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Dreams of Escaping This Hell (part 1)

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Sweet Dreams are made of this

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The door to Mikey's room creaked open slowly, causing the young angel to stir awake. He could see a dark figure slipping in the the door; it came closer to the bed but stumbled over Mikey's comic books. The dark figure muttered curses, “Gosh Mikey, I thought mom told you to clean your room.”

Mikey sat up straighter in the bed and let a snicker escape, “And mom told YOU to clean your room two months ago, but did you?”

“Don't be a smart-alack.” Gerard sank on the bed near his brother, flicking his nose.

Mikey yipped and rubbed his nose with a playful growl escaping his lips, “Can't help it.”

Gerard sighed and worked his fingers through Mikey's moussed up hair. “I didn't mean to wake you, I just wanted to check up on you.” Gerard did this every night because he just felt like he needed too. As Mikey leaned in to the touch he couldn't help notice how Gerard's hand quivered on his scalp, like he was cold.

The house wasn't could, it was quite warm—it's always the right temperature in Heaven. Mikey gazed curiously through the darkness up to his brother; he couldn't see much through the darkness and the lack of his glasses. He made a point to reach over to his nightstand, but Gerard's shaky hands wrapped around his wrist. Mikey glanced at Gerard again, but lowered his wrist. Something wasn't right.


“Mm?” Even his voice sounded shaky.

“What's the matter? Why are your hands shaking?” Mikey slipped his hands from under his covers and enclosed them around his older brother's.

Gerard gently removed his hands from his brother's, “No reason.” Mikey could see the outline of Gerard's shoulders move up and down, “Guess I feel cold.”

“Oh...” Mikey bit his lip then moved away to lift up the covers, “You want to sleep with me?”

Gerard chuckled, “So forward, Mikey.”

Mikey scowled and playfully shoved at his leg, “You're so gross. That's not what I meant Gee-tard.”

It was Gerard's turn to scowl. He hated the nickname and Mikey knew it, “No Mikey-mouse,” Mikey growled, “I just came in here to just check up on you. Now,” Pushing his little brother's slender frame back into the covers and pulling the duvet up to his brother's chin, he pressed a small kiss to his forehead, “Get back to sleep, yeah?”

There was that crack in his voice again.

Mikey frowned, “Gerard, really, you can sleep in my bed, I don't care.”

Gerard patted his head, “I know you don't. I'm fine.”

The younger brother bit his lip, “You sure?”

Gerard paused, taking a few deep, calming breaths, “Yeah.”

Mikey nodded once, then twice, “Okay Gerard.”

“Goodnight, Mikey.” He pressed another kiss to his forehead, turned on his heel, slowly made his way to the door. “Love you.”

“Goodnight Gee,” This nagging feeling suddenly nipped at Mikey's mind, but he didn't ask anymore questions. He just watched his brother's silhouette near the door, “Love you too.”

Gerard stood in the doorway for another moment, sighing, then retreated out of the bedroom.

It took Mikey a while to get back to sleep, because he just lay there looking at the ceiling. Those weird patterns that show up only when it's dark danced along the white is what finally made Mikey's eyelids droop. He turned over and drifted off, just as he thought he heard the soft click of a door.


The next morning, Mikey woke up to his mother's screams coming from the kitchen. Nothing rarely happened in Heaven that was out of the ordinary. Except for those angels at the school that gave Gerard and Mikey a hard time, nothing else happened. So Mikey threw the covers from over him, tripping over the same comics Gerard tripped on last night, flew down the stairs, and scrambled in the kitchen. He skidded to halt at the sight of his mother, slumped down against the counter, her favorite coffee mug smashed with her beloved coffee dispersing everywhere. She had a hand clutching over her mouth and a note tight in her other hand.

“Ma? Ma? What's wrong?” Mikey grasped her shoulders.

His mother didn't answer instead she extended the note to her younger son and wrapped her arms around her self.

Mikey gazed at her in worry, accepting the note with hesitation, watching her rock side to side. What note could be on a note that was bad enough to make their mother scream; it had to be bad, because there mother was now reduced to rocking and singing hymns.

Mikey drug his eyes from his mother to the note. He squinted to read, having rushed down without grabbing his glasses. After his eyes made out the letters and scanned over it once, he gasped himself, and sat down hard next to his mother.

Dear Mikey and Mom,

If you haven't noticed by now, I have left. I have left home and Heaven. I'm sorry, I am SO sorry, but I don't fit in here. And I don't think I could spend an eternity living somewhere I am not accepted. I'm sorry and I love you.

Mikey's bleary eyes scanned over the scrawl, his brother's scrawl he knew for sure, because Gerard wrote his I's and L's so girly, which Mikey has made fun of him on more than one occasion. He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't believe it. He never dreamed Gerard would actually just up and leave. Sure the kids at school made tortured them and taunted them, smacked their books out of their hands, and told them to go to Hell, but they had to grow out of that eventually, right? And Mikey has told Gerard it'll get better, every night he crawled in his bed, he told him it would get better and they would stop.

Now Gerard was gone and all alone. Mikey thumped his head back on the counter at the thought, and squeezed his eyes tight until he saw stars.

His mother let out a small, distressed whimper.

Mikey cast a glance to the side at their mother. He sighed and slipped a thin arm around her shoulders, pulling her until she was in his side, whimpering and clutching at his shirt.


When Mikey returned to school after a couple of days the news of his brother's escape pretty much spread throughout Heaven. Neighbors and God's right hand angels showed up at the Way's doorsteps expressing their condolences, giving them baskets of goodies and baked goods. Mikey didn't accept their 'we're sorry' and 'he will be protected', no, in fact he had grown quite bitter. The thought of knowing his innocent brother was on Earth, the cruelest place in the universe in Mikey's mind, alone, scared, feeling rejected made Mikey want to lash out at everyone who stopped by their house.

“Hey Way,” Johnathan, the main angel that gave the brother's their daily torture and taunts. “So we,” 'We' meaning he and his crew and pretty much everyone in the school, “Heard that your brother finally took our advice.”

Mikey hadn't been getting much sleep lately; he had been staying up mourning with his mother and putting on a fake smile for the angels who stopped by and repeating the same, tedious phrase 'God is protecting him.' Which maybe is the farthest thing from the truth; if God hadn't been protecting them here, what makes him think God is protecting him on Earth.

“I'm not in the mood, Johnathan, just let me get to class.” Mikey made to slide along the wall to get around the towering angel, but Johnathan stuck out his arm and blocked Mikey's path.

He stooped and got closer in Mikey's face, “So when are YOU gonna leave, huh?” Stabbing a large, chubby finger in his chest, pushing Mikey back a couple of steps.

“Leave me alone.” Mikey growled.

“Or what?” He snarled right in his face, fogging up his glasses with his breath. “Whatcha gonna do about it, huh Way?”

Mikey didn't know what happened next. He found his hands balling up into fist at his sides suddenly connecting with the side of Johnathan's head with a large crack. The force of the blow made Johnathan fall to the ground, but Mikey wasn't finished there. He jumped on the towering angel and continued to pummel the boy's face. All his frustrations he knew he has been repressing, his anger he knew he had deep inside of him, and now the grief for his brother was exploding in him. The blood was roaring in his ears like tidal waves and he was screaming things in the boy's face he couldn't quite hear.

Before he knew it, he was being hauled off Johnathan by four angles, but not with out scratching his face. He was still screaming and his blood was pumping.

“It's because of you fucking bastards is why my brother left,” He heard himself scream, “It's because of you he was so miserable. What kind of angels are you? What kind of pigheaded parents were you raised by? Fuck you! And fuck all you who JUST FUCKING WATCHED AND NEVER DID A THING TO HELP.” He's never cursed a day in his life-—because it's Heaven, but did it feel good. He didn't even know he knew these words, but here they were falling out his mouth like a violent waterfall.

Johnathan was nursing his jaw, but he was staring surprised at the small boy's rage. Everyone around him was staring at the younger Way in astonishment, whether it was because of the curses or because he just fought someone twice his size, Mikey didn't know, but he could see the guilt in their eyes. The guilt of never helping, never saying a word to Johnathan and his crew as he gave them Hell each and every day.

Suddenly everyone parted, letting the high and mighty school principal Louis through. With one look to the beaten Johnathan, his lip split and his jaw aching and bruised, he went straight to Mikey still pinned to the other wall by the four other angels.

He grabbed Mikey's arm, “Come with me, Mr. Way.” Voice stern and his face was the color of a tomato. The four angels released Mikey, stepping quickly away, and watching warily as Mikey was hurried down the hallways, past the people who were staring with mouth agape and past the people who backed up until their backs hit against the walls. He was led into the principal's office and was sat down in the leather chair in front of the principal's desk.

Once the door closed Principal Louis took his seat, immediately folding his fingers and hiding his mouth behind it. He was staring at Mikey with a mixture of anger and some sort of smugness Mikey couldn't figure out.

“Do you want to tell me what all that was Mikey?”


“Well, from what I saw you assaulted Johnathan Crows. Is this true or not?”

Mikey hunched his shoulders and glared at the man with dark eyes. Principal Louis's eyes twitched and he found himself leaning backwards. “If you seen it for yourself then why are you asking me it it's true or not?”

“I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, Mr. Way.”

“I don't think I need your fucking sympathy.” He found himself snarling.

“Mr. Way you will not talk to me in that in that manner, we do not promote violence in this school.”

Mikey quirked an eyebrow, “But you sure do have a way of turning the other way when it happens to certain people, don't you?” If only Gerard could see him now... well if he did, he would have smacked him up side the head. Gerard was the main one who taught him manners and to always be polite, even when people were completely cruel. Gerard was such a gentle, kind soul, why did all of this happen to him? Mikey found himself thinking; his chest tightened with anger.

“Excuse me?” Principal Louis narrowed his eyes.

“My brother. My fucking brother, Gerard, have been getting tormented in this damn school that “doesn't promote violence”,” Mikey mocked the man using air quotes, “For years. You never seem to catch Johnathan and his bastards beating us, but as soon as I lay a hand on Johnathan, you get on my case. You know what Mr. Louis, you don't know how much of a fucking hypocrite you sound like right now.”

“Mr. Way,” He slammed his hands down on his desk, making his pencils roll of the desk and clatter near his feet, “You will stop this cursing right now and have respect--” Cutting him off, Mikey laughed, sharp and wild.

He tossed his head, “You lost my respect when you ignored Gerard and my reports.”

Principal Louis face was beat red, he got up and made his way around the desk. Mikey leaned back in his seat; he was pretty sure he was about the get the back of his hand, but the man didn't go near him. He headed towards the door, wrenched it open, and stormed out, leaving Mikey to fume to himself and feel his own smugness.


With in an hour Mikey was sat outside in the waiting area of the large office. The secretaries who usually work behind the desk were sticking to the far side of the office, away from Mikey. He didn't see why. He only blew up once, and let's be honest, it was due to happen for quite some time. He just simply snapped, got his frustration out, but he would be lying if he said he didn't want to reek more havoc.

Mikey drug his glare from his lap to the front office door creaking open. His mother was being guided in by the bastard principal himself; she looked disappointed. Mikey sighed and lifted himself from the seat, slinking his way over to this mother. The principal opened the door for the Ways and shut the door quickly when they were on the other side, clipping the back of Mikey's shoes.

He turned around and growled at the door.

“Come on Mikey,” Donna sighed.

Mikey stopped and followed her out of the school, making sure to glare at each student he passed by; he hated them all.

The car ride was silent. Donna kept opening and closing her mouth, like she wanted to say something, but couldn't exactly get the words out; so she clenched and unclenched the steering wheels in her hands. Mikey didn't want to talk right that second; he knew he had just been suspended or expelled. Not like he cared.

He glared at the nice houses and children playing around in the yards, their wings flapping wanting to fly in the sky, but not yet. Too young. Mikey thumped his head against the glass. He remembered when he and Gerard were that age, Gerard never went out to play and stretch his wings, because they were black as the night. And in Heaven apparently that wasn't a good thing; Mikey thought they were the coolest things ever. When Mikey saw that his brother never went out to play, just flapped his own wings behind closed curtains were no one could see them, he decided that he wouldn't play outside either. If his brother couldn't play outside in the open, then he wouldn't either.

Before he knew it the car was pulling up in the drive and his mother was out and making her way to the front house. Mikey sighed, reaching back to snatch up his bag, and let himself out the car, and slumped towards the door.

He dropped his book bag near the front door and headed the kitchen, where his mother was already there, arms folded tightly and a scowl on her face. Mikey cringed and sat down.

She took a deep breath before she began, “Michael James Way, I don't know what's gotten into you. Beating up another student? Cursing out everyone and the principal? I've raised you better than that.”

“But Ma--”

She ran right over him. “Don't 'but Ma' me, Michael, you're suspended from the school for at least two weeks! And when you come back they expect you to write up an apology for the boy.” .

Mikey frowned, “I'm not doing that.”

“And why not?”

“Because Ma, he's a stupid arrogant shit that thinks he was better than Gerard and me, because we were different. Because we have different blood from everyone in this whole place.” Mikey curled his fingers into fist until his fingers nails were digging into his palm, “He and pretty much the whole school is why Gerard ran away! And now he's all alone and...” His voice shook, “Who KNOWS, because of them. Because the principal and teachers never gave two shits about us, because we're half demon.”

Donna chewed her lip.

“It's not fair to me and it was never fair to Gerard.” Mikey glared at his balled fist, “So I think that bastard got what he deserved.”


He cut her off, by standing up fast causing the legs on the chair to scrape across the linoleum. “Ma...” He sighed, “I just... really don't want to talk about this, okay? Not right now.”

Donna gazed at her son for a moment. She could see his honey brown eyes swirl dark and the way his jaw flexed, the vein in his neck pulsing. She knows he hasn't been dealing with Gerard being gone very well, she hasn't either, that was her baby boy and with this news coming in she had the chew on it for a moment. So she just sighed, “Alright, Michael.”

“Thanks.” He pushed through the kitchen door, took the stairs two at a time, and locked himself in his room. He flopped himself down on his soft pillows face first, and stayed like that until he dozed off.


Mikey came out his light sleep in time to hear his mother rapping her fist against his door, “Dinner is ready Mikey, if you want anything to eat.”

Mikey groaned, rolling out of bed. He stretched and gave a stretch to his limbs and moaning a little when they popped in all the right places. Wiping the drool off his chin, he made sure not to trip on his comics and opened the door. His mother was already retreating down the stairs and he followed after her. She was already seated at the table, a plate set for her and a plate set for Mikey.

Mikey slumped down in his seat and began to pick at his food, just moving it around the plate, not really eating it. He didn't feel hungry. And with casting a gaze over to the empty seat, Gerard's seat, at the table made Mikey want to throw up.

He was thankful that Donna didn't say much to him the whole time; he didn't feel like talking anyway. Not that he really could because his mind was somewhere else. He was thinking about Gerard, how he was faring, what he could be doing, what he was thinking. By the time his mother reluctantly picked Mikey's still full plate from in front of him, he had came with a conclusion. He would leave Heaven.

He looked to his mother now washing dishes; her blond hair falling at her shoulders and the way her lips were in a tight line, looking like her legs would give from under her. He loved her. He owed her, but...

He gazed at the empty seat at the table, screwing his eyes shut to keep from letting out a sob.

He couldn't just leave her like this, but Gerard was his big brother. She would understand... right?

Mikey got up from the table and silently slipped out of the kitchen and climbed the stairs.

She was going to have to understand, because he was going after Gerard. He going to find him and his mother would just have to live with it. As much as the thought made Mikey's chest tighten, because he felt selfish in a way, he knew this was the right thing to do. So he would plan and prepare until then, until the day would come, leave this “safe” haven for Earth.

Mikey shuddered at the thought.

If he could find Gerard, then it would be totally worth it. That he knew for sure.


Mikey didn't waste anytime planning his escape, he figured it would be simple to escape from this Hell; if Gerard could do it then so he could. Because when Mikey thinks about it, Gerard wasn't the most graceful person in the world. And Mikey's glad he beat the shit out of Johnathan when he did—for himself and for Gerard—but he hopefully wasn't going to use all this precious time to plan, he was hoping to escape in the next couple of days.

But when Mikey thought about his first plan he conjured up, it wasn't that simple. He remembered Heaven's gates had huge, muscled angels standing guard outside, and he was sure that Saint Peter wouldn't just let him walk out. Then Mikey thought, how the hell did Gerard do it? He must have been planning escaping for weeks, which angered Mikey. Gerard had known all this time he was going to escape and leave, and he didn't even tell him, maybe even considering taking Mikey with him? Just write a note a leave? Gerard shared everything with Mikey! Everything.

Mikey had to calm himself down; it muddled up his thoughts and made him bitter towards his brother. He didn't want to be bitter towards Gerard, he just wanted to see him again, hug him and take on Earth with him.

So Mikey had to trash his first plan and think of a new one. And when he got a new one—a plan that he was sure was flawless, he saw that, once again, it contained so many flaws. When he left Heaven, he had to drop; well, he had wings, so he could fly down, he knew that for sure. But where would he land and where was Gerard? When Mikey thought harder, he didn't even know where Gerard could have landed. He could be in China or Australia or Antarctica for all he knew! Then Mikey would land, possibly on the other side of the world for Gerard. The world was a big place and didn't have a birds-eye-view of itself, so landing on Earth without knowing where Gerard would be stupid on his part.

Once again, Mikey had to throw away his plans and come up with another plan, and another, and another until after two sleepless nights, he got finally came up with the perfect plan. He had finally done it. He threw out the possible flaws from previous plans and built on those plans, until he knew this plan was more or less full-proof. He planned his note to be short and simple and packed a few things into his backpack, and some things for Gerard too—things that Gerard probably missed.

Now Mikey was standing on the edge of this great “paradise”, looking down and clutching the strap of his messenger bag in a vice grip. He could see the Earth from here and he swore he could see the Great Wall of China from here too. The eastern hemisphere lit up in beautiful dots of lights and most of the western hemisphere was dark.

Mikey wasn't exactly in front of the gates, he was more off the side, in the shadows, because people were still coming in to Heaven even during the night. Casting a look towards the lighted gates he could see a long line of people waiting patiently to get in, and for the most part everyone was being let in. He snorted and fixed his gaze back on to the planet below. He silently unfolded his wings, making sure the strap didn't catch on his wings and to a step of the edge. He had to clutch his bag to his chest as he did a straight nose dive down to earth; the wind whipped through his hair and he also had to hold his glasses.

If he had calculated things right, he would land right in close proximity of Gerard, who had landed in a forest in a state called New Jersey. Mikey's watched that state with his brother sometimes, it was dirty and riddled with muggers and criminals. It is probably why Mikey was making so much haste to get to him, plus Gerard didn't look well. He was ambling around all by himself, muttering to himself; he looked so lost and devoid of hope.

Mikey gritted his teeth, “Don't worry, Gerard,” He whispered as he broke through Earth atmosphere in a matter of minutes, “I'm--” He is suddenly cut off by a large flying machine hurtling towards him and it didn't look like it was making any planes to avoid him or stop.

Mikey could only watch with wide eyes at it clipped his right wing, making him cry out in shock and pain. He went into a spiral and he just knew he was being thrown off his path; no telling where he would end up now.

Trees were suddenly approaching his spiraling vision, and the only thing he could do was shut his eyes and wait for the pain.

A/N Ahhh, I have been waiting so long to post this, you don't EVEN know! Anyway, this is just a little flashback in Gerard and Mikey's past and this only part 1. Hopefully I will have part 2 posted soon and out here for you guys to read. Until then, read and enjoy :3

[A/N Sort of kind of an update, but not really. And I am SO sorry that I am taking so long, Grad Exams next week, and with all this unnecessary cramming, I've had writers block. I've added on a bit to this, but the next one, I promise, will be out soon. For now, here ya go :3]
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