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Chapter One-Bring Me to Life

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Carrissa struggles from depression, but things start to look up as Jeff returns. Awkwardness is induced.

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Hey peoples. It's me. ahem Go listen to Elizabeth:Requiem for the Innocent by Kamelot because I'm listening to it now and it's AWESOME ahem Back to note, this is the first chapter of the Fallen, I hope you enjoy it! And also, I'd like to thank SyraStrange for the AMAZING editing, so go read her shit too. If you haven't clicked and read the link in the intro, DO THAT NOW BEFORE JEFF FINDS YOU AND KILLS YOU. I'M WARNING YOU. So...yeah, if you didn't notice, this chapter is based on Bring Me to Life. Hope you enjoy, kiitokia paljon for clicking!!!

Chapter One - Bring Me to Life

"Wake me up inside, wake me up inside

Call my name and save me from the dark

Bid my blood to run, before I come undone

Save me from the nothing I've become

Bring me to life..."

     Carrissa stared out the window to the grainy version of day, through the pane of glass, dotted with raindrops. It all seemed bleak and miserable ever since Jeff moved away. He was her best friend, and was the only one she could be herself with. Now it was all in vain. Jeff moved. He wasn't coming back. No one knew how many days she cried herself to sleep. Not even days - more like three years, and still to this day.

     Life sucked. Hard. Carrissa started brushing her deep brown, almost black hair for school, looking in the bathroom mirror. In the middle of one brush, she saw something on the corner of her eye. It was pale with black around it, but it vanished quickly. She shrugged it off as peripheral vision stuff and went to school.




     Carrissa couldn't concentrate. Her thoughts returned to Jeff. Out of the blue, she thought of his appearance, with paler skin, long brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes, just like hers. He had been attractive. Then she shook the ridiculous thought from her wondering mind. Truth was they had been literally best friends, never talking to anyone else for a while until the surprise move. That last thing they did together was finally hug. Hugs were not their strong suit. Physical contact with anyone had not been their strong suit. Jeez, not even conversational contact. That had been the biggest step in fixing their mental health: trust. And then Jeff moved, dammit.

     Parting is such sweet sorrow? The whole goodbye caused her damn depression. Carrissa just stopped everything, including eating for a while. She just couldn't do anything anymore. It was like she lost the only motivation she had. Now she was just an empty shell of the girl she once was. Not that she was much to begin with. But Jeff, she had been better with him. They were better together, shit, they could take on the whole fucking world. Well, maybe not the world, but at least their own lives. But he was gone now. She was a zombie among the living, and that how it was for three years. Now she was sixteen. Jeff was most likely better off with her, probably happier. She would never share his happiness again. She was better off filled with pain, sorrow, and emptiness.

     "Carrissa!!! Pay attention!" the teacher snapped, and she was jolted out of her depressing thoughts of Jeff. Jeff. Dammit, she missed Jeff.


     Carrissa was watching a movie (300) on her computer. It was sad now. She only watched it to be reminded of Jeff, remembering how he could recite nearly every line. It was boring until it blue-screened, then turned black with crimson words saying "GO TO SLEEP" scrawled on it. She heard footsteps in the hallway, and turned around to investigate. Her parents shouldn't be home yet; they went out of town for the month.

     Carrissa walked slowly to the hallway. Even with all the murders, they left her alone. Guess they didn't love me at all. She thought, bitterly, I could be killed now and no one would care. Not even me. She finally saw who was there - no, what was there.

     Its skin looked a leathery white, jet black hair falling to its shoulders. It was fairly tall and human... almost. The eyes were white with just a midnight pupil. No iris. There were dark black rings around the terrifying eyes too, making them look toxic. Dangerous. But not evil. Somehow, they did not look evil.

     What made her feel in danger was the mouth. No, not the stainless steel butcher knife glinting in the half-light, but its mouth, it struck something that brought the skin on her arms to break out in goose bumps. Normal, except for the giant smile carved into its alabaster cheeks, as if an extended mouth. It was then Carrissa noticed the creature never blinked, the steady rise and fall of its chest under a white sweatshirt, never slowing. She noted it was also wearing black dress pants, or something resembling. Some type of carmine liquid seemed stained on the sweatshirt. One could not mistake it for anything but blood. It then uttered a sentence.

    "Go to sleep..." it whispered, breathy and spoken with faux soothe. Carrissa's heart skipped in her chest. That sounded couldn't be....

    "Go to sleep." it repeated in a natural tone, and began to walk up to her. Carrissa had to brush her dark hair away from her face to show her amazement.

    "....Jeff?" she asked, hope sparked in her voice. The creature froze.

    "How do you know my name?" it demanded angrily, and Carrissa ran up to it, hugging it.

     "It's Carrissa, I missed you so much, I thought you would never come back, oh god Jeff I can't believe your here!" she sobbed tears of joy, laying her head on his shoulder as she squeezed him tight. Her life would finally be complete now. He was back/! She was also almost as tall as him... /Now who was the Shrimp? She thought teasingly, remembering fondly of how he would comment on her height, or lack thereof. She also had the nickname of Raven, mainly from her hair and solidarity. The creature – Jeff - dropped the knife he was holding, his voice softening.

     ".......Carrissa? Shrimp? Raven?" he asked, trying all the names, as if it would reveal the events unfolding before the two were any less real. But it wasn’t. Astonishment wracked his voice. She nodded; face buried in his shoulder and singed hair.

     "Oh god Jeff, you have no idea how depressed I was, how long I sat on the steps of your old house hoping and praying you'd come back, and..." she paused, taking a breath in and blushing at the word barf that just ended up on Jeff’s face. Remembering his face, she lifted her head up to let go of him and take a better look.

     "What happened to you?" she breathed, mixed emotions on her face. He grabbed another knife out of his pocket - she had no idea that was there - and pressed the flat end of the blade to her throat.

     "What about my face?" he asked, the cut grin seeming to mock her. Carrissa thought fast, but told him the absolute truth.

     "It''s so neat...fits you's actually kind of beautiful, in a did that happen?" she breathed. It was the truth after all. Jeff looked at wall next to him, lowering the steel to his side.

     "Long story short...I wanted to smile forever. And I burned off my eyelids to see myself smile forever." he answered, never blinking. Now she knew why.

     "That's some deep shit, Jeff. By the way, how's Liu?" she asked. That was a mistake.

     "He's dead." Jeff muttered darkly, Carrissa gaping.

     "How?" she asked again, and he told the complete and honest truth.

     "I killed him. Gutted him like a fish. Carved a smile on his face, hung him up on the kitchen fan to dry." That stopped Carrissa in her right mind. She stared into his forever-open eyes.

     "You were the murderer that everyone was afraid of..." she whispered putting his story and the evidence (really, evidance was what was left over from the bodies) from the murders together. He nodded, smiling even larger.

     "You understand why I came here now." he stated. Carrissa held her breath.

     "You wanted to kill me." she repeated, and he nodded, the grin wavering a bit nut never really disappearing.

     "I didn't know it was you, though. I had been watching this house for a while and I noticed that the parents didn't come home for a while. I saw the opportunity. I wanted whoever lived here to go to sleep forever. I needed to kill someone. I'm...I'm sorry...." Jeff murmured. She realized he must not say that a lot. Carrissa hugged him again, squeezing tightly, reassuringly.

     "It's okay'll all be alright...I'll help you get back on your feet, if you want...I'll always be here..." she replied. Jeff thought in silence for a while, until he nodded his head once again.

     "That would be beautiful."


     "Alright, you know my house; you can choose whatever bed you want to sleep in. I've got to go get ready to go to sleep, I got school tomorrow." she explained in the darkness, flicking on the hallway light. She then went in the bathroom to change into a tank top and shorts, brushed her teeth, and washed her face.

     Carrissa left the bathroom, walking into her parent's room. That would be the reasonable place to sleep, but he wasn't there. She checked on the couch and the couch in her garage, but Jeff was gone. Shit. She knew it was all too good to be true, and he left to murder someone else. She didn't care if he killed. Who knows how many times she wanted to commit suicide or take out her anger with a hacksaw on someone else. She came close to it a couple times as well.

     With sorrowfulness in her step, she opened the door to her room. To her surprise, Jeff was curled up underneath her dark purple covers.

     "C'mon Jeff, you know I sleep know what? I'll just sleep in my parent's bed." she sighed, about to flick off the light and leave. Jeff jerked up, his carved grin lowering a little.

     "No, Raven, please...I don't want to be alone again..." he pleaded, tears gathering in the corners of his never blinking eyes. There was a sharp pang in Carrissa's heart, not only because he used her nickname, but because he had been alone. She sighed, and considered. She looked to Jeff again, catching sight of his eyes, the white and black contrasting, showing an image straight out of a child’s worst nightmare. But she didn’t see that. She saw a lost, forlorn soul. A twisted, lonely, fucked-up teenager much like herself. She couldn't leave him alone. Not tonight. Not now.

     Carrissa walked to her closet, taking out a black cover and pillow.

     "I'll sleep on the floor, then." she decided, but Jeff seemed saddened by this.

     "No... I can't let you sleep on the floor..." he said, sitting up.

     "Then where the hell do I sleep?" she asked, a little freaked out. She didn't want to hurt Jeff by sleeping somewhere else and leaving him alone, but he wasn’t making any sense.

     "You can sleep next to me." he suggested, and she went speechless for a minute. Thoughts of what he could do to her flashed through her mind. Torture, holding her for ransom, a whole shitload of things gone wrong, all of them circling Jeff. One stuck out. Rape. The word held on her brain, flashing in red, messy lettering.  Rape scared her the most. She didn't care about pain or death, even being held hostage. She never cared about herself. The only thing that kept her alive was the hope Jeff would come back. After three years, she gave up hope. Now, she hoped he wouldn't look in her desk.

    In relation to rape – it was honest. The facts that they were different genders, he was a wanted murderer, and she was still a virgin were the big details. Massive details.  Rape terrified her. Pain was okay, but slowly taking away your pride and self-control... that frightened her.

She then remembered they were best friends. They had trust. They were each other’s cushions. He needed her help, and she needed his. She had to his cushion.

    "Alright." she answered, and climbed under the covers next to him, sweeping her dark brown hair out of her face. He smiled even larger and she took the motion with surprised awe, faintly wondering actually how big he could smile. Maybe she could ask him if she could measure it. Yeah. Maybe.


   "Thanks Raven." he murmured, and she wrapped an arm around him in a hug. His skin was leathery, but she didn't give a shit. The only thing she could focus on was how close she was next to him. They were practically pressed together. Carrissa struggled to keep her breathing
under control, but Jeff could feel it.

     "What's wrong?" he asked, and she bit her bottom lip, so hard she drew a drop of blood.

     "Well, you kill people, and you could - ” she stopped, and started again, “v - very easily take advantage of me...and this is literally c - closer than we've ever been, p - physically..." she stuttered nervously and he pulled her closer.

     "It's okay. Like you even said, it'll all be can trust me. Just go to sleep, I'll be here when you wake up." he cooed, and she relaxed a bit under his hold. Soon, her eyelids started to flutter closed. She decided to take the chance, closing them, her head against his chest, one of his arms stroking her hair softly. Nothing would happen overnight...they were friends, right? They were there for each other. They would always be, even if they were a wanted murderer and a depressed wreck of a girl. Carrissa slowly faded into sleep.

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