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Dreams of Escaping This Hell (part 2)

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Continuing on...

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Everything ached; every limb on his poor body throbbed viciously, especially his back.

Mikey popped one eye open then squeezed it shut again; the sun was high up in the sky and it was streaming through the canopy formed by the trees overhead. He attempted to sit up, but let out a strangled gasp. Fuck, did his back hurt, and there was no doubt that flying machine(he thinks they are called planes) broke one of his wings, and the fall probably broke his other one.

Great. There goes his chance on trying to fly to find his brother. He let out a frustrated sigh, squeezed his eyes shut, and struggled to roll over to his side. If he could roll over to his side then he could spring his wings free, because having them out in the open was the only way they could heal properly.

“I wouldn't be moving around too much, if I were you.” A voice suggested.

Mikey let out a surprised squeak and snapped his head round, taking notice of a shirtless stranger sitting cross legged on a rock not to far from where he is laying. His hair was frizzy and he wore a kind smile on his face.

Mikey tried to scramble away, but he only got an inch before he collapsed on his back again and groaned at the immense pain shooting through his spine. Holy shit, the pain nearly took his breath away. His hand went to his back and he squeezed his eye shut. “Ow...” He grimaced.

The stranger hopped of his perch and walked over to Mikey.

Mikey heard him approaching and held up a hand, opening his eyes to glare, “Don't come near me.”

He slowed to a stop a few feet away. The man took one step back considering Mikey's words, then started to gaze around.

Mikey continued to glare at him, sizing him up. It was obvious he couldn't take him on; he had these huge bulging muscles and at least a foot on him. This guy could snap him like a twig; he was sure of it.

The shirtless stranger scuffed his bare feet against the ground and turned his brown eyes up towards the canopy, “What were you doing climbing the trees?”

“Excuse me?”

“I saw you. You just fell out of the trees and hit the ground. I mean these trees are at least a story or two high, that's pretty dumb, if you ask me.” Gazing at a particular broken section in the canopy. “And at night too? Were you trying to commit suicide or something?”

Mikey's eyes widen with alarm and he turned his gaze up to what the man was staring at. He could see a couple branches broken—thick branches by the way—and a few branches were barely hanging on, swaying the breeze. He thumped his head back against the ground, surprised he was still alive from that whole ordeal. “No...” At least the guy hadn't seen him falling from the sky, then he would have to explain things, and he's sure he would NOT believe him.

Then a thought hit him.

“Where's my bag?”

“Huh? You mean that?” The man pointed over to the messenger bag far out of Mikey's reach. Mikey nodded. The stranger jogged over to it, grabbed it up, slowly approached Mikey and handed it too him. He backed off.

“You didn't steal anything, did you?” Mikey asked as went through its contents, he could see that everything for the most part was unharmed and there(from what he remembered).

The guy held his hands up in surrender, “Never.”

Mikey eyed him once more before he began to scramble backwards again; he caught hold of the tree's rough bark. Sinking his nails into the bark and in the knots on the tree he hoisted himself up with another groan. His back popped, causing him to lose his grip.

“Maybe you shouldn't move...”

“I probably shouldn't,” He tightened his grip again and shoved upwards until he was standing on his feet; his knees were shaking, but at least he was standing. “But I have something to do.”

“Like what?” The guy titled his head to the side.

“I have to find my brother.”

“Oh... I'm sorry, did he run away or something?”

Mikey bent over and scooped up his bag, “Something like that.”

“Is that why you were climbing the trees... at night? To look for him?”

Mikey gives him a strange look and shrugs, “Yeah,” He pushes off the tree hesitantly, testing his legs. They shook, yeah, but he was pretty sure he could walk on them. Mikey let out a happy sigh, “I guess I did...” Mikey looked to the left and right, not sure which path to choose. He isn't really sure which direction he was thrown in when he crashed but he would just choose to go the right.

As Mikey set off, the stranger shifted from foot to foot. He was so thin and so small, the stranger was thinking. He watched the way he walked—limped. Something looked broken.

“Um.” The stranger said.

Mikey paused, hunching over slightly from his pain.

“I could help you find your brother,” He suggested.

Mikey turned around and quirked an eyebrow, “And why would you do that?”

“Because it is really dangerous in these woods--”

“But you're here.” Mikey narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“Well... yeah, no offense, but I'm... not a thin as you are. I know these woods better than you.” He scratched behind his ear nervously and shook out his curly brown hair. “I can't really let you go out on your own.”

Mikey frowned, “And why not?”

“Guilty conscious?” He shrugged.

Mikey pushed his glasses(how these didn't break from the fall was beyond him) back up his nose and swept his eyes over the man again. He was built, and shirtless for some reason, but he looked like he was made for these woods. He doesn't know he could really trust this guy, but right now he was desperate to find Gerard. The need to find him was clawing at Mikey's insides.

“Yeah, okay, whatever.” Mikey turned on his heel and began to limp away. The stranger jogged to catch up with him. And with giving Mikey enough distance so that he didn't feel invaded or nervous, the two were setting off.


“I'm Ray, by the way.”

Mikey cast a glance to the man, quirking his eyebrow then turned back to face forward, “Mikey.”

There is a silence that follows after Mikey gives his name. He just continues to limp forward and Ray follows after. Ray doesn't want to pry or annoy the boy, but he is curious. “So um... why did your brother run away?” He can see Mikey giving him a side like, as if to say 'really?' “I mean, you don't have to answer—of course you don't, but I'm just curious.”

Mikey's jaw clenches and his eyebrows pull together, making Ray think he has pissed him off. He said he didn't have to answer it! But Mikey does, “Some assholes at school and low self esteem I guess.”

Ray frowns, “Yeah... I know what that's like...”

Mikey looks at him, “Really? You?”

“You seem surprised,” Ray chuckles.

“Well you look like a regular guy. You look normal. Why would any kid make fun of you?”

Ray shrugged, “I was kind of pudgy at one time and being combined with being a metal head and having no social skills whatsoever, I guess that's not considered normal. Takes a lot out of a guy when you're reminded everyday that you aren't normal.”

Mikey nods and sweeps his eyes over Ray's body once again. He certainly not pudgy any more, he has bulging biceps and abs—that he totally shouldn't be looking at for this long. Mikey turns away, a slight pink coloring his cheeks. He cleared his throat, “Well, I'd talk to you.”

“You would?”

“Yeah, totally.”

Ray smiled at Mikey, “Thanks.”

Mikey mumbled 'you're welcome' and kept this eyes facing front, willing all the blood to stop rushing to his cheeks. He guesses this guy has a lot in common with Gerard and himself; those two didn't have any social skills. The only people they could really talk to were each other and their mother—to Mikey it was the only people he really needed to talk to; the only people he really needed to survive on. And Gerard was the same way.

Mikey sighed as his brother crossed his mind again. He hopes Gerard is holding out okay. This guy, hopefully, could lead them in the right direction.


Night time fell around the boys and they were still walking a little ways. Ray started leading some hours back and Mikey was limping after him, his back throbbing in sheer pain—his wings were going to be seriously fucked up if he didn't spring them loose, but he didn't want to scare Ray. He didn't want to loose his chance(maybe only chance) in finding his brother. Time is of the essence, and he wants to keep searching in the darkness, but he didn't have night vision and he knew Ray didn't have it either.

The two broke out of the forest of trees to a nice clearing; they could see the stars shining bright in the sky. “We're going to have to stop and rest.”

Mikey rubbed his arms nervously, “But...”

“It'll be fine, I sleep out in the wilderness all the time. It's actually really nice.” Ray plopped down on the ground, patting at the empty grass next to him.

“Yeah, but aren't their like, I don't know, wolves out here?”/

Ray gave him a funny smile, “Maybe.”

“And you just want to sleep out in the open?” Gesturing around him widely.

Ray laid back, crossing his arms behind his head, “They're my friends.” He patted the spot again, “Come on. It's been a long day.”

Mikey glared at the empty spot next to Ray for a moment, before reluctantly slumping down on the grass. He scooted over few inches to put some sort of distance between himself and the man, then pushed his bag under his head for a pillow.

It only took a minute of staring at the dark forest, which held God knows what, for him to shudder and roll on his back. As soon as his back hit the grass, he drifted off into a much needed deep sleep.


The bright sun beat down on Mikey's face, making the inside of his eyes turn a bright pink and he groaned. His whole body felt worse than ever.

He threw an arm over his eyes and slowly opened them, the shade of his arm cutting the brightness of the sun in half. He sat up slowly and rolled his shoulders, staring at the now lit forest; it didn't look as frightening and evil now. He was contemplating on hiding in the forest for short while to let his wings free before Ray could wake up. He sighed. But that wouldn't be a good idea. Broken wings needed to stay free until they healed properly, and pulling them back in would just cause him much more pain.

“Christ...” He muttered and turned his body to Ray; he stretched a hand out to shake his shoulder, but his hand stopped in midair. He froze at the sight of a large chestnut colored wolf dozing beside him, its flank rising and falling, and its tail twitching every so often. “Holy shit,” he squeaked and scrambled backwards.

Bad idea.

The wolf stirred and stretched out its body into that downward dog pose that dogs often did when they wake up. It pulled itself to its paws and shook out its long coat.

Mikey held his breath trying not to move a muscle. He could run, but wolves are pretty damn fast he knows.

The wolf turns its head to stare at Mikey, and Mikey closes its eyes shut. He hopes the wolf kills him, it would be quick and painless.

But the wolf doesn't even move, it kind of cocks his head to the side for a minute, then looks down to the ground. The wolf lets off a small, sharp whine that makes Mikey jump and open his eyes. The wolf is staring back at Mikey.

And the next thing Mikey knows the wolf's fur is receding into its body and the paws take form of human feet and human hands. The snout is replaced with a nose and the tail completely disappears. After a few seconds all that is left of the wolf is a... human, and that human(Mikey wants to say) is Ray.

Mikey recognizes the frizzy hair above anything else and his mouth is hanging open, because holy. Shit.

“H...Holy shit!” Mikey manages.

Ray is on his knees—thank god he still has on pants—and he has worry written all over his features. “Mikey--”

Mikey shakes his head rapidly, like he's hallucinating, like the pain is messing with his brain. “Oh my god...”

“Mikey, please, don't freak out--”

“Holy shit, dude!” Mikey doesn't even know why he's freaking out like this—he's a demon-angel for crying out loud. “You were a wolf, then you changed back into... into you!”

“I know, just please don't freak out about this.”

“Why would I?” Mikey found himself saying.

Ray stares at Mikey, for a moment, like he has ten heads, “You just saw me change from a wolf back to me...” He trails off, turning his head slightly to stare strangely at him.

“Dude,” Mikey shakes his head with a small, relieved sounding laugh escaping from his lips. He releases his wings from his back and can't help sigh in relieve—it felt so good.

Ray stumbled backwards, shocked and brown eyes wide. “Whoa... so I guess I'm not alone then...” He crawls forward again, reaching out a tentative hand. He pauses gauging Mikey's reaction; Mikey seems a little hesitant, but he nods his head and allows Ray to run his fingers along the feathers. “What happened to them? They look broken.”

Mikey hasn't seen them since he escaped from Heaven, but he has a pretty good idea on what they look like, and he has a pretty good feel of them too. “It's a really long story and I think I should spare you details; you wouldn't want to hear me bitch and moan.”

Ray shook his head, “No no no, tell me everything.” He sat back, “I like long stories.”


As much as Mikey would have liked sitting and telling the story, he explained the reason why he fell to Earth—to find his brother—so they began headed back into the woods, Mikey talking and Ray listening the whole way. Ray was attentive the whole time, nodding his head, and even asking a few questions; he frowned when Mikey explained the beatings and the torture the brothers received in Heaven. It blew his mind.

“Wow.” Ray seemed appalled from up in the tree he was in, looking for fruit they could eat, “And here all this time I thought Heaven was this great place.” He called down to Mikey on the ground.

Mikey grimaced, “Well it's not. Not for a demon-angel anyway.”

“Here, catch.” Ray called as he began to drop apples from the branch he was perched on. Mikey caught the apples and carefully stuffed them in his bag. “I'm so sorry that happened though.” Ray said as he shimmed down the large tree and landed next to Mikey.

“I just want to find my brother.”

“And we will,” Ray assured, “Do you maybe have anything of his that I can smell?”

Mikey gave him an odd look.

“You know, so I can track him—in my wolf form of course. I can smell things miles away when I'm turned.” Ray explained and Mikey's face lit up in recognition. He began rooting through his bag, pulling out a notebook—Gerard's favorite notebook. He took it with him because he knows Gerard is itching to draw or sketch something.

Mikey held it out to Ray, “This is something of his.”

Ray stared at the doodles of a little cartoon character. It had should length hair and dark clothes on, holding a notebook up like it was some kind of prizes—beams of light shining down on it and everything. Ray stared at it only a moment longer, before he was dropping down to all fours. Fur replacing skin, paws replacing hands and feet, and tails and ears appearing almost out of thin air. When Ray was fully changed he stretched up to sniff the notebook, trying not to get the notebook wet with his nose.

Mikey chuckled, “That's pretty cool.”

Ray swished his tail and gave him a toothy wolf grin. Then he turned around and started sniffing the air and paced forward a couple of steps, pawing at the ground. Mikey watched with an amused smile—it was cute. With Ray pawing around at the ground and wandering a few feet in each direction, Mikey waited patiently and with the hope Ray would pick up the scent.

The werewolf raised his head and turned his head round to Mikey, a small bark leaving him, looking excited.

“Did you pick up something?”

Ray nodded, lifted his left paw to point to the north, and trotted off to the north. Mikey followed after and fell into step with the large wolf. He was trying not to stare at Ray, but in this form he was a...well, very beautiful creature. His chestnut brown fur had a healthy sheen that turned a nice color as the sun hit it. His paws could be bigger than an average male lion's paw and he came up to his hip—he could take down a bull moose if he wanted too.

Ray must have felt Mikey's eyes on him because he turned his head round to look up at Mikey, his brown eyes gleaming with intelligence.

“Sorry,” Mikey averted his eyes and blushed slightly, “Uh... can you talk?” Out of the corner of his eye he could see Ray shake his massive head. Mikey sighed, “Well... this is going to be a long journey.”


It had to be hours of walking, before Ray ears pricked and he stopped in his tracks. Mikey stopped too casting a worried glance down at the wolf. Ray turned his eyes to Mikey and Mikey could see the excitement and hope dancing in them—that was a good sign. Before Mikey could open his mouth to ask what was wrong, Ray darted off, kicking up leaves and pebbles.

“Hey! Wait!” Mikey yelled. He ran after Ray, and would have lost him too if Ray didn't howl like a maniac. Mikey had to leap over large fallen trees and duck under low lying branches, holding on to his bag the whole way and his stomach tightening with a slight queasiness. His wings were still out and were getting buffeted by the low lying branches, and all the jerking around and running irritated them.

He eventually crashed through a large wall of undergrowth and stumbled. He caught himself on his hands and knees and looked up, sweating beading at his brow. God, he doesn't think he's run that fast in a long time, and he sure didn't have the body for it. He coughed, “Ray?”

Ray, who apparently turned back into human form, turned round to look at him. But the excitement and hope that he had in his eyes earlier was gone, now replaced with worry and despair. He was crouching next to something... or someone.

“Ray, who...?” He leaned to the side to see around Ray's massive frame and gasped, “Oh my god!” Scrambling forward, he pushed Ray to the side and got close. Mikey felt tears began to prick at the back of his eyes, “Oh my god... Gerard...”

There lay his brother, blood flowing freely from crisscross slits on his wrists(they weren't deep cuts, but all Mikey could register was his brother was still and blood was coming from his wrist) and his eyes were wide and open. His hazel green eyes stared straight up at the canopy, he didn't look like he was seeing anything. Mikey feared he was too late, until his brother blinked slowly. Turning his head, Mikey couldn't help let out a relieved sob. “Mikey?” Gerard's voice sounded parched and it had cracked.

“Gerard!” Mikey scooped Gerard in his thin arms, crushing him against his chest. He let the tears pricking at the back of his fall freely. “Oh my—oh god. I'm so glad I found you, oh my god.”

Gerard blinked, “You're... here?”

“Yes, Gee. I am.”

“What... why?”

Mikey leaned back and looked at his older in his arms—Gerard looked generally confused to see Mikey. Mikey just shook his head and wrapped him in a tighter hug, “Because you're my brother, Gee, I wasn't going to let you live down here alone. I came here to find you.”

“You didn't have to leave Heaven for me Mikey, you should have stayed.” Gerard breathed. “You can't ever go back... I'm not worth giving up a paradise--”

Mikey cut across him, “Let me stop you right there. You are totally worth it, I don't think I could stand that place any longer without you; it would have killed me.” He brushed a hand under his glasses, “And that place was no fucking paradise for me or you.”

Gerard's hazel green eyes grew.

Mikey raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“You cursed.”

Mikey rolled his eyes, “I did a lot more after you left.”

“Like what?” If Gerard's eyes could have grown bigger they would have. What could his little, innocent—he still thinks—could have done after he had left? His mind was reeling, and at the same time spinning; the blood loss starting to affect him.

Mikey picked up right away, “I'll tell you later, just...” Remembering Ray was off to the side, crouching and watching the scene with worried eyes, “Let me get you cleaned up.”

Gerard is a little nervous to have such a large guy tending too him, he rather have Mikey do it, but Mikey knew nothing about stem and he was afraid he would make things worse. It also took a little while to see that Mikey's wings were out, battered and wounded, and this stranger was right there. He didn't seem to pay any heed, but Gerard flipped out right in the middle of Ray trying to stem his bleeding wrists.

“Mikey!” Gerard is flapping his hands at Mikey, and his little brother is giving him this strange look. “Your...” He trails off dramatically not wanting to say 'wings', just in case the tall stranger hadn't seen them—he probably already has(and he has). He points frantically too them though.

Mikey twists around to look behind him, “What—oh! No, it's okay. Ray is cool with it.”

Gerard stops flapping his hands and drops them into his lap, “Huh?”

“He's not a human.”

Gerard gives him a look over and furrows his eyebrows. He looks normal, toned, shirtless, and without shoes, but totally normal. He just assumes he is some kind of wilderness man in the making, “Are... you sure?”

Ray nods, blushing, “I'm a werewolf.”

Gerard's jaw drops, “Nu-UH! You are so not a werewolf.”

Mikey can't help but giggle at his brother's expression. The two brothers have only seen werewolves in their comic books and on television, “He is.” Gerard narrows his eyes and is looking at Mikey, Ray, then back at Mikey again—Gerard doesn't like being messed with sometimes. Mikey laughs, “He is.”

Ray nods again, “I am.”

Gerard is glaring at his little brother then glaring at Ray. “I don't believe you.”

The tall man sighs, before he sits back on heels, “I kind of need to tend to your wounds.”

Gerard is still glaring at Ray and hides his wrists behind his back so Ray can't get to them. Mikey panics a bit, “Ray, just please show him. He's going to make himself bleed out because he's so stubborn.”

Ray nods and lets himself transform. When he is full transformed he shakes out his fur and is sitting back on his hunches. He is giving Gerard an 'I told you so' look with his intelligent brown eyes and Gerard eyes are the size of dinner plates. “Whoooa.”

Ray is transforming back before Gerard can get a chance to reach out and touch Ray's fur, he grabs up the ripped clothing(courtesy of Mikey's jacket without protest) and is scooting towards Gerard. “Now please--” Gerard holds out his arms again, staring up at Ray with admiration, “Thank you.”

Mikey chuckles, “Your face.”

Gerard sticks his tongue out him, “Dude! This is awesome. I didn't know you guys existed.”

“I didn't know demon-angels existed either.” Ray ties one ripped material tight on one wrist and he is moving to tie the other. Gerard stares at him for a moment, registering what he has just said, then shoots a look to Mikey.

“You told?”

“Kind of. Ray kind of changed into a werewolf on accident, so I showed him my wings,” Mikey explains.

Once Ray is sure the material is tight enough around Gerard's wrist to stem the bleeding, he sits backs and smiles, “There. They didn't look deep and I'm sure you didn't loose a lot of blood... they'll heal in no time.”

“Thanks.” Gerard mumbles.

“It's no problem.”

Mikey reaches in his bag, “Hey Gee, guess what I brought.” Gerard turns curious light green eyes towards him. Mikey pulls out the notebook and Gerard all but squeals as he snatches the notebook from his brother, hugging it to his chest.

“Thank you, Mikey. I love you so much.”

Mikey smiles. He suddenly remembers the apples he and Ray had gathered early; he pulls them out, passes one to Gerard, and one to Ray. Gerard mewls in appreciation and sinks his teeth into the thick skin on the apple; the juices squirted every where, but he didn't care. Mikey watches Gerard with slight surprise, “Hungry much?”

“I didn't really know which stuff was safe around here, I think I ate a few berries or something.”

Mikey leans against Gerard and bites into his own apple, “I'm glad I found you.”

Gerard rustles Mikey's hair with his free hand, grinning at him with pieces of apple stuck between his small teeth.
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