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Dreams of Escaping This Hell (part 3)

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Just a dream.

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“It's kind of... ominous.” Ray said.

“Yeah...” Mikey tried to keep the quiver out of his voice.

“... you think its haunted?”

Ray and Mikey turned their eyes from the large, looming house in front of them to Gerard.

Gerard noticed their stares and turned to look at them. He shrugged, “What? If there are such things as us—demon-angels and werewolves—ghosts are bound to be real...”

Ray looked back towards the house, thoughtful; Gerard could be right. They came across the house not to long ago, like 20 minutes ago, they haven't gone in and inspected. No, instead they have been standing out side it, giving it many look overs, and contemplating all the things the clearly abandoned house could contain.

The house didn't look all that friendly. It had a dark Victorian style to it, and at least three floors, Ray guesses.. The shutters of the front windows were hanging on by a splinter of wood, but none of the windows were broken. A large dark-wooded porch stretched around the front of the house with a broken porch swing to the right. The banister lining the porch is more or less intact and there is a large wooden door parallel to them. The door had a gargoyle shaped knocker on the front and brass doorhandles.

Not friendly looking at. ALL.

“If there are such things as ghosts then they probably wouldn't be too happy about us invading their home.” Mikey thought out loud.

Ray looked to the sky as a streak of lighting crossed the sky, lighting up the dark, threatening clouds. “Well... a storm is coming and we can't stay out in it.”

“Maybe they're friendly.” Gerard chipped in.

Ray and Mikey threw him another look.

He held up his hands, “I'm just trying to help.” Mikey rolled his eyes and Ray gave him a nervous smile.

Ray then cleared his throat, “I guess I'll lead.” Mikey about intervened until Ray threw him another nervous smile, making Mikey's cheeks glow a light pink. He stares into Ray's brown eyes for a moment before he turns his head to stare at a creepy statue by the broken porch swing. Gerard is standing beside Mikey and he notices his brother's strange reaction. He watches Mikey with curious eyes but doesn't say anything.

He goes back to watching Ray, who made it up the steps with some hesitation. Ray cautiously test his bare feet against the dark wood, as if he was expecting some kind of trap or invisible trip wire. He prods his feet around one more time then takes his steps one at a time, placing one foot in front of the other with extreme caution.

To Gerard and Mikey, it feels like hours before Ray actually reaches the door, but in reality it has only been about two minutes. When he does reach the large wooden door he kind of stands there staring at the door for another moment, wringing his hands together in thought.

“Ray?” Mikey tries.

“Should I knock?” Ray asks.

Mikey and Gerard glance at each other in thought. Should he? Well... it would be the nice thing to do—knock before entering is what they were always taught. It is one of the most basic rules before entering.

A crack of thunder resounds over head and another flash of lightning streaks across the sky, causing both boys to jump in surprise. “Yeah, you probably should,” Mikey answers finally.

The taller man nods, reaches out, and grabs hold of the metal knocker. He doesn't get a chance to hit the metal off the door because it creaks open just from the little weight Ray applies to the door.

Ray jumps back in surprise and Mikey and Gerard do the same. Ray shakes the feeling of his blood running cold to peek his head around the slightly opened door. “Hello?” He calls.

“Well don't do that!” Gerard squeaks.

“They probably already know we're here,” Mikey shoots back. “And I thought you said they could be friendly.

Gerard looks at Mikey, the house, then Mikey again, his mind racing. “You know what, this is a really bad idea. Let's just find a cave to take cover in or something,” Gerard is talking so fast that even Mikey doesn't catch it. “We can do that right Ray?” He looks towards the door, “... uh, Ray?”

Ray has disappeared.

“Where'd he go?” Gerard flaps his hands frantically, “Oh god, what if they got him.”

“Well we can't sit here and do nothing,” Mikey declares then is sails over the four steps that lead up to the porch with Gerard protesting behind him. He pushes the heavy door until it bangs against the inside walls and hurries his way through, escaping Gerard's sight.

“Oh...” Gerard groans; a crack of thunder makes his skin crawl, “Mikey!” He trips up the steps and follows behind his brother.

Gerard runs into a few spider webs hanging precariously around, causing him to swat them away in a blind panic. He skids to a halt when he sees his brother coming to his own stop in front of Ray; the taller boy is looking at him curiously as he catches Mikey before he is able to slam into him.

“Whoa there.” Ray says. “Where's the fire?”

Mikey is blushing like mad and pushes himself away from Ray. He straightens his jacket just to give him something to do. “We thought something got a hold of you... so you know we came in here to save you—well anyway!” Mikey spun around to gaze around the room, trying to avoid the weird looks he was getting from Ray and Gerard. “So we should check this place out, yeah?”


“Hey Gee! Check this out!” It has been two weeks since the boys decided to reside in the abandoned house after thoroughly checking it for an paranormal activity. The house contained enough rooms to house twelve families and there were enough empty rooms to fool around in; particularly the room Mikey has recently taking a liking too. This room in particular contained ceiling to floor length bookcases filled with books with ancient and cryptic writing. There is a black cauldron in the middle of the room and the walls, ceiling, and floor are marked with black scorch marks. So either someone tried to set fire to the room or someone actually performed the supernatural with the cauldron and ancient books.

Gerard poked his head through the doorway to the living room, his jaw dropping at the sight of the coffee table levitating in the air. It didn't look like it had wires tied to around it then attached to the ceiling, no, the thing was just hovering. And the only cause of its mysterious hovering has to be his brother, fingers splayed out towards the floating furniture with his eyebrows scrunched in concentration.

“M-Mikey? Are you doing that?” Gerard pointed a shaky finger towards the table.

Mikey gave a small smile, “Yeah, turns out those books actually work. Hey Ray! Come check this out, and hurry! I can't hold this much longer!”

Hurried footsteps resounded through the house before another door to the living room was thrown open. Ray stopped, wide eyed and mouth a gape, “Holy shit that's cool! Are those from those books you've been reading?”

Mikey lowered his hands slowly and in return the table followed until its legs were touching the floor again. Mikey let out a proud huff, “You bet.” Gerard stared at the table for a moment longer before he looked back to Mikey, a nervous look in those hazel green eyes. Mikey caught him, “What's wrong, Gee? Cool right?”

“I-I guess...”

“What?” Mikey pressed.

“I... I don't know, just witchcraft in general. Maybe you should stop reading the books?” Gerard suggested.

“Why? I'm not hurting anybody.” Mikey placed his hands on his hips and stared his brother down.

“True, but... just...” Gerard tried to search for words. He flapped a hand at Mikey while shaking his head, “Nevermind. Be careful? I guess.”

Mikey rolled his eyes and gave Gerard a smile, “Don't worry about me, Gerard. I won't do anything crazy.”

Gerard nodded and watched as Mikey tried to lift off the ground, who flailed around and shouted obscenities at the smaller boy.


As the weeks progressed, Gerard began to notice a change in Mikey's demeanor. He began to notice how much Mikey shut himself in the room with those books and that damned cauldron, only coming out to get certain ingredients he needed for potions he was trying out.

This worried Gerard, and Ray too.

“Mikey,” Gerard knocked on the door to the room Mikey has been holing himself for days. “Mikey, it's me, let me in.” The door handle twisted and opened, without Mikey getting up; his strength has been growing at a terrifyingly rapid pace. Not only could he move things, he could bend and twist things, cast actual spells, and now he can levitate with out much thought.

Mikey is currently floating a few inches above the armchair he is usually slouched in as he reads those cursed books. He doesn't even look up from his book as Gerard inches closer.

“We need to talk.”

This gets Mikey's attention, and he shows it by groaning, “Not again--”

“Yes again, Mikey. I'm are worried about you. This isn't healthy being locked up in this room, reading these books.” He nudges a book with his foot to emphasis, startled when the book is suddenly snapped to Mikey's hand before he can even blink.

“Don't touch my books with your feet, Gerard.”

Gerard frowns, “You've come so obsessed with these books Mikey. They've changed you.”

Mikey fixes Gerard with a dark glare. Gerard steps back, “All they've done is given me powers Gerard, leave me alone.”

Gerard scoffs his foot against the wood floor, “Ray's worried about you too, you know.” He sees Mikey visibly stiffen at the comment.

Maybe a week ago, just before Mikey got this wrapped up in these books, Ray made a move on Mikey, who had been harboring his crush for the werewolf for some time too. It was kind of awkward kiss Mikey wasn't expecting and Ray asking Mikey to go steady with him. Gerard wasn't sure what to think at first, but the only thing that mattered to Gerard was Mikey's happiness. And if Mikey was happy Gerard happy. Simple as that.

As of late he has been neglecting Ray, and Gerard didn't like that one bit. This new found relationship pretty much ended before it could even start. Ray is too nice of a person to confront Mikey, but Gerard won't keep quiet about it—Ray is a guy, too sweet to be neglected like this.

“You're neglecting him and he's worried sick about you.” Gerard spits. “He really likes you, gets the courage to make a move on you, and then you go and diss him for these books. Mikey--”

“Enough!” Mikey roars. He flies across the room and seethes in the Gerard's face. Gerard shivers at the darkness swirling in his little brother's eyes, “Get the fuck out, Gerard. You're distracting me.”

Gerard holds Mikey's gaze a bit longer, trying to search the face for something. Anything at all that resembled the innocence his brother once had.

He came up with nothing, his brother's face is void of the old Mikey. Gerard takes a step back, shaking his head, “Fine.” He turns on his heel and leaves, looking back over his shoulder to see Mikey had returned to levitating over his chair and reading. Gerard sighs and pulls the door closed behind him.


“Are you crazy?” Gerard hears Ray shout.

“I'm not. I'm strong enough to take anyone on. It's what they deserve; I'm going to burn that “paradise” to the fucking ground.” Mikey voice comes next, sounding twisted and demented, snarling the whole time.

This isn't good.

Gerard throws the covers back and jumps out of his bed. He is darting down the hallway, bumping into the old tables and potted plants along the way. He's going to have broken toes before he can even reach the stairs.

“Mikey,” Ray attempts to grab Mikey's hands in his own but the younger man reels back. “Mikey, please. This is Heaven, God, and all of his angels we're talking about. You can't win, it's just not possible.”

“It is possible Ray, I've taken on these new abilities faster than the last person who was studying. They kept a diary of their progress; they said they took years to just learn one spell. I've mastered everything in weeks!”

Gerard is taking the steps to at a time, he skids to a stop before he can slam into the front door. He wrenches it open to see Ray and Mikey in some kind of heated debate. Ray is gripping his hair now, looking distressed, and Mikey has his wings out as if he was going to take flight any second. Mikey has this dark glow around him, like literal dark matter is hovering around him and it makes Gerard's stomach do a nervous flip.

“What's going on here?” Gerard demands.

“Mikey says he wants to face God.”

Gerard eyes widen, “What?” He looks towards Mikey, who hasn't denied anything yet, “Mikey. No, you can't. Why would--”

“Because of the way they treated us,” Mikey interrupts Gerard with a snarl, “They treated us like shit and God allowed us to suffer. Don't you want your revenge Gerard? Don't you want to strike him down?”

Gerard shook his head frantically, “We're passed all that Mikey. What's done is done, let it go.”

Mikey glared daggers at his brother, and then spread his wings, “No.” He was suddenly in the air and Ray jumped up, managing to grab on to one of his ankles. Mikey was stuck flapping his wings frantically, still in the air and glaring down at Ray. "Let go Ray."

“Mikey please, I love you, don't do this. God will strike you down.”

Mikey snorted, “If he can.” He kicks his foot out and catches Ray in the face.

The werewolf lets go and crashes to the ground. Mikey takes his chance and flies higher in the air. He feels somewhat bad, but he shakes it off and continues to climb higher in the sky.

“Ray!” Gerard cries and leaps off the porch, coming to a halt near his friend. Ray is holding a bleeding nose and harboring a busted lip. “Oh my gosh, I--”

“Go get him,” Ray ignores the pain enough to say, “Go get him Gerard before he does something he'll regret.”

Gerard nods and uncurls his wings for the first time since he crashed on earth. His wings are barely visibly in the black of night, but Ray can see them from the faint glow of the moon. Gerard flaps them, stretching them out for just a moment before he is off the ground and soaring in the air.

Ray becomes an ant to Gerard in a matter of seconds as he is chasing after his brother. “Mikey! Stop! You don't want to do this. Think of what you're doing! This is insane!” Gerard is slowly gaining on Mikey from behind.

Hearing his brother's frantic shouts makes Mikey look over his shoulder. He snorts and rolls his eyes, “I'm doing this for you and me, Gerard!”

“Please Mikey,” Gerard begs.

He doesn't listen. He chants a spell he has taught and is propelled forward, faster, by some unseen force, like he hitched a ride on a jet plane.

Gerard pauses momentarily and he groans as his brother is just a spot in his vision now. The only thing Gerard can do now is pump his wings harder and hope for the best.


Mikey finally lands on the outskirts of Heaven, the familiar clouds squishing under his combat boots; he pushes his glasses back up his nose and proceeds forward. He goes until he can see a light hidden behind the large golden gates of Heaven, a line of newly deceased stretching miles in front of it, and Saint Peter at his large podium reading from a large book.

Mikey wastes no time in shoving and pushing people, who shouted and look at him funny, out of the way as he storms his way to the front. Several guards rush into the chaos and try to stop the young boy, but he over powers them all too easily.

Saint Peter is slightly confused, but he finally sees Mikey brushing a guard to the side without even touching him. “Michael?”

Mikey holds a glowing hand up to his face, smiling crookedly behind it, “Miss me?” He blasts Saint Peter before and the man crumples to ground. He turns and blasts the gates off their hinges and marches right over them.

As soon as he reenters Heaven he takes flight, flying high above the shining marbled buildings and surprised angels, who didn't have the slightest clue to what was going on and are soon screaming as Mikey sets many of the buildings on fire.

Mikey takes joy in setting a few houses a blaze and laughs at the angels running in pure fright. “This is what all you bastards deserve!” Mikey roars, “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR HURTING ME AND MY BROTHER!”

“Michael!” A voice booms over head accompanied by thunder. He is familiar to the voice.

He spins around still in mid-air. He doesn't see anyone before him, but he knows its God. No one can have such a voice. He growls, and turns around a couple more times, and is yet to be faced by anyone. He snarls, “Come out and face me, you bastard!”

“Michael James Way,” God's voice reigns over the whole city, “What do you think you're doing?” He almost like a parent scolding a rebelling teenager.

“You know what! You always see and know about fucking everything; you don't even have to ask. Now come out and fucking face me so I can fight you.” Mikey yells, his hands glowing, ready to strike as soon as God reveals himself.

“Michael. You are not thinking clearly.”

Mikey seethes, “Yes I am. Now come out and face me!”

“Stand down Michael,” God continues, “You will not win against me.”

Mikey blasts a building behind him out of anger, and a lightning bolt rips from the the sky and cuts into his left shoulder. Mikey gasps in pain and holds his shoulder, snarling at the vast sky, “You keeping hiding, God. Are you afraid to face me? Because you know I'll beat you?” He taunts.

“I am giving you a chance, stand down. You can leave here and you will be forgiven. If you continue this nonsense I will not hesitate to strike you down where you are, Michael.” God's voice warned.

Mikey continued to hold his shoulder, eyes darting around everywhere, “Your a fucking coward. You can't come out and face me, because you know I'm more powerful." He aims and sets another house on fire, "You don't have any power like you claim you do, you--”

The sky rumbles, shaking Heaven to its very core. Mikey looks to the sky just a large bolt of lighting falls from the sky and hits him; the boy's body seizes up then shuts down. Everything is absolutely dark around him and his body falls, hard. He goes through the buildings, each floor at a time, and phases through Heaven's street.


Gerard's wings ache and he is wheezing, but he continues to power on; he knows it's been too long and some thing has to have already happened already. He just prays and hopes maybe God could talk Mikey down until Gerard can retrieve them, apologize, and ask for some kind of healing for Mikey, from this curse that has found its way into Mikey's soul.

As Gerard continues to fly he spots something, a person possibly, hurtling towards him. Gerard darts out of the way just in time for the person to fall past him and continue towards the ground.

In the second it took for the person to pass him, Gerard makes out charred white wings and a charred face along with it. It takes another second for Gerard to realize it was his baby brother, hurtling towards the earth at an unimaginably fast speed.

“MIKEY!” Gerard screams and changes courses. He can see by his brother's wings and his charred clothes that God did what Ray had predicted.

Gerard isn't fast enough to catch Mikey as he hits the ground with a sickening thud.

A dark figure breaks out of the bramble and skids to a halt next to Mikey; a wolf. Gerard opens his mouth to ward the potentially hungry beast from his brother, but snaps it shut. It's only Ray; transformed and kneeling beside Mikey making pitiful sounds.

“Oh my god.” Gerard comes into ear shot of Ray, who sounds devastated and in shock. He ghosts his fingertips over Mikey's face, brushing away some of the sooth covering his cheeks. Ray's hand are shaking and his gaze lifts up towards the treetops. He spots Gerard, shouting and squirming, fighting his way through the limbs and leaves.

Gerard doesn't attempt to land neatly; he thumps into the ground and scrambles towards his baby brother, who isn't moving. Completely still. Gerard gathers Mikey into his arms and turns his brother's face towards him, “NO! Mikey... please... just wake up. Come on, please..." Tears are sliding down his face and fall on to Mikey'-- he still doesn't move. “Why Mikey... WHY?”

Gerard lets out a anguished cry and clutches his brother tighter. Pleading for him to wake up, come back, do something but lay so still.


Mikey's body may have hit the earth and stopped there, but his soul was thrown out and down. Through all the levels of dirt and gravel, he fell, screaming and watching from above as his brother and Ray were huddled over his body.

Heat suddenly licks at Mikey's back and he twists around to see roaring flames dancing. He screams and makes an attempt to spring his wings free, but nothing happens. Mikey twists around to look towards his back, maybe he just couldn't feel them. No, they weren't there at all.

The only things he had on his back were two long scars running from his shoulder blades and stopping halfway down his back. Mikey's eyes widened. It looked like someone had taken his wings without him knowing.

He hits the ground, before he can brace himself. The breath is knocked out of him and he rolls on his back, coughing and wheezing. The ground is hot underneath him and its burning the back of his legs and agitating the new scars.

“W-What?” Mikey is still coughing, holding his hand up to his mouth to prevent any smoke lingering in the air to get in his lungs. All he can see is fire, everything on fire. The rocks, the ground in certain spots, and there is even a river of some sort some ways off, on fire. He blinks again from the water filling his eyes and chokes, “I--”

Suddenly there are hands pushing Mikey forward until his face was smashed in the ground, the hot rocks of the ground getting into his mouth and digging into his cheeks. He lets out a muffled scream and flails his arms at the hands pinning him to the ground. In his vain attempts to fight off his attackers, they giggled and jeered at Mikey.

“We've been expecting you, Mikey Way.” Mikey hears someone step around him and stand in front of him. He can see someone's steel toed boots inches away from his nose. He is going crossed eyed from staring at them.

“W-what? Who are you?” Mikey tries to twist around, lift his head up the person standing before him, but two hands keep his face buried in the burning rocks.

"Have some respect, you little shit!" Someone snickers behind him and continues to grind his face in the heated ground.

The gravel crunches and the person crouches down, he shoes the people holding him down and takes Mikey's chin in large, burning fingers. Mikey hisses at his skin burning and his neck is strained to look up at a man, dressed in dark clothing with a sinister smile creeping across his face.

“You can call me Lucifer, if you want.” The man's eyes reflects the fire burning around him, and Mikey kind smell death on his breath.

Mikey's brows furrowed, he's heard that name before. He stares at the man's face for a bit longer and then darts to everything burning around him.

A beat passes before Mikey's eyes are growing ten times there size, his mouth moving wordlessly. No... it couldn't be.

Lucifer smile cruelly, “That' right, you're in Hell. The best place to be in the universe, we accept everyone. Even cute little demon-angels like yourself.” He winks.

Mikey tried to wrench his face away, but Lucifer's grip was much tighter than he had intended, “No... please...” He whimpered.

Lucifer gave a small laugh and patted the side of his face in false comfort, “Don't worry Mikey, you'll like it here.” He let go of the boy's face to stand up and claps his hands, “Now, let's get Mikey out of the field and somewhere a bit... nicer.”

“No!” Mikey struggles, but the people—the demons—held him fast and drag him upright. Mikey tries to dig his heels into the Earth but he is slapped sharply across the face. He gasps in pain.

“Now, now. Don't be rough with him.” Lucifer tuts, “I like this one, I might keep him as a pet.”

Mikey is struggling violently, screaming, “Gerard!”

“Ah, he'll be down here in a few days, Mikey. Don't you worry about it.” The tall man flicks the hair from his face.

“What? No!”

Lucifer smirks, “Yep. Suicide is a bitch, isn't it? Maybe we'll even get your boyfriend here too. You mastered every spell you could get your hands; maybe you won't neglect the poor boy this time. He's such a looker.”

“No!” He turns his eyes up towards where he had fallen, his body twisting in the demons' grips. He can still see his brother and Ray mourning over his body. “I—NO! Gerard! Ray! Help me! Please!” Tears are falling down shamelessly and the regret is setting in, “GERARD!”

“...up! Mikey! Mikey, babe! Wake. UP!”

Mikey's eyes flew open and he sits up bolt right. His heart thudding against his chest erratically and he feels like he is a step away from hyperventilating. Ray sits up beside him too and rubs his back, “Jesus Mikey, I was trying to wake you for, like ten minutes.”

Mikey's chest is still heaving as he looks around the room, dimly lit by the lamp on the night stand. He doesn't recognize the room as his own, but Ray's. He wonders how he got here, changed into some large sweatpants he knew weren't his. He vaguely remembers falling asleep on the couch. Ray must have brought him to his room and changed him.

There is banging suddenly shaking the wall near the head of the bed, “HEY!” A very tired sounding Bob yelled, “Can you keep your rough, freaky sex down to a minimum? Some people are trying to fucking sleep here.”

Ray makes a face at the wall, “Sorry, Bob!” He says before he turns back to a slightly shaking Mikey, “Babe?” Ray asks timidly still sliding his hand up and down the thin boy's back.

Mikey turns to look at him and sees the worried look on his boyfriend's face.

Ray is about to ask another question until Mikey leans up quickly and kisses him hard on the mouth. This startles Ray for only a second before he kisses back. He shivers when Mikey bites his bottom lip a little too hard, but still moans because it feels so good.

The kiss ends with a wet pop, both breathless and staring at each other deeply. Ray runs his tongue over the new bite marks on his bottom lip, “Uh... what was that for?”

“Really bad dream,” Mikey croaks and wraps his arms around Ray's neck, nuzzling his nose in Ray's hair. He sighs because he can smell the shampoo in his hair, smells like coconut.

“Seemed like it,” Ray traces his fingers up Mikey's spin, “You were moaning and talking in your sleep. Then you started screaming for the last ten minutes.”

"I'm sorry," Mikey shuddered and buried his face in the crook of Ray's neck, “It was horrible.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

Mikey shakes his head slowly and pulls back from Ray. He kisses Ray once more, turns around, and slips out of the bed, willing his legs to stop shaking. Ray makes to follow, but Mikey turns around to look at him. “Mikey?” Ray tilts his head to the side.

“I'm going to go to Gerard's room.”

Ray did remember Mikey muttering Gerard's name a few times and watched how his face twisted and pouted. He wouldn't say anything thought; he just nodded, “Okay.”

Mikey leaned in to give him another kiss, assuring he could make it to Gerard's room okay in the dark, and headed out the room.


To Mikey's surprise Gerard is still up. His light is on and he is sitting propped up against his pillows, drawing long strokes in one of his various notebooks. Gerard looks up and pauses when he sees Mikey peeking in through a slit in the door.

“Mikey?” Gerard mumbles around the pencil in his mouth

The door opens fully and Mikey stands there, rubbing at the back of his neck and looking everywhere but his brother. He casts his eyes over an unfinished canvas propped up on one of the easels off the the side of the room; paint brushes and opened paints scattered around the easel. The fumes in this room were making Mikey choke up and suddenly worry about Gerard's health.

“Hey um...” The fact he's been outright ignoring his brother for at least two weeks now, makes him feel awkward. Gerard is staring up at him with curious, innocent eyes—generally surprised to see Mikey actually talking to him, “I had a really bad dream... and uh,” He drops his hands and looks Gerard straight in the eye, “Can I sleep with you?”

Gerard doesn't answer right away, he kind of just sits in the bed, twirling the pencil not in his mouth between his fingers. Like he is contemplating letting Mikey crawl into bed with him. He doesn't have too, and if he says no, Mikey totally understands.

He has been kind of an asshole to him.

Gerard places the notebooks on the nightstand next to him and the pencils too. “Yeah--uh, come on.” He scoots over to make room. Mikey crosses the room quickly and jumps into the bed, not even trying to be smooth about it. Gerard turns off the lamp on his side and scoots down in the covers. He turns over to face Mikey in the darkness. He reaches out for Mikey's face, bumping Mikey's nose on accident, “Sorry,” and grabs Mikey's glasses from his face, reaches over him and puts them on the nightstand.

It makes Mikey purr.

Mikey stares at Gerard through the darkness, so happy, so fucking glad that was all a dream. That he didn't go crazy with power and try to attack Heaven. That he wasn't going to be forever stuck in Hell, burning alive for an eternity.

Gerard clears his throat, “What was your bad dream about?”

Mikey explains every detail, and even chokes up at the last part where he was sentenced to Hell and Lucifer said to expect Gerard in a couple of days. Gerard frowns, a little pain going through his chest as his brother started sobbing. Gerard wrapped Mikey in his arms. Resting his chin on top of Mikey's messy up hair, he whispered, “Wow.”

“Yeah,” Mikey shutters. He pushes his head under Gerard's head, “I'm sorry Gerard.”

“For what?”

“Yelling at you, avoiding you. I know you've been huddled up in your room because of me, and... and I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry,” He mewls.

Gerard hushes him softly, “It's okay, Mikey.”

“No.” Mikey shakes his head, tickling Gerard's chin, “You're the most important thing to me and I've been a complete asshole to you. I'm sorry.”

Gerard squeezes Mikey tighter and kisses the top of Mikey's head. “Already forgiven. I knew you couldn't resist talking to me," He jokes.

"Ass," Mikey giggles and wipes a hand up to wipe away some of the tears that managed to escape, “I love you Gee.”

Gerard makes a light sound in the back of his throat. “I love you too Mikes.”

A/N: Flashback spiraling into a bad dream. Geez, I didn't really mean for that flashback to go for three chapters, but this is where the flashback ends. Maybe I'll do a little flashback for Bob, but good God I don't know. But anyway, here you goes :3
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