name which was psychotic damnation.midnight never spoke of her past.EVER. she never mentioned her real name and she only goes by midnight.psychotic doesnt even call her by her real name."hey guys we have another mission lets go!" midnight was finishing up her poptart and saw that Ice Venom,Atomic Detonator,Sonic Angel were rushing to the table.Sonic Angel was wearing her usual outfit neon pink leather pants,purple smile t-shirt,black fitted half vest,her brown combat boots,yellow suspenders,and her orange beanie hat.on her had was her yellow star bracelet and she was carrying her red and white scarf and black mask. "figures we always have an assignment" she was tired thats what made her so cranky."want to save people from BL/Ind?"she groaned "want to let me go back to sleep?" 'ahh the usual sonic' midnight thought in her head.

"alright people im ready!"Atomic Detonator was super hyper and ready to kick some draculoid a*! midnight smiled "atleast someone's in a good mood" Atomic was wearing her gray ripped skinny's,converse,a neon green t-shirt,and her jacket emblazoned with a crow on the back. her locket hung around her neck always no matter what."so i drive?" Ice Venom took the keys from the hook by the door and looked at them.she was wearing some black shorts with her Panic!at the disco tee, black waist coat vest, and her red hightop converse.she flipped her long white-blonde hair."yeah but wheres the rest of the guys Adrenaline chaos,Terrribleteen,my sister,cherry candy, Radio harlequin,sonic sunrise,and radio paranoia??" Atomic just giggled quickly some effects on her hyperness. "theyre already with Dr.D so lets go!"she grabbed an orange and ran out the door.Ice sighed "i'll go calm her down" she left after Atomic. Sonic and midnight just stared at eachother.midnight raised an eyebrow and smiled.sonic copied.midnight stuck out her tongue.sonic did the same. the girls just laughed and sonic played with her lip ring and twirled her short crimson red hair."i like what youre wearing mid,it suits you" midnight was wearing some black leather shorts that were low on her hips and showed off a bit of skin,a sky blue off the shoulder longsleeve that was colorful in the middle and it spelled out BOOM!in a typical explosion,a neon pink undershirt,some colorful striped rainbow long socks and her black lewis leathers (boots).she ran her fingers through her pitch black dyed hair with purple tips.her bangs had purple in them too.her green eyes looked more like anime eyes and her petite nose she didnt really like."thank you ,you look awesome too sonic" midnight buckled her pyramid silver studded leather wristband and sighed "alright lets go kick some a*!"

at Dr.D's office
midnight's p.o.v.

i walked in the office with my specific group of killjoys which included my sister psychotic damnation,atomic detonator,sonic angel,ice venom,terribleteen,adrenaline chaos,cherry candy,radio harlequin,sonic sunrise and radio paranoia.i saw Dr.D and smiled without him i wouldve ended up a zombie that belonged to better living industries."hey midnight how are ya?" he asked me. i looked at his bandana then his dark sunglasses "peachy so our mission?" he sighed and smiled"okay so sonic sunrise just located a couple of other fellow friends a band one of you killjoys favorite? um my chemical romance?" i squealed we all did. "i know right?" sunshine sighed . i told her to print me a map and terribleteen to get me some weapons. she handed me my 4 rayguns yellow and decorated with my initials encrested and another blue one with "DESTROYA" in white painted on the right side of the gun she made sure it was fully charged and it was.terribleteen had her orange tee-shirt that we all signed and her army jacket she was inlove with guns so she had them hidden everywhere and i mean everywhere.what can i say she loved her guns. i clicked on two gun holders on both of my thighs and did you guys know there was a gun holder for your bra? thats one of the places terribleteen has a gun hidden.she grabbed her mask which was orange and smiled diabolicly and kissed her gun.i turned to sonic sunrise who was wearing a black with red lace corset with a steam-punk matching skirt,fishnet stockings,and some knee high boots.she wore a spiked collar and spiked wristbands.she had a viper tattoo wrapping around her arm and her lip,nose,and hips are peirced.she handed me the map and smiled,grabbed her silver whip,raygun,motorcycle keys,her dark lips curved into a smirk and her last words were "draculoids" i looked at radio paranoia and she just shrugged.she pulled her blonde hair that had lus streaks in it into a ponytail and grabbed her ray gun she left with adrenaline chaos who was wearing neon green skinny's,mcr tee and some converse.i smiled at radio harlequin and cherry candy who were grabbing their medical supplies andi left with psychotic damnation and sonic angel.time to go save gerard way,mikey way,frank iero,and ray toro. with the best killjoys who are practically family to me now.

ahhh i cant wait to update chapter 2 where mcr turns into party poison, jetstar,kobra kid,and fun ghoul!!! tell me what you think xEmilyx love you guys!! R&R please!!!
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