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A day in hell.

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Gerard and Frank have to go back to hell, or school as most people call it.

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Sorry, I haven't been updating as often as I would like, but hopefully this chapter's going to be longer to make up for it :) Enjoy...

Frank's POV

Wow. Was last night a dream or not? It just seems too good to be true. I look up at Gerard from the mattress on the floor (we thought that Donna and Donald would probably freak out if we shared a bed) and he looks perfect while alseep. I notice the time is 7:30am and realise that we need to get up NOW.

'Gerard, it's time to get up. Gerard? GERARD!' I have to shout his name to get him up, which is quite sweet. I go into the bathroom and have a shower before him because Gerard's still half asleep. I get back into the room in my new school uniform - a white shirt, a red and yellow tie, a black blazer and black trousers - to find him packing his bag for school. He looks up at me with gorgeous eyes, and then grabs his own uniform and goes to have a shower.

I decide to put some red eyeliner on, carefully smudging it around my eyes and making sure my black hair is perfectly straight for school. There's a crash in the corridor, so I go out and see what's happening.

'GERARD! GET OFF, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR?' Mikey yells at Gerard, brandishing a pair of straighteners in his hand and half of his fluffy hair straight already.

'I was only teasing... God, can't you take a joke?' Gerard shakes his head and catches me eye. I have to hold back a grin because Mikey's just spotted me standing there and I don't want to cause any more arguements.

Gerard and I grab our bags and go downstairs for some breakfast before we leave for the bus. I grab some toast and spread jam on it before stuffing it in my mouth, and Gerard puts Marmite on his. I can't stand the taste of that stuff.

Mikey comes down a minute later, and doesn't bother with breakfast, he just pulls on his black converse and heads out of the door. I start lacing my own pair up, and Gerard follows to do the same as soon as he finishes the toast. We open the door and find that it's not too cold outside, despite it being early.

'So what time does the bus leave?' I ask to break the silence. Gerard doesn't hear me because of the music he's playing in his ears, so I repeat the question loudly. He jumps and pulls out an earbud, looking slightly guilty.

'It's supposed to leave at quarter past eight, but it usually only comes at twenty past. So we have to wait for longer.' He replies, offering me an earbud so I can listen to the music as well. I feel slightly relaxed as I hear the familiar melody of Greenday fill my ear.

'Also, I'm friends with two people at school and the rest hate my guts. So you mIgut not want to hang around with me.' Gerard adds as an afterthought, slightly shocking me. Not so much the everyone hating his guts bit, I'd had plenty of that back home, but his suggestion of me not hanging around with him.

'Of course I will! You're the only person apart from Mikey who I know, and anyway, I hate everyone who hates you, so that rules out everyone else...' I say to him, shocked that he would even suggest that.

'Oh right, that's good then!' He says, looking a lot happier than before. We'd reached the end of the lane now, so we headed right away from the forest and waited on the green triangle in the middle of the road. Apart from Mikey, we were the only ones here.

Slowly, more people came so there were more than 12 of us, and Gerard gave me a commentary on who everyone was as they came and waited.

'That girl there, she's called Florence and she's as slutty as you can get for a Year 8. She's the most popular girl in her year, but she's also the bitchiest. She once got the jocks to beat up Mikey just because she thought it was weird that he straightened his hair. They're in the same year.'

I just nod and try and remember to keep out of her way, despite being two years above her. Another pair of people walk down the lane.

'The taller one is called William, he's in our year and he hangs out with the geeks. The shorter one is Thomas and he's in Mikey's year, and is slightly weird because he hangs out with the Year 7s and quite frankly that is very strange. Anyway, they both hate me and Mikey because they think we're scary and William doesn't like me because I'm not as hard working as him.' This was all rather confusing.

'This boy is in Mikey's year and he's called Luke. He hangs out with Thomas, so again, he thinks we're pretty weird. And those two girls are called Maia and Kiri, one's in Year 9 and Kiri's in Year 7. Both are geeks, so they hate me for being rebellious.'

So people don't like you if you're not like them? That just seems weird.

'This girl's a total slut, like Florence but in Year 9. She's called Nicola and she isn't as high up in the pecking order as Florence, but she can still be a total bitch.' Finally, two children got out of a car, and Gerard explains who they are. 'The boy is in our year, is called Ben and the girl is called Charlotte. Charlotte is Florence's best friend, so she's pretty vile. Ben hangs around with William and a few other nerds.'

I was confused by their appearance 'Why did they come by car?'

'Oh, they live 2 miles down the road in a little place called Curscombe, and their dad drives them to the nearest bus stop, which is here. Most people here have farming backgrounds, but that doesn't stop them from becoming jerks.' was Gerard's reply.

Me, Gerard and Mikey hung around under the horse chestnut tree in a group of our own, and not really fitting in in any of the other groups. The bus comes into veiw, and we all cross the road. Why they wait this side I will probably never know.

We get on the bus and Gerard sits down and beckons for me to sit next to him. I smile my thanks at him, and he explains why we sat in these seats in particular.

'Basically, the jocks and the chavs sit on the back row, then the geeks sit in front of them. The childish people, who include people up to year 11, sit at the front, so we've got to sit in the middle. Ray will next to Mikey today.' How was I going to remember all of this?!

'Who's Ray?' I ask curiously.

'He's one of my only friends, and he's pretty awesome. You'll meet him in a minute, he gets on at the next stop.' Gerard explains, and I wonder what he looks like.

Pretty soon, the bus pulls to a stop again, and quite a few people get on. A tall boy with a fro gets on the bus, an obvious misfit and I guess that this is Ray. He sits next to Mikey, who's sitting in front of us, and promptly turns around to talk to Gerard.

'Hey dude! How was the 48 hours that I haven't seen you?' He said with a grin.

'Pretty good, thanks. This is Frankie, and he's the dude who came over from America. And this is Ray if you haven't already guessed.' Gerard replies enthusiastically, the last bit addressed to me.

'Hey' I say nervously to Ray.

'I don't bite, you know! I see you like Greenday?' He asks me, spotting the Greenday hoodie I have on top of my school blazer.

For the rest of the journey to school, the four of us made small talk and ended up yelling out the lyrics to Peacemaker loudly, drawing annoyed looks from the rest of the people on the bus. It was a good kind of look though, I liked the fact that we had got on their nerves. And I wasn't going to put up with any shit at this school.

Mikey's POV

Well, Frank and Ray seemed to be getting along quite nicely. Frank also has a good sense of humour because it was his idea really to start singing and doing air guitar to Greenday. I love this kid, I can see he's going to fit in with us just fine.

The bus stops outside school and we all have to get off the bus. Amongst all the popular kids, and this really wasn't a pleasant experience...

A/N: I got writers block, so sorry if it isn't very long, but I will be updating quite soon hopefully, fingers crossed! Anyway, thank you for reading this! Cookies for every R&R! mychemicalpony :)
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