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Shinya and Die: Lovers

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Kaoru finds a drunken and sad toshiya and has a few words with Shinya...

Category: Dir en grey - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Die,Kaoru,Kyo,Shinya,Toshiya - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2012-03-01 - Updated: 2012-03-01 - 487 words - Complete

"Shiiiinya!", Die called through the hallway filled with couples making out, drunks and people dancing. He finally came to the room at the end of the corridor which he could tell by all the Anime posters was Toshiya's. "Die?", Shinya asked but it came out more like a whimper. "Shinya! It's okay", Die smoothed his friend's hair and kissed his forehead. "I-I-me and toshiya were- and I-" Shinya tried to say. "It's okay, I know", Die said in his calm and reasurring way. He placed his arms around the small princess who was now fully dressed again. "Die- I", Shinya was cut off by Die's lips locking with his. Shinya didn't let go, infact eh pulled him closer. "Shinya, I love you so much", Die said, running his hands through the drummer's hair again. "You do?", Shinya asked, happily. "Yes- and always have", He kissed him again after Shinya replied: "I love you too, that's the reason Totchi left, He was upset" The couple pulled away. "Oh seriously don't know what Tosh does when he's upset", Die said, furrowing his brow.

Toshiya walked through the massive, loud party and into Kaoru's messy kitchen. He retreived a large bottle of whiskey from the bottomn cupboard and sat down against the wall. Tears started streaming down the fairy's pretty face as he remembered back to what Shinya had said. "Kyo! I found Totchi!", Kaoru exclaimed back into the busy dancefloor. "Kaoru...", Toshiya said before he collapsed onto the tile floor. "Aw nuts...Totchi's passed away", Kyo said, sarcastically. "He's not dead, you fool!", Kaoru barked as he picked up the small figure and carried him through the gathering and down the corridor.

"Please don't leave me", Shinya whispered into Die's soft neck. Die nuzzled into the crook of Shinya's neck. "How could I ever leave a boy as beautiful as you". They were interupted by Kaoru barging into the large room, arms full with Tochiya's body. "Any idea why this guy's upset?", He asked Shinya as he glared at him. "Leave my baby alone", Die hissed, pulling the princess into his arms. Shinya blushed then looked down at his partner's hands around his waist. "Oh...better question...did he make love to you and then you ditched him?", Kaoru questioned, motioning for them to move so he could lay the unconcious man down. Shinya looked at his lover with teary eyes and Die answered, "Toshiya told me once how much he's wanted to be in bed with Shinya for years and he finally got the chance but Shin said he wanted to be mine, so now he is". Die kissed the top of Shinya's head before he turned around and inserted his tongue back into His mouth, where it belonged. "C'mon let's go dance", He said tugging Shinya along with him before giving Kaoru an icy look. Why was he so mad that Shinya didn't want Toshiya?
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