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Let It Take You Where It May

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Truly mushy love scene :)

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For the next three weeks, we hopped all over Canada. On May 31st, we were back in the good ol’ U.S.A. Each night, each band kicked ass. Guns always left to a whooping crowd (impressive for a relatively unknown opener), and Maiden never got less than a five minute standing ovation.

I was really proud of my guys, especially the Gunners. So far, their first tour was going great. Axl was on key, and, although the other guys were either doped up or drunk, they weren’t bad either. Although some parts were off, the audience probably couldn’t tell.

Guns n’ Roses’ leg of the tour was almost up now. Their last show was June 6 in Sacramento, my 26th birthday. On the 5th, Nicko’s birthday, the tour was coming to Mountain View, California. The boys were sad about having to leave their first tour, but were happy to get the finishing touches done on Appetite.

When we pulled into Mountain View the morning of the 4th, everybody was tired. The Gunners were partying too much, Maiden just naturally stayed up late (plus they were a little jet-lagged), and the roadies were just tired from moving all the equipment around. As for me, well I was just tired ‘cause I was lazy.

We stayed in a really nice hotel, right on the bay. The hotel led down to the beach, and as soon as everybody was checked in, we attacked it like we were a pack of wolves and it was a defenseless deer. The Maiden guys hung back on the sand and talked, but my boys and I were acting like three-year-olds. I got tossed around in place of a football and ended up dropped in the water so many times I’d probably be water-logged for a month. A few roadies were snapping pictures of the event, and my favorite two were one of Izzy, Duff, Axl, and me playing football in the sand, and then of me on Slash’s shoulders (we were preparing to beat Axl and Duff in a game of chicken).

Axl and I headed in first, intending to mess around in the hotel room, but we ended up passing out on the bed after we’d changed, wrapped in each other’s arms.

I woke up first, around 7 p.m. when the last few rays of sunlight were slowly fading away. Axl was still sprawled across the bed with his mouth slack and drool pooling up at the corner of his mouth. I giggled and kissed his cheek delicately, hoping to wake him up sweetly. That didn’t work. I kissed his neck. Nothing.

“Axl,” I crooned. “Wakey wakey.” He grunted in his sleep and lolled his head the other direction. “Baby-y-y-y-y.”

He lifted his head up drowsily. “Wha?” he asked, looking around confused.

I kissed him briefly. “We’ve been sleeping for five hours. I think we should probably get up.”

Axl stretched. “You’re probably right,” he agreed, glancing at the clock. He turned back to me and put his hand on my waist. “What do you want to do?”

“Can we go back down to the beach?”

He laughed a little. “Sure, sweetheart. Let’s go.”

We changed back into our bathing suits and headed back down to the beach. The sand was more or less deserted except for the stray couple here and there. We were holding hands, but that changed once Axl saw the reflection of the moon dancing on the water. He bolted for it, going back to acting like the three-year-old he was earlier today.

“Holy shit, it’s cold!”

I laughed until I fell over.

“Oh you think it’s funny, huh?”


“Well, what if I do this?”

I looked up, my laughter subsiding. Axl was coming out of the water, his arms outstretched to me.

I scrambled up. “Axl, don’t you dare.” He continued walking to me. “You better not.” I began backing up.

“Care to go for a swim, Riley?”

“No, and if you throw me in that water I swear I’m leaving you.”

“You shouldn’t swear.” Axl suddenly began running.

“Axl!” I turned and started running back to the hotel. But Axl was faster than me. I was almost to the stone stairs when I felt arms wrap around my waist. “Shit!”

I was lifted off the ground and carried back to the water. But Axl didn’t stop at the wave line, he continued until he was up to his waist in water. I had been pulled up into a cradling position so my ass was a few inches above the water.

“Axl, I swear…”

“You might want to hold your breath.”

“Why would I…?” Suddenly it dawned on me. “William Rose.”


“Don’t you dare!”


“Axl, please!”


I sucked in a lungful of air and was thrown out of Axl’s arms and into the icy, black water. I pushed myself out into the air, coughing up water that had shot up my nose. “You asshole,” I mumbled through chattering teeth.

Axl came up to me and hugged me. “I love you.”


“I do!”

I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck. “I know. I love you too.” We kissed and as soon as I felt Axl relax his muscles I pulled him down around me and let him fall into the water.

He reemerged, spluttering like I had. “But payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?”

“Start running.”

“Is that a threat?”

Axl smiled at me. “Damn right it is! I’m giving you a head start. Go before I change my mind.”

“How long is my head start?”

“8 seconds now.”

I turned and started heading back to shore, Axl counting down behind me.


By the time he reached one I was just getting out of the water. I looked back at Axl who was starting to head towards me.

I took off, running full speed down the beach. About a minute later I slowed down and turned just in time for Axl to slam into me, knocking me to the ground.

He rolled off me, laughing like crazy. I would have been laughing too if I hadn’t just gotten the air knocked out of my lungs.

Axl pulled me into his chest, still laughing. He finally calmed down and kissed my forehead. “I really do love you Riley.”

I cuddled into him closer. “I know. And I really love you too Axl.”

We were silent after that. Axl was looking up at the moon and I was looking up at Axl. I smiled, happy in the knowledge that he was all mine. I closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat, imagining the each time it beat it was beating for me, just as mine was for Axl. (Yes, I am fully aware of how mushy that sounds, but it’s true.)

He rubbed my back. “Let’s go back to the room.”

I sighed. “Axl, I’m not really in the-“

“No, not that. I’ve got something I need to grab.”

I opened my eyes and stared at him. I nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

We stood up and walked back to the hotel together, hand in hand. We passed both the guys in Maiden and the rest of the Gunners. It was funny seeing how different they were; the Gunners were completely wasted on Jack Daniels and vodka, and Maiden was drinking but not to the point of public intoxication.

Axl and I continued to the top floor, room 917. He opened the door and led me in.

“Can you hurry up? I want to get down there and hang out with the guys.”

Axl put his hands on my shoulder. “Relax, okay? Get changed, and I’ll grab it.”

I followed Axl’s orders and changed out of my wet bathing suit into a skirt and black Led Zeppelin tee and then waited for him to return. I could hear him rummaging around in his overnight case, piquing my curiosity. He reappeared, hiding something behind his back.

“What’s that?”

“Man, you are really impatient tonight.”

“No, if I were really impatient I would have ripped whatever you have behind your back out of your hands by now.”

Axl smiled and grabbed my hand. He pulled me up to a stand and quickly stuffed whatever he had into his pocket. He took both my hands into his. “You’ll see soon enough”

I sighed. “Why can’t you show me now?”

“Because I want to show it to the guys just as much as you, and I want it to be a surprise.”

I furrowed my brow as several ideas popped into my head about the contents of Axl’s pockets. “Fine, are you going to change?”

“You just want to get what’s in the pocket.”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Axl laughed. “I’m going to change, but I’m not letting you anywhere near my trunks.”

“Dammit,” I joked before walking closer to Axl and kissing him gently. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me in closer, forcing the kiss to deepen. My breathing picked up and I pulled away to rest my chin on his shoulder. “You know, we could wait to go down there. I think I want to spend a little time alone up here with you.”

Axl grabbed my hands from around his neck, stepped back, and held my hands in front of him. “Any other night I’d say hell yeah, but tonight I really want to do this. I can’t think of a better night.”

I pouted slightly. “Fine, get dressed.”

A few minutes later Axl was dressed in jeans and black wife-beater. He grabbed my hand and led me out the door and to the elevators.
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