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Chapter 19

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When I laid down, I couldn't help but to remember the scream that I heard. I agreed with Gerard; it sounded just like Frank.

Frank's Point Of View

I woke up confused. I had absolutely no idea where I was. The place smelled like vomit and beer. Looking around, I could tell I was in a motel. A very shitty motel, too.

My head was pounding and my entire face was sore. I remembered everything from last night in a flash. Pete kissing me, Gerard getting drunk, Gerard hitting me, walking to the park, Pete pushing me on the swing and then following me home, screaming for help and then being hauled off in front of Gerard's house. I remember getting punched in the face, but nothing after that. I must have passed out after I got hit. I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

"Good morning sleepyhead!" I spun around and saw Pete coming out of the bathroom in only a towel. His hair was dripping wet.

"P-Pete?" I asked confused. "Where am I?"

"That's not important right now, my dead." he said, sauntering towards me with a smile on his face. He sat beside me on the queen-sized bed and put a hand on my cheek. I froze and he chuckled saying, "You're so pretty Frank." He leaned forward, placing his lips against mine. I sat there, not moving as he forced his tongue into my mouth.

"You know, you're enthusiasm about this kiss really makes me feel great." Pete said sarcastically.

"Too bad." I mumbled.

Pete laughed and began to un-do my pants.

"What the fuck? Stop!" I yelled at him, trying to squirm away, but Pete shoved me down on my back and yanked my pants down. "No. Stop it, Pete. Please."

"Don't worry Frankie. Soon you'll be begging for more. And last time we got.. interrupted." he whispered in my ear. He kissed me again, and then flipped me onto my stomach. I could hear him throw asomething on the floor, which I assumed was his towel, and he pulled down my boxers.

"Please stop." I said again, feeling weak and powerless as my eyes began to water. I felt Pete position himself above me, his dick right at my entrance.

"Ready?" he asked.

"No. Don't."

"Too bad." I could hear the smile in his voice as he mimicked what I had said earlier.

Pete entered me quickly, using no condom or lube, and giving me no warning. I cried out in pain and felt tears stream down my face. I bit down on my lip, trying not to scream and make him think that I was enjoying myself as he thrust into me. He grunted above me, going harder and harder, trying to get me to show some sort of pleasure, but pleasure was the last thing I was feeling. This was much different than sex with Gerard. With him it was sweet and amazing. It hurt, but it was a pleasurable pain that I enjoyed. With Pete, it was rough and painful and unwanted. I wasn't prepared for it. Thank God his dick wasn't nearly as larger as Gerard's was.

Pete thrust hard into me, causing me to whimper out in plan. "Please stop.." I groaned. He didn't though. He continued slamming into me, grunting and moaning my name.

"Ung, Frank! I'm gonna-" He was cut off as he cam, making me do the same. He pulled out of me and kissed me on the forehead before falling asleep next to me.

I felt sick. Sicker than I've felt in my entire life. I jumped up and ran towards the bathroom, emptying my stomach as soon as I reached the toilet. I felt dirty and used. I wanted to go back to what had been my 'home' only yesterday, but they all probably hated me right now.

Sighing, I stood up and headed back to the main room. Pete was naked on the bed, snoring. This was the perfect time for me to leave.

I quietly left the motel, trying to figure out where exactly I was. I walked a little ways away and realized I was only about 15 blocks or so from the house. I decided to walk back to the park. At least then I could get an idea of where to go.

The whole walk there, I felt ashamed. How had I let this happen? I hadn't wanted any of that. I wanted Gerard to be the only person I'd ever sleep with. I waited until I was old enough for him. I gave my body to him. And Pete had to come along and ruin everything. I felt violated.

I passed Gerard's house in shame. I felt wrong even being near it.

"Sir, are you alright?" I heard a woman ask worriedly. I looked up and saw a middle-aged woman walking up to me.

"I'm fine." I mumbled.

"Are you sure, sweetie? You look like you've just been beating up." I forgot I was still wearing Gerard's ripped old t-shirt and torn pants.

"I'm sure. I'm just coming home from a Halloween party my friend had last night." I told her. It was half-true.

"Oh, okay. Well do you need anything? I live just down the street, I could egt you a clean pair of clothes. Or some food maybe. It's pretty cold out here."

"I'm really fine, ma'am. My house isn't too far away from here."

"Okay.. Well you should hurry home. I heard there's supposed to be some snow today."

"I will, thanks." I gave her a small smile and walked off.

There was nobody at the park today. i guess it made sense considering how cold it was, not that I really had noticed until the woman said anything.

I took my place on the swing again. I thought about Gerard. I could see his perfect smile, his hazel eyes, his up-turned nose. I wanted to be wrapped up in his arms again. I felt like everything had just come crashing down. I was beginning to feel sick again. I bolted towards the nearest tree, surprised that I had anything left to throw up. I thought I was done puking at the motel.

When I finished up, I decided to sit against the tree. This playground was going to be my home for awhile.

Gerard's Point Of View

I woke up with a massive headache. The sun seemed to be shining brightly into my room, which was unusual. I sat up and squinted as I looked around. I wasn't in my room, I was on the couch in the living room. It made much more sense considering I liked to keep my bedroom as dark as possible.

"Good morning sunshine." A voice chirped. I saw Ray walking towards me. I groaned and covered my eyes.

"Ray, could you explain to me why I feel the need to die right now?" I asked, nervously. I had felt this feeling many times, but I thought I should make sure just in case it wasn't what I was thinking it was.

"You, my friend, are suffering from a nasty hangover."

"Fuck... How drunk was I?" I wanted to curl up in a hole and die. Everything I worked for, my being sober, all of it was gone.

"You were pretty drunk..." Ray sighed.

"Shit. Man, I'm sorry."

"It's all good here. But I'm not really the one you should be apologizing to right now..."


"Where's Frank!" I demanded, suddenly worried.

"He's not here, gee..."

"Where the hell is he then?"

"I have no idea. Do you not remember anything from last night?"

"No.." I wasn't sure I wanted to.

"You uh, you hit him..." Ray sighed. I froze. "And accused him of cheating on you." Ray kept talking, but I heard non of it. It all came flooding back to me anyways. I suddenly remembered everything up until Frank ran out of the house. After that everything was still a blur.

I wanted to cry. I could feel myself falling apart. How could I have done that to him? Even if he was cheating on me, how could I have hit him? This was all my fault.

"Hey, dude, are you okay?" I heard Ray ask. "Gerard?"

"I can't believe I did that.. to Frank." I whispered.

"Gerard, you were drunk. It's not completely your fault." Ray said, trying to be a good friend, but I knew he was asking himself the same thing.

"He wasn't really cheating, was he?" I asked but it didn't really sound like a question. I knew the truth.

"No. His ex showed up and kissed him. Frank punched him to get him off, but you walked away before you could see that part."

"I'm such a fucking idiot!" I said and put my face in my hands.

"Frank will come home sooner or later."

"I wouldn't blame him if he never cmes back." I mumbled. "Where's Mikey?"

"Working. I gotta head out, too. You gonna be okay?"

"I'll be fine."

"Alright.. See you later." Ray got up and left. I groaned to myself and headed into the kitchen. All the bottles of liquor we owned were sitting on the counter. Empty. Mikey had no intentions of letting me get fucked up again.

I hated myself so incredibly much. I still couldn't understand how I could have hit the boy that I loved so much.

I headed upstairs to my bedroom and crashed on my bed.

I felt really sad writing that chapter actually. I got to update earlier than planned though, since school was canceled today and yesterday. I am going to try to update again asap! Let me know what you think!
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