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time for a coffee...

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Leaving the house in my red converse, black skinnies and Smashing Pumpkins hoody, I walked down the street as Frank walked beside me with his arm around my shoulders. I would put my arm around him, but I’d look like I’m holding thin air. When I smiled at him or giggled I got a few weird looks from passers-by, so I slid my hoody over my head and let my hair dangle over my eyes.
“You look so sexy!” Frank sang as he skipped in front of me like a little girl. I giggled and he stopped me dead in my tracks and kissed my dry, cold lips. After blushing and getting more looks, I walked onwards.
Around the next corner, the sacred little coffee shop stood to attention and caught my eye straight away. I could smell the coffee already, so I quickened up the pace.
“Since when did you get so keen?” Frank asked, but I just kept walking. I felt bad because it was as if I was ignoring him, and it hurt me, so I winked at him and he smiled.
“Kinky!” he stated with a smile and I smirked to myself.
Letting out a sigh of relief, I shoved my way through the door and got a few more bad looks for my already growing collection. I rolled my eyes and made my way up to the counter. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded and I smiled as I knew the guy that was going to serve me.
“Good afternoon, Mr Way!” he said in his cheery Australian accent.
“Hey!” I smiled back, and saw that Frank had made himself comfortable on a leather sofa in the corner next to the window; my favourite seat of the room.
“Are you alone today?”
“N… Yeah, yeah… I am.”
“Ah, well, what would you like, sir?”
“Large, white coffee; strong, please.”
“Ok, one minute.”
After waiting and paying, I poured 3 sugars into the beautiful liquid and walked towards Frank. After placing the coffee on the table before us, I looked back over at the counter and saw another man staring at me. He looked like he licked his lips, but I just looked away and gazed upon Frank.
“That guy over there,” he nodded his head in the direction of the man in question, “he looks… familiar. Keep an eye on him.”
My mouth dropped and I looked down at my hands. I quickly nodded and made a mental note to remind myself to ask about him when we were home. I took a gentle sip at my coffee and tried not to laugh as Frank commented.
“Sexual!” He purred as I licked a drip on the edge of the mug. I bit my lip hard so I didn’t laugh and I heard a big bang outside.
“What the...?” I whispered and a man flew through the door.
“ALL OF YOU GET THE FUCK DOWN!” He roared from behind his balaclava as he held two magnums in the air. Two more men clambered in after him, also with guns, and I hid under the table for safety.
A few more men stormed the doors and started patrolling the café; each holding what looked like AK47’s. I shook as I didn’t know what to do. Frank looked shocked and gazed at me.
“They’re looking for you,” He claimed, “I can hide you. Come here.”
I did as he said and hugged tightly up to him, hiding my face into his neck. He whispered some sort of chant and held me tight. After he was done, he nodded at me. I didn’t know what he meant, but I had a feeling I was safe. Looking up at the counter, the guy I knew pointed towards the table I was hid under. I gasped and began to panic.
“They can’t see you, Gerard.” Frank confirmed and I looked at him. I was confused. What was going on?
One of the men threw our table across the room, uncovering me and Frank. Then, he shook his head in disappointment.
“That man is a liar.” He claimed, pointing back at him.
“But, but, he was there, honest! He was just…” the guy stammered, before receiving a gun pressed up to his face.
“I hate liars.” The gun holder replied and pulled the awaiting trigger.
The gunshot echoed the room, and all fell silent. The Aussie Starbucks man I knew was dead; his brains scattered around the wall behind him and his fallen body unseen from behind his counter. He was such a nice guy, and I didn’t even know his name. I closed my eyes tightly as I heard the guys trashing the café, making a woman let out a piercing scream. Tables were being thrown and chairs were being lobbed. The only place in public I loved, now a complete mess. After throwing a table through the window I was next to, they left quietly through the back fire exit and the police entered in quick force with paramedics. Before I could stand up, I blacked out.
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