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Frank gets a little angry

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It's all in the title. Hehe.

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I'm not too sure where this chapter is going, so you'll just have to wait and see! Oh, and cookies AND coffee for every R&R (I don't actually like coffee, but I know that quite a lot of you like/love it) so read and enjoy!

Frank's POV

We get of the bus outside school and because I'm new, I have to go to the front office to get a timetable. Gerard comes with me and we start talking about guitars until Mrs Paxton gave me a warm peice of paper. Me and Gerard looked at it and he got quite excited.

'Look, you're in my form! And you've got all of your lessons with me, Mikey, Ray or Bob! You can keep me company in Art now.' His face lit up as he realised that fact.

'Um Gerard? Who's Bob?' I have no idea who this Bob person is.

'Oh, he's the other person who doesn't hate me. He's pretty awesome and we always hang around together. Let's go and claim seats on the bench!' Yet again, I have no idea what he means by the last comment, but I just follow him through the old block and we come to this place outside the Art block that's covered and looks out over half of the 'playground'. There's a bench against the wall and Mikey and Ray are already sitting down. Gerard spots a boy about our age walking over to us, so he speeds up his pace and I follow him as he collapses on the bench. I just stand there looking awkward until Gerard notices and tells Ray to 'Move your fat arse up, Frank needs to sit down!' and I'm very grateful.

However, the guy that we saw walking over to us has got here and is wearing a scowl on his face. 'Hey, who's this who gets to take my seat?'

I start mumbling an apology, but Gerard explains 'This is Frank, and he's staying with me and Mikey for a few months, and I'm sure if we all squidge up we can get all of us on here...'

We all move up, with me at the end, then Gerard, Bob and Mikey and Ray at the end.

'OW! MY HIPS GOING TO BE CRUSHED IN A MINUTE!' Ray shouts. I have to agree with him, and as much as I love being this close to Gerard, my hips are about to he crushed, so I nod and start making as much of a fuss about it as Ray did.

'Okay guys, why don't we all get up and sort this out when Frank and Ray AREN'T yelling at the top of their voices?' suggests Mikey, and everyone nods and gets up.

'Well, it seems that we can't really fit 5 people on the bench. So, one of us has to stand up. And it's not going to be me.' Bob makes it clear that he's annoyed at us all.

'Or Frank could sit on my lap? He's only light...' Gerard suggests with a hopeful face. I perk up a little at this suggestion.

'If Frank's okay with that, then yeah okay.' Ray likes the idea then. Ray sits down at the end again, and then there's Gerard, then Mikey and Bob's at the end. I don't know what to do, mainly because I haven't sat on anyone's lap for about 10 years.

'Come on Frankie!' Gerard pats his lap, so I have no choice but to sit on his surprisingly comfy lap. This is nice.

For the next 5 minutes until the bell goes, the others catch up on what they've done over the holidays. I feel a bit left out, but I've only been with them for what, 10 minutes? I can't expect to be Mr Popular all of a sudden. I certainly wasn't at my old school, where I got beaten up at least once a week.

The bell rings, and we all suddenly jump up and grab our bags that we dumped in a pile next to the bench. Mikey and Ray start walking towards the science block, presumably because they're in the same form. Me, Gerard and Bob walk towards the Geography block, which is where our form room is. Gerard starts telling me about the rest of the form.

'The ones at the front, 2 are nerds and prefer to be left alone to do homework. There's a German exchange student who sits next to him, and again, no one really talks to him. The sluts in our year sit behind them and keep on trying to get off with poor Josh, who is kind of in with that group, but he doesn't want to be. There are 5 jocks at the back in Bob's year and you really don't want to get on the bad side of them. You'll see why when we get there.

'The kids in year 9 are pretty decent, but the only problem is that they think we drink blood and what not, so they're terrified of us. Oh, and look out for the plastics in that year, because when they're bitchy, they're horrific. I mean, really horrible. Even Bob gets scared of them sometimes!' He says the last bit with a grin, and looks at Bob to see his reaction. However, Bob doesn't notice because he's got his earphones in.

'Our form tutor is really nice, he gives us Haribos on Fridays and tries to let us off assemblies as much as possible. And we watch lots of Top Gear.'

We finally get to room S3, and I walk in after Gerard and Bob. I look around the room and see what Gerard meant when he said I didn't want to get on the wrong side of those year 11s. I go and sit next to Gerard, and Bob sits in front of us. Gerard tells me that our form tutor is called Mr Toms, so I try and store it away in my mind.

'Okay, I'm taking the register now. Can everyone shut the hell up?' Mr Toms half shouts. I like this teacher, he looks really cool. Anyway, everyone shuts up, probably out of respect for the only 'cool' teacher in the school. Mr Toms does the register, and notices me sitting there looking awkward.

'Everyone, we seem to have a new student. Is it Frank?' I nod at this. Some of the plastics snigger at my name, so I give them the finger under the desk so Sir can't see. Haha, they stopped laughing at that.

'So yeah, everyone be nice to Frank and I'm sure he'll be nice to you. I've got lots of planners to give out, so Jack, can you give out the big ones to the midgets and the small ones to year 10 and 11, thank you. As far as notices go, there aren't any that any of you will give a damn about, so I won't bother reading them out.'

Gerard tells me that the first lesson of every year is spent in form so we have an hour of watching Top Gear before our first lesson, PE. Apparently we have to do dance in PE, and I'm dreading it.

The hour passes relatively quickly, and soon me and Gerard are trudging up towards the sports hall, and we get changed into our PE uniform and head down into the freezing cold hall with Ray, who's the only other one in our year.

Some jocks in the changing room decided to make fun of Gerard's pale chest, so we just gave them the middle finger and they glared at us, but left him alone after that.

Anyway, Mrs Keily told us to warm up to some shitty pop music and so we just stood there refusing to move. There was no way in hell that we were going to dance to that music. Luckily Mrs Keily didn't notice us.

Finally she stopped One Direction and told us to get into groups of three. That bit was pretty easy. Now she put on The All-American Rejects, which all of liked so we actually started 'dancing' which was actually just us mucking around in time to the music.

At last we were let go to go and get changed, and we raced up the stairs so we could get as much break time as possible. As soon as we were changed we crossed the road and went over to the bench, where we found Mikey already there. Ray and Gerard sat down, and I sat next to them until Bob got here.

Somehow the conversation got onto what the sluts do at the weekends, and we were all telling horrific stories of what they had done. Gerard seemed to know an awful lot about one girl in particular, by the name of Lucy.

'Gerard, how come you know so much about Lucy?' I ask with an innocent from on my face.

Gerard blushes and says 'Um well about a year back, we were playing truth or dare and I got a dare to find out as much info about her as possible. And the way we play it, if you chicken out at anything you can't listen to any music for a week. So I had no choice but to research all the stuff she had done. But I'm not proud of it...' He says this rather fast, so I almost can't hear it.

'No music for a week?! One thing's for sure, I'm never chickening out again!' I exclaim. It just seems horrific that you would do that to someone...

'Talking of which, we haven't had a sleepover for AGES! Who's house is it at next?' Mikey says.

'Er, I think it is your turn Mikey.' A voice says, and we look around to see Bob grinning at us. I get up and let him sit down, meaning that I had to sit on Gerard's lap again.

By the time break was finished, it was agreed that Ray and Bob would come over our house this evening. Ray, Bob and Gerard will phone their parents at lunch to check that it's alright and everything.

Me and Ray made our way over to History together, and we have a teacher called Mr Bunny. And apparently he have out detentions if we made fun of his name. Fun. We're supposed to be taking notes on Weimar Germany but instead we sit there and talk about music. Eventually Mr Bunny notices our rather heated discussion on whether Paramore is a good band or not, and as a result we have to detention at lunch. Not a great start to the school year.

Anyways, I have Maths with Gerard next, and I tell him about the whole History drama, and he agrees with me that Paramore are amazing. I almost forget to tell him about the detention, and when I have I think he was expecting me to be bothered.

When he commented on it, I just said 'I've had a lot worse back in America, from both students and teachers.' He didn't press me any more, which I was glad of because I didn't particularly want to remember just how awful my schools were.

Me and Gerard spent the rest of the lesson complaining how hungry we were and annoying the plastics in front of us. At one point they threatened to tell the teacher, but I just laughed and said 'Is that supposed to be a threat? Cause it ain't.'

That shut them up, and they just went back to whispering about other plastics. The bell finally goes and we meet Ray who also had Maths, but was in a different class. We decide to go to the bench before getting lunch seeing as we're the second to last year allowed in. Which sucks.

Bob and Mikey are at the bench when we get there, and that's when me and Ray remember the detention 'SHIT! We gotta go now!' Ray shouts.

We run all the way to Mr Bunny's room and go in looking very red. It's not a very long one, we just had a lecture about how school work is more important than 'paramorn' as he put it. I stopped myself from correcting him just in time. I think Ray was going to correct him as well, but he didn't, thank god or whatever's up there in the sky.

That took up 20 minutes of lunch, and we figure that we'll be allowed in now. Ray spots the Gerard and co walking over to the canteen, so we dump our bags outside and wait for them.

'How was your detention?' Mikey asks, bless his little cotton socks. He's never had a detention before.

'Very boring, and they work because I do NOT want another detention like that EVER.' I reply, and Ray just nods his head in agreement. Somehow we get into the canteen without upsetting any jocks, and we find that there's almost nothing left. Great. In the end, I settle for sweet and sour pasta, and Gerard gets a tuna and cheese baguette. Ew. I can't stand tuna.

This pasta isn't very nice, but it's better than the shit we had at my old school. After lunch we have half an hour of form time, so me, Gerard and Bob get to chill after a heated discussion with parents regarding the sleepover tonight. In the end, we won and everyone's coming over to Gerard and Mikey's house.

After a very boring Chemistry lesson, it's the end of the school day. YES! We all get on the bus, with Bob in the middle of us so the driver doesn't see him sneak on. We're such rebels. I suggest a repeat of this morning, and so we put on Horseshoes and Handgrenades really loud. We had to turn it down after several minutes if we didn't want to get chucked of the bus, which was a bit of a downer. We carried on doing air guitar and loud singing, though.

When we got off the bus, Mikey had the misfortune to accidently on purpose poke one of the jocks in the back. He spun around with teeth bared and snarled 'What the fuck did you just do?'

Mikey responded with a whimper, and I decided to save his guts from the massive boy standing dangerously close to him.

'Get the fuck away from him.' I growl at him.

'Oh? And why should I, short arse?' He retaliated.

'Because otherwise you'll wish you were never born.' I make sure that I have my deadliest expression on my face while saying this.

The jock decides to ignore my warning and he goes to punch Mikey. However, I stop his hand from making an impact on Mikey's face and twist his arm around so it's really painful for him. I grab his other arm to stop him punching me and I swiftly knee him in the balls and I let go of him so we can run away as quickly as possible.

'Man, that was amazing!' Ray yells at me while we're running up the lane.

'After bein beaten up every week for a few years you kind of learn how to look after yourself.' I shrug, really wanting to get away from this topic.

I can see the other guys look kind of shocked when I say this, but it's true. I must say, I have got pretty good at fending for myself. You have to, otherwise you won't survive.

Mikey's still shaking, so I put my arms around him to make him feel better. This was actually quite hard, seeing as he was several inches taller than me, but oh well.

I hope this was alright! The school may or may not be based on my school, and 'the bench' may or may not be based on an actual bench (it is). mychemicalpony :)
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