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Chapter Two-Haunted

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Of course, you're trying to escape the inevitable by attempting to keep it all a secret.

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Hei peoples! I've been writing a lot, but not posting, so sorry. I've also decided to hold a contest. At the end of each chapter, tell me how many song references I've put, and tell me what song/music thing. If you get all of them, I will give you virtual Oreos. And near the end, do not visualize, because it's kinda fucked up. Also, I'm not sure whether I shouldn't rated R or not, so I did anyway just to be safe. Thanks, and please rate and review!


Chapter Two-Haunted

"Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you... loving you
I won't let you pull me down..."

     Carrissa awoke, Jeff's abnormal eyes seeming to burn into her sleeping figure. She had to blink a couple of times to completely wake up, separating dreams from reality. Then she caught sight of those eyes and screamed, jumping up. Those ever staring, no-iris eyes.

     "HOLY SHI-Oh my god, I'm so sorry Jeff, I forgot it was you, I thought there was a stranger here..."I she stumbled over her words. That was a bad move, she wanted to make him feel welcome, to feel..well, /normal/, which was something he wasn't. But there she went, and blew it. She ruined everything. He smiled softly, as if to say 'it's okay'. It was fairly creepy.

     "It's okay. I can understand how it would be hard to get used to me." he laughed hollowly, as if trying to convince himself. The sound depressed her. He sat up slowly, and she felt horrible. She wasn't in her right mind. Hell, she was never in her right mind waking up. And those eyes and smile...they lured her in, hypnotized her, but it was also the source of her terror. She quickly gave him a hug to make up for it.

     "You know I don't think you're like that. You're beautiful, Jeff, I'm just pretty fucked up when I just wake up. I'm still in that sleeping mind, and you were right there. I had completely forgot about everything for a second. I thought you were a stranger." Carrissa explained. Jeff obviously thought this was a liable excuse, and he hugged her back.

     She finally released him from the clutches of her arms, and started going through her closet for clothes. She picked out some black skinny jeans and a dark purple t-shirt, with a red hoodie to go over it. She brushed her thick, luscious dark brown/black hair, this time trying to keep it out of her eyes. Her bangs were too long for that. She decided to get out a pair of scissors to cut it.

     She bent over to start cutting her bangs, they started short in the middle of her forehead, but slowly got longer as they they diagonally swept across her head to fit in with the rest of her hair. Jeff almost appeared by her instantly, making her nearly drop the scissors.

  "God Jeff, you gotta stop doing that!" she exclaimed disappointedly, and he frowned. The smile made it impossible, though. He gently took the scissors from her hand.

     "Let me do that for you...Y'know, you might hurt yourself..." he offered, and she stepped into the bathtub so the fallen, cut hair would have someplace to gather that's not on the floor. She once again decided to trust him, they were best friends and he let her be while they slept. That was when he absolutely could have taken advantage of her, so he was trustworthy.

     He cut slowly and surely, focusing entirely at the the task and being very careful and precise. Jeff was done quickly, and stepped back to admire his work. Carrissa stepped out of the bathtub and looked into the mirror. She gasped. Her hair was PERFECT, and she could actually see, her bangs starting above her eyes.

  "You cut hair often?" she asked, ruffling her bangs in astonishment, and he shook his head.

     "Actually, that was my first time." he admitted. Carrissa gasped.

     "That is amazing. It's absolutely perfect! You're amazing, Jeff!" she praised,giving him another hug. She couldn't believe how much physical contact she was making, It surprised her herself. It just felt...natural. She could've sworn she saw Jeff blush at her compliment, his bleached skin pinkening, and she smiled.

     "Come on, I gotta get to school." she grinned, breaking apart and walking out the door.


     The bell rang, and Carrissa rushed out of the school to get away from someone.

     His name was Alex, and he was one horrible, persistent motherfucker. His hair, a lighter brown, was kind of spiked up a little. Well, not really spiked, just tousled fairly. He had piercing green eyes that made her want to get out her hacksaw. And he wouldn't stop flirting with her, dammit. She wished he would just get the fuck away from her, she wished anyone and everyone the fuck away except for Jeff.

     She walked through the parking lot to find her woodland route to get home. She always cut through the small woods to get to her house, it was stationed right at the edge of the trees. Alex kept following her, that bastard.

     "So, are you sure you don't want to give me your number? It's the only thing missing from my IPhone..." Alex tried that poor excuse for a pick up line, and she flipped him off while walking away. Then she saw a figure leaning against a blue Mustang. It was clothed in a white hoodie and black pants, the hood covering their face. The hoodie was clean for once too. Carrissa smiled, grateful that Jeff would come all the way out here just to walk home with her. It was sweet as well, knowing that he cared so much as to risk being caught by coming.

     "Hey Jeff." Carrissa chirped happily.

     "Hi Raven. You sound happy, must've had a good day." he assumed, and she laughed.

     "The best part of my day was flipping that bastard off and seeing you here." she giggled desperately. She could see his smile grow wider under his hood. All of a sudden she was grabbed from behind by Alex, holding her wrists together. Damn, he had a tight grip. She couldn't twist her way out of it.

     "What the FUCK?!!" she screamed, a crowd gathering around. No one helped of course, they knew Alex was muscular and worked out a lot. Jeff stopped leaning against the car, hands in fists, hood still covering his face.

     "Let her go." he growled. Alex laughed.

     "Yeah right, like you're going to do anything about it?" the normal 16-year old scoffed, and Jeff's breathing became ragged, as if he was failing at trying to keep it under control. Mainly because he was. Nobody messed with Carrissa.

     "I'll tell you one last time, you let my Raven go and you'll be able to leave unscathed." Jeff warned. Alex let go of Carrissa's wrists, and only gripped one with one hand. He twisted,  nearly breaking it, and ignored her cry of pain. With his other hand he got out a pocket knife.

     "Come and fight me, you gay ass emo faggot!" Alex spat. The crowd grew silent and Jeff's temper was reached.

     "Alright," he whispered, "I'll come and fight you." With that, the killer's left arm reached into his hoodie pocket and dragged out the butcher knife Carrissa had seen him with the time they reunited last night. This time she got a closer look at it. It had flecks of dried blood plastered to the sides, and streaks of crimson along the sharp point and tip. Alex held his breath as Jeff advanced towards him slowly.

     The crowd was excited. This was going to be the best fight of the year, with actual bloodshed. Out of nowhere, Jeff's right fist connected with Alex's cheekbone, throwing him to the side with the sound of bones cracking. It sickened Carrissa, and she held her stomach as not to lose her lunch. Jeff gripped his butcher knife.

     "Oh shit, are you really going to use that...?" Alex asked, desperation in his voice. His cheek was already starting to swell, and it was cut and bleeding from the force of impact. Crimson trickled down the side of his face, like he was crying blood. He very well might have been if he knew what Jeff was going to do to him.

     "Yes, I'm really going to use this. I told you to let her go, didn't I? Well, you didn't let her go. So Plan B it is for you." Jeff answered. He raised the knife, first plunging into Alex's upper thigh. The victim shrieked, blood bubbling out of his wound. The knife went in only about half way, but it felt like his leg was on fire. Carrissa had crawled away, taking shelter next to a car, holding her injured wrist in fear.

     "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?!!!" Alex screamed his question, painfully and Jeff smiled even wider.

     "Some people can resist pain really well. Others are little sissies that can't even see me with out freaking out. But really, I'm just an evil fuck that likes to murder people. I like murdering people. Death is part of life, isn't it? And life is fun. Life is happy. So why aren't you smiling?" Jeff asked, noticing Alex's twisted face of pain. He slowly started to slip into his insanity, and drew farther away from himself once again. Alex turned into those kids in his mind, the ones that got Liu put into jail. The ones that made him crazy. The ones that turned him into this creature.

     "Because my leg hurts.." the brown haired man answered, and the killer sounded disappointed.

     "Well then, I'm going to have to make you smile. Forever." Jeff let out a psychotic cackle, scaring Carrissa nearly to death.

 This wasn't Jeff, not the one she knew, not the friend she had. It was flattering that he would fight for her, but this was enough. This was evil.

     "What do you mean? WHO ARE YOU?!!" Alex shrieked for the last time. Jeff laughed again, bringing his face closer to the victim's, so he could see. Then he lifted his hood slightly. Alex nearly had a heart attack at the sight, the singed hair, the eyes, the pale skin, and his carved mouth.

     "Sonny, I'm Jeff the Killer." he quietly giggled psychotically, and lowered the knife down to the edge of hAlex'slips, and started working away at carving the smile. That was when the crowd screamed in terror, scattering. Jeff worked the knife up, up to almost the top of the cheekbone, cutting the skin away as if he were slicing a piece of steak.

     Jeff had Alex pinned underneath him, ignoring the high-pitched, blatant screams, and started working the knife downward again. Bone shone from the cut mouth, blood gushing from the open wound. Alex started sobbing, tears cutting paths in the carmine liquid, only to be covered with more blood. Jeff finished the left side of the face, and started working away at the right side. Soon the screams stopped, a ridiculous amount of blood pooling around Alex's head and neck, and the crazy murderer just had to complete the smile until he left.

     After he was finished, Jeff stared at the smiling body of Alex in pride. The crowd was gone, the parking lot deserted. He walked up to Carrissa, picking her up like a baby and started to carry her away.

     ",...I-I,...I can walk, Y'know..." Carrissa stated weakly, afraid that he might kill her.

 She saw what he did to Alex, and she didn't want to set him off again.

     "I'm not putting you down. Your wrist is fractured, I think. I need to protect you in case anyone else tries to come after us." Jeff answered defiantly, and Carrissa was in awe at his ability to keep his cool. He just killed someone and now is saying that he needed to protect her because her wrist might be fractured. That takes some practice. He carried her the entire way from the parking lot, and through the woods. She noticed the leaves falling, creating almost barren trees, signaling winter was coming. Her favorite season. They then arrived at the house, where he set her down.

     Carrissa looked up at him in awe, gratefulness, and fear.

     "Why did you kill him?" she asked out of nowhere, wondering out loud, then slapping her hands over her mouth as if it made the words she spoke come back in. Oh god, she was dead now.

     "I'm an evil fuck that kills people, like I said. But really..." Jeff trailed off, and continued a little softer, "he hurt you. Redemption was needed. No one even so much as touches my Raven without my permission or they die." he explained solemnly. Carrissa started to get pretty pissed off about that.

     "YOUR Raven? And what if I don't want to be sheltered all the time?! Have you ever stopped to think what I want?!!?!" she demanded, snapping on him. Jeff seemed to shrink down, sadness overcoming him.

     "I'm sorry...I just...I want to make you happy..." Jeff mumbled, and she looked at him in disguist.

     "Because you're an immature perv that just wants to get in my pants, right? This was all an act, wasn't it? You're no better than everyone else in life!" she choked out, tears gathering at the base of her eyes. It was the last straw. She couldn't take it anymore.. She knew everyone was a liar, a horrible person with evil intentions that never cared for her, and she knew Jeff was one of him.

     "No, I don't, I just-" he protested, but she cut him off.

     "Stop telling me. Show me you actually want me to be happy. Show me you're not some sex-addicted freak that just-" this was Jeff's turn to cut her off. Except he never spoke.

     Jeff's lips crashed into hers(thankfully he still had them), and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Carrissa freaked in her mind, especially after her heart started fluttering like a butterfly on speed.

     (I DO NOT LIKE HIM. Not like that!)

     (Say what you want, think what you want, but you can't deny you get butterfly shit when you're around him.)

     (Just because-)

     (Ah ah ah, stop protesting. Listen to your body. Listen to your HEART. You never do that. Just stop thinking for once, it's how you got into this mess called your life.)

     Her mind was arguing with itself, and she started to make a mental pros and cons chart about if she kissed back.


-Jeff would be nicer.

-She would finally be listening to her instincts.

-Jeff would stick around.

-She might stop him from going on another murdering spree.


-Jeff would expect her to love him.

-She would have a murderer in her house.

-Since she is sheltering him, the blood from everyone he'll kill will be on her hands.

     That was when she stopped with the list. Jeff was about to pull away from her, not getting a response after a few seconds. She decided to fuck everything and listen to her instincts. Carrissa's arms wrapped around his neck and she pressed her lips against his even harder.

     The butterfly in her heart just took another couple doses of speed. Probably finished off the entire thing. Jeff was surprised, she could feel him stiffen next to her as if he hadn't expected her to actually kiss back. He went with it anyway, and is cut smile grew larger. After a couple more seconds, Carrissa had to pull away.

     "Why'd you stop?" Jeff asked, concerned.

     "I needed...some damn oxygen..." she answered, breathing slightly heavily.

     "I felt fine..." Jeff puzzled, and Carrissa laughed.

     "That's probably because you have a permanent smile." she replied, answering his confusion.

     "...Again?" he asked hopefully, and Carrissa laughed.

     "Oh, hell yeah." she replied without hesitation, and they both shared their second kiss. She then realized he never answered her question. Well, fuck that.
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