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Chapter two

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I woke up, my head spinning. "Ugh." my put my head between my knees quickly, before I threw up on everything.

"Oh, look who's awake." I gasped and looked up. Gerard smiled at me, his thin lips forming a slight curve.

"Gerard! Where am I?" I looked around for the first time. I was on a low couch, decorated heavily with gold plating around the arms and back.

The room was dim, only lit by a few candles placed around on tables. From what I could see, the room itself was also highly ornate.

Damn my vocabulary. "You're in my house. Now that I'm off duty, I don't gotta be so uptight." he sighed, sitting on the couch next to me. "I never caught your name before you passed out, by the way."

He looked at me with his soft green eyes that made my heart flutter a little in my chest. "F-rank." I stuttered. He giggled, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Frank." he held his hand out to me. I took it shakily. "What were you doing outside that late anyway?" he looked at me, his eyes concerned.

A deep sigh found its way out of me, splitting the warm air around us. "I know I look like a little kid, but I'm actually sixteen. And my dad was pissing me off, so I went for a walk."

He tilted his head when I told him my age, his soft black hair falling over his eyes slightly. "Odd. I'm eighteen." he smiled, a spark in his eyes.

"What?" I asked warily. That spark made want to gulp and scream at the same time.

Gerard's smile grew, his lips parting slightly. "Would you like a job? You get to get away from your parents, free housing and food and you get to kill things all the time." A shiver rocked through me.

I always thought killing things was wrong. That's why I stopped eating meat. But if he hadn't killed that thing last night, I would have been the meat. "What was that last night anyway?" mmy voice was barely a whisper.

"A monster. We here call them 'Leeches'. They also go by 'The Rotten'. If you hadn't been saved, the hunger in the Leech would have pressed it get faster and rougher until it caught you."

"And then what?" I whispered, half not wanting to know.

"It would have snapped your limbs in half and drained your body of all your blood." My ears were ringing slightly. "And then, just before you die, they leave you to suffer alone in the dark until your heart finally stops."

I was breathing shallowly, trying to control it. My hands were shaking violently. "That's why we call them the rotten. They have no souls. They're just mosters that eat and destroy. The only purpose they have is providing us with jobs."

"Okay." I understood. "Now, you said you were somewhat human. What did that mean?" My question seemed to take him by surprise.

"I'm not one hundred percent human. But, then again, none of us here are. I'm um......part...." his voice trailed off. He huffed slightly. "I'm what you'd a halfbreed. My mom was human, but my dad is a demon. He killed her after I was born."

I stared at him. "I know what you're thinking." he sighed. "'My god this guy's gonna snap my neck.' I'm really not evil." I bit my lip. "I'm not!" he wailed slightly,

"I know you're not. If you were, you would have killed me last night. Or left me in the cold." our eyes met.

"And I have no idea why I even brought you back here. I thought it was beacause I saw talent brewing in you. I mean, a human, outrunning a Leech!" he laughed. "That's a new one, and you have a lot of potential. But that was what I thought when brought you here. Now, I'm confused."

"About?" I asked, turning my body slightly, facing him totally.

"You, my dear little human." he stared at me in slience for a while. His warm eyes were dancing with the candle light, sending the deep green into frenzied emerald pools. I bit my lip hard. "Now," he murmured, breaking the peaceful silence. "Do you want the job or not?"
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