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Beauty and the Beasts

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So, I've been getting a lot of requests by some special fans over the past few weeks, not naming anyone, to do something along these lines, it is.

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My heart was slamming in my chest as I ran down the sidewalk. I didn't know what the fuck was behind me, but I didn't want to stop to find out. A thick patch of trees was coming up.

Should I try to hide in there or would it just get me killed? God, why did I pick tonight to go for a walk?!

The thing behind me let out a heavy.....not a growl. It was like a scream. I kept running, listening closely to what was happening behind me.

I didn't stop until there was a grunt. It wasn't the scream of the thing. It was somewhat human.

My feet froze and I turned slowly. The grass around me was lit by a dancing red glow. Two dark shapes stood against the huge fire.

No. One was the fire. The other was just standing there, like it was watching it. It looked like it was a guy.

The fire was whipping his hair around with the hot air. I looked around at the grass that the fire was lighting and gasped.

Blood was spalttered everywhere. The guy turned slightly, his profile outlined by the burn. My heart was just slowing from all the running, but my insides just started to crash all the way to the ground.

My knees gave out as he came closer to me. The guy who had killed the thing that was trying to kill me. I tried to hold back the tears that slipped out of my eyes.

He stopped in front of me, his soft green eyes looking down into mine. "Are you okay? I am sorry that took so long." he murmured softly.

I nodded, my mind blank. He leaned down, grabbing me by my shoulders. A small yelp escaped me. Oh god now he's gonna kill me!

He set me on my feet and brushed off my shirt. "My job is to take care of these when the threaten humans." he jerked his thumb at the fire "You'll be safe now. Resume your night, sir." he bowed to me and turned to leave.

"Wait, what?" I called after him. He stopped nad looked at me.

"Yes?" his smooth voice carried was over on the smell of burning flesh.

"What are you? Who are you?" I shouted back over the wide field.

He smiled hugely and made his way back over to me. "My name is Gerard. And I'm human. Somewhat." he said simply. I looked at the rest of him for the first time.

My stomach lurched. He was painted in blood, his hands dripping with it. Everything went black.

Did Gerard kill me after all?

R+R hope you guys love it all!!!
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