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bruises and glass

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Horror,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2012/03/02 - Updated: 2012/03/02 - 941 words

The world is an evil place. One minute everything is happy; the next, all goes downhill; just like today. My mind was still in a blurry haze, as it had been for quite a while. The deadly gunshot still echoed in the far corners of my head, followed by deafening squeals and loud bangs and crashes. When I sat at the table before the massacre happened, no one apart from Frank and the poor soul behind the counter knew of my existence. After Frank said that daunting chant, all I can recall was noise as my face was buried in his comforting touch, and as from the men leaving, the rest was just blank, like I’d died as well. Was I dead? Was I even alive in the first place? I didn’t realise the very existence of the earth as I was in this spaced and unconscious state. My body kept rocking from time to time, but soon stopped, and I also heard a soothing male’s voice. The surroundings around me were soft and comfortable and kept my presence satisfyingly warm. My body was vigorously shaken another time and something cold, but soft, was pressed upon me. I could hear the voice again saying something that sounded so faint and distant, but kept getting louder and louder and louder…
“GERARD!” it shouted and I could suddenly see…
The light blinded me and I attempted to raise my arm to shield me from the pain. A huge surge of pain flashed though my body, making me moan slightly. My eyes focussed upon the very flesh of my arm, and the blood that spilled from the thin opaque shards embedded upon it. I gasped at the sight and looked down to the rest of my aching body, where I witnessed a shirtless chest covered in thin cuts and bruises. To my side, I had a very worried Frank, who smiled when my gaze fell upon him. He swiftly, but carefully, launched onto me and desperately embraced me. I managed to wrap my other arm around him, but kept the other away from my sight.
“Oh, Gerard, you had me so worried. You’ve been unconscious for three hours.” He frowned, “I thought you were dying…”
A tiny little tear formed at the corner of one of his eyes, which I swept away for him, making a bright smile illuminate his face. I looked around and swallowed my surroundings. That wasn’t too difficult, as I was in my living room; in my house. Beside Frank, the floor was soaking up the wet, cold liquid which was originally embedded in the face towel. Beside that was another face towel, red from the blood it had been in contact with, and next to that, a bowl. It looked like there was nothing in it, but hidden there in its opaque secret, was glass; plucked from the flesh of its victim. I looked up at Frank.
“Wanna help me get this glass out of my arm?” I asked, trying to tug at one of the pieces. “I hope you’re not squeamish.” I added.
“Me? squeamish? Dude, you’ve been bleeding all over the place. If I was squeamish, I would have thrown up by now.”
“True… So are you going to help me, or what?”
“Let’s get this flesh ripping!”
“Eww, Frank, that’s gross.”
Frank giggled softly, and then pulled out a roll of tissue from behind him. He tore loads off and placed it around me, organising it for any spillages. Whilst he wasn’t looking, I clasped my fingers around the biggest piece of glass in my arm, and then prepared myself for a lot of pain.
“3… 2… 1…” I whispered, and then applied all force into yanking it out. “AAAHHHHH FFUUUUCKK!!!” I shouted as it slithered out of my soft flesh, blood pouring from it. Frank jumped and looked up at me, seeing my wince in pain as blood ran down my arm.
“SHIT GERARD!” he squealed as he lobbed about a ton of tissue at me. The blood drenched everything in its path, so tissue was useless. I plucked out about another 7 pieces of glass, and the bleeding eventually stopped. Frank looked in the first aid box.
“Oh no, Frank. Oh no you don’t!” I sang as I knew exactly what he was looking for. Cleansing alcohol. That stuff stings like a bitch. I hoped he wouldn’t find it.
“Found it!”
Now I was preparing for pain that was going to be beyond hell, and even further than that. No, maybe even more than that, too. He flipped open the lid, tipped it upside-down and I watched as the pain-ridden liquid drenched the towel. This was going to hurt. A lot.
“Right, Gerard, this won’t hurt a bit, okay?” he reassured me.
“No it doesn’t. Now give me your arm.”
“Stop being such a girl…” he said as he rolled his eyes, grabbing my arm. “Now, just close your eyes and think about someone you love.”
“Oh, Gerard…” he sighed as he slapped the dripping cloth onto my arm. At first, I felt nothing. But then…
“I’m already dead…”
“Mmm, that sounds kinky. I look forward to it.”
He is such a tease at the worst of times.
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