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Snow Fall and Playing Doctor

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Mikey turned around and draped his arms around Ray's neck, “I'm going to kick their asses more like it. Waking me up so early, Christ.”

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“Mm.” Frank grunted as he arched off the bed. He blinks lazily at the ceiling for a few minutes before he yawns wide and contemplates what to do. He felt like laying in bed and drifting off to sleep again, but he was wide awake so he might as well get his lazy ass out of bed and do something mildly productive. He wiggled to the side of the bed, threw the covers from over him, and scratches a hand through his messy hair. He yawned again and hops of the bed. He shuffles over to to the window and grabs on to the drapes hiding the window. Frank can't see any sunlight trying to peek its way through the material, which is a good thing. He hated the sunlight some of the time; it burned the hell out of his eyes, but he got over it.

Frank threw the curtains back and stared out of the window, blinking slowly for a moment or two before there's a wide smile slowly starting to spread across his face. He takes a step forward and press his nose to the cold glass and then his hands, the cold nipped at his finger tips and his palms.

“Hell. Yes.” His breath created a fog against the window as he whispered.

It's snowing--finally, Frank might add, he has been waiting forever! The snow is falling from the sky at a steady rate, twirling in the wind and adding to the snow already laid out on the ground. He has a clear view of the garden from his room(which he loves), he can see the koi pond is frozen over and all the flowers and beautiful rose bushes are frozen stiff and covered with snow. The whole backyard was covered with snow making Frank wonder how deep it could be, it will probably come up to his waist with his luck. The snow looks untouched, but Frank was going to change that soon enough.

He spun around from the window, made his way fast across the room narrowly missing Pansy, his guitar, and scampered out of his room.

As he flies down the hallway to get downstairs he passes by Gerard, who is rubbing the sleep from his eyes and yawning wide; hair all messed up and he is in dire need of coffee. Frank skidded to a stop at the end of the hallway, evaded stinging floor burn on the heels of his feet, and bounced back to Gerard.

Gerard yawned, “Morning Frank, where are you going in such a rush?”

“It snowed!” Frank couldn't help but bounce where he stood.

“Finally?” Gerard had been hoping it would snow soon, he really wanted to try his luck and sculpt something out of the snow.

“Yeah, finally!” Frank beamed up to Gerard, who smiled sleepily back at the smaller vampire.

It's been a good two weeks since Gerard and Mikey made up from that fight, which Frank still has no idea what caused it, but doesn't really care. He was just happy that the brothers made up and Gerard was okay. And ever since that fight there seemed to be this new light that settled into Gerard; he seemed brighter and more talkative. Like, well, Frank couldn't explain it, but he liked—loved-- it. The demon-angel smiled more, he didn't shy away like he used to, and it almost looked like he had a bit more color in him( figuratively speaking, he was still pale as a ghost).

Gerard wrestled with Mikey, hummed sometimes to what Ray or Frank might be playing on their guitars, and cracked jokes to make Bob get out of whatever funk he was in.

And that surprised Frank. He didn't even know Gerard could crack jokes; he didn't even seemed like the kind of person to do that. Frank liked this new Gerard. He liked him a lot.

“Uh... Frank?” Gerard broke through Frank's daze. “You still sleepy?”

Frank shook his head and tried to fend away the blush creeping to his cheeks, “No! I was—anyway! I'm going to go play in the snow, want to join me? I think I could kick your ass in a snowball fight.”

Gerard laughed, “You think so?”

Frank puffed out his chest and blew his floppy mohawk out his eyes, “Yeah!”

Gerard playfully shoved Frank and sent him stumbling to the right. Frank let out a yelp, preparing to push back, but Gerard was already disappearing around the corner, “Race you!”

“Fucker!” And Frank chased after Gerard.


Mikey turned over in the sheets. He sighed into the soft pillow and inhaled the scent. It smelled like Ray.

“Hey! You can't use your wings!” Someone yelled.

Mikey's brows furrowed.

“You're faster than I am and have better aim! I can use my wings!” Another voice yelled back.

He groaned, “What the hell? Who the fuck is screaming so early in the morning?” There was a chuckle somewhere in another part of the room and Mikey opened his eyes. It was only Ray, shirtless and gazing out of the window with an amused look in his eyes. “Ray?”

“Morning Mikey.” Ray turned his attention to Mikey sitting up in the bed now.

Mikey grumbled a 'morning' back before he stumbled out of Ray's bed to join him at the window. Ray moved Mikey in front of him and wrapped his arms around him, gave him a quick kiss before he returned his focus back to the window.

“Got ya!” Someone yelled, and Mikey could tell it was coming from outside. It sounded like Gerard.

“Come down here and face me!” The other voice sounded like Frank.

Mikey leaned forward a bit to press his face against the cold window, the chill made his nose tingle, “What's going on?”

“Frank and Gerard are having a snowball fight.”

“They are?” He didn't have his glasses on so he couldn't see all that well. All he could see was the snow, a dark figure running around in the snow, and a dark figure with wing he supposes. Yeah, definitely Gerard and Frank.

Ray chuckled, “It's kind of cute.”

Mikey pulled back from the window and rubbed at his eyes, “Mhm,” He mumbled, “But god are they loud.”

“Yeah,” Ray agreed, “Want to go out and join them?”

Mikey turned around and draped his arms around Ray's neck, “I'm going to kick their asses more like it. Waking me up so early, Christ.”

Ray kissed Mikey lightly on the lips, stroking his hands down Mikey's back, “I'll make us some coffee.”

“You always know how to make me happy.” Mikey sighed with a sleepy smile.

About ten minutes later Ray and Mikey were bundled up in thick jackets and scarves. Ray made the coffee while Mikey sat at the table, his forehead resting against the tale cloth and trying not to fall asleep again.

Another five minutes passed by before Ray gently prodded Mikey in the side and slid a coffee mug to him. Mikey took hold of the hand, “Thanks.”

Ray smiled, “No problem. Want to go out now?”

“Yeah.” Mikey pushed himself from the table and the made their way from the kitchen, through the living room, and out the back door. To their surprise Bob was smoking a cigarette and hunkering down in this thick jacket on the back porch steps. He had his beanie pulled nearly over his eyes and they could see little blond hairs poking from under the rim, “Well hello Bob, what are you doing up so early?”

Bob pointed a finger towards Gerard and Frank still engaged in their snowball fight. “Those two fuckers woke me up.” He took a drag off his cigarette and watched the ash fall on the snow.

“Me too.” Mikey grumbled looking over to the two. “Oh my—GERARD!”

Gerard stopped with his arm posed to throw his snowball. Frank took this chance and pegged Gerard in the face, and the demon-angel fell to the ground. He landed with a muffled thump and yelped from the cold.

Frank laughed and Gerard glared at the sky.

“What do you think you're doing playing in this weather without a jacket?” Mikey demanded from the porch then took a slow sip of his coffee, “It's freezing and you're going to catch something.”

Frank jogged over to Gerard and helped him to his feet, brushing off his back. Gerard blushed, but Frank couldn't see it, “Like what?”

“Don't you sass me,” Mikey put his free hand on his hip making Bob laugh out loud and Ray chuckle behind his mug, “Get in here and get a jacket and—are you not wearing shoes Frank? Get the hell in here!”

Gerard and Frank glanced at each, rolled their eyes, and jogged up to the house.

Now that Frank and Gerard were properly dressed they could resume their snowball fight, Ray and Mikey to play around next to them, and Bob stayed hunkered down in his jacket smoking his third cigarette. Frank wondered if that was bad for the machinery in his body.

“Hey Gerard,” Frank tried to whisper but it came out as a high pitched giggle, because what he was thinking was making him smile too much.

Gerard had his hands on his knees, panting. “Huh?” He looked up through his now damp hair.

“Let's play truth or dare.”

Gerard slowly straightened up and his eyes slowly narrowed, “Okay?”

“I dare you to... stick your tongue to the metal plate on Bob's chest.”

Despite scrunching up his nose Gerard laughed, honky, and god he hated his laugh—Frank thought it was cute. Gerard glanced over to Mikey and Ray to see if they had heard, it didn't look like they had. The two weren't looking over in their general direction anyway. Ray was in his wolf form and had Mikey pinned down in the snow, using his full body weight frantically licking his face, and Mikey's face was turning beet red from laughter.

Gerard shook his head. “My god, no, that's just plain suicide right there.”

“What if I held him down for you?”

“It's cold, my tongue could get stuck, then he would be really, REALLY angry.”

“Oh please, he has a jacket on. So you gonna do it?”


Frank huffed fake disappointment, “Oh come on.”

“Why don't you go do it?” Gerard shot back.

“I dared you to do it, and ew no. Have seen his chest? I mean—just god no.” Frank shuddered, and Gerard did too.

“Hey now,” Gerard and Frank froze at the the sound of Bob's voice. Slowly, the two looked over. Bob smashed the butt of his cigarette into the porch and crossed his arms protectively over his chest, scowling. “I can hear you two, and no one is sticking their tongue to my chest. The hell is wrong with you two?”

Frank and Gerard giggled hysterically. Frank grabbed Gerard by the wrist and they both ran for the garden. The shorter sighed, “Guess that dare is off then.”

“We can think of some more.” Gerard assured.


“Anyone see Gerard?” Frank leaned on the back of the couch as he addressed Bob and Ray. It was in nearing five o'clock and Frank hasn't seen the demon-angel yet.

“Uh...” Ray poked his tongue through his lips, rapidly pressing buttons on his controller. Ray and Bob were heavily involved in a video game. Ray was focused, and Bob looked like he wanted to impale the large TV screen with his controller; it was painfully clear with his points, he was losing to Ray. “He's sick.” Ray finally replies just as he scores a thousand points.

“Oh fuck, really?” Frank's eyebrows shot into his hairline.

“Yeah, he caught a fever sometime last night, is what Mikey told me.” Ray replied.

Well that explains why he didn't see Mikey either. Gerard could stay holed up in his room and no one would say anything, that's just Gerard's thing. Getting so wrapped up in his painting and sketches he'll forget to come out of his room; that was normal. Mikey couldn't do that. No, it made him stir-crazy.

“Is Mikey up there with him now?” Frank asked and let his gaze linger to the ceiling.

“No, he went out on a soup run.” Bob growled, but it didn't have an hostility towards Frank, more towards the game he was so badly losing at.

Frank scratched his chin, watched the game for a minute—man, Bob really sucked, and then turned his eyes back up to the ceiling. His ears strained, and he could hear the faintest sounds of coughing. “Ah well...” Frank's bare feet scuffed the wood flooring, “I should go check on him.” And he started to make his way to the door, but paused when he heard Bob chuckle.

Frank turned around. Bob was visibly smirking from his spot on the couch, he didn't turn, “Aw look at Frankie playing doctor.” Ray snickered, “How cute.”

Frank didn't even want to acknowledge that with any answer, he just flipped both of them off and slipped through the doorway. He took the steps two at a time and reached Gerard's floor in a matter of seconds. As he neared Gerard's door his nose wrinkled. He could smell the sickness in the air, and he could literally scent out what was attacking Gerard's immune system.

Gerard's door was slightly open, but Frank knocked anyway.

“Mikey?” Gerard's voice, feeble and sick-sounding, answered.

Frank pushed the door open and poked his head around; the room felt stuffy and there were snotty, used tissues littering the floor and Gerard's bedspread.

“Nope just me.” Frank smiled softly.

“Oh, hey Frankie.” Gerard sounded congested. His nose was all red, and his hair was all over the place.

Frank quickly made his way across the room and placed himself by Gerard's feet, “I just now got word you were sick. Wow, I swear you guys want to keep me in the dark all the time.”

“M'sorry.” Gerard nudged one foot against Frank's thigh, smiling.

“Totally fine. How did you get sick?”

“Mikey said from playing in the snow so long without a jacket.” Gerard paused, and then sneezed into a tissue. He slumped down into his sheets, “I feel awful.”

Frank frowned, “I'm the one that should feel awful. You're sick 'cause of me.”

Gerard chuckled, “Mikey may want to pinch you when he gets back, but oh well. I guess I should really be mindful of where you drag me next time. It's no big deal.”

“I'm sorry I got you sick.” Frank said sincerely.

“I'll live.” Gerard blew his nose.

Frank haunches his shoulders, “I still feel bad though.”

Gerard fell back into a silence without warning, and Frank had to check to make sure Gerard didn't just subtly die. No, he was just gazing at Frank, eyes a little dull, and he inhaled raggedly. “Tell you what.” He finally said. Frank continued to stare at him, “You can make it up to me. I was thinking about watching a movie, because I'm sure Mikey would rather be all over Ray then clean the snot from my face.”

“Nah, I'm sure he wouldn't mind,” Frank assured.

Gerard began to shift around and knocked some of the snotty tissues on the ground. Frank scooted away from them, trying to keep himself from wrinkling his nose at the tissues. “Either way, when he gets back I'm gonna relieve him of his duties and you'll get to take care of me, since you know, you're the one that got me sick.” Gerard let off a small smirk.

Frank gave him a funny look, “Aren't we growing bold now-a-days. Sure, I'd love to watch a movie with you, but I think the downstairs TV is occupied with Ray kicking Bob's ass at a video game. Bob will want rematches, lots of them too.”

“That's okay,” Gerard snuffled, threw his legs out from under the comforter, and tried standing. He stumbled but Frank was there to grab his arm to provide Gerard with leverage. “There's a TV in one of the empty rooms closest to mine, chocked full of all the movies you can think of. So...” He yanked his comforter to his shoulders, shrouding himself in warmth, and began to ease his way to the door. “Let's get a movie started while Mikey's out.”

Frank followed after him, his mind fuzzy with the thought of taking care of Gerard. Would he have to spoon feed him? Or maybe scrub at his nose like a little three year old? Oh god, Frank's face broke out into a dopey grin and he had to avoid running into a potted plant. This would be kind of cool, you know, minus all the snot and getting sneezed all over. “It's kind of funny...” Frank found himself saying.

Gerard made a small grunt from in front of a massive, glass case full of DVDs and VHS movies. “Hm?”

“I thought I would be the one getting sick.”

“Why would you think that? You're a vampire.” Gerard opened the case carefully, selected a DVD, and fired up the DVD player.

Frank plopped down on the couch, “Because when I was a kid my immune system was the most shittiest immune system known to man kind. I was in and out of hospitals, catching viruses, and pretty much playing catch up all the time in school. And you know, I thought it would be just my luck that I could still get sick, even though I'm a vampire.”

The TV is now going through previews and trailers for movies that have all ready been in theaters, and are probably are on DVDs now. Gerard grabs one of the many remotes from on top of the DVD player and settled next to Frank; close enough that if Gerard didn't have the huge comforter around him, their knees would have probably bumped together. Damn that comforter, Frank thought.


“I'm back!” Mikey announced and went straight to kitchen, where he was met by the sight of Ray and Bob sitting at the table, talking about nothing in particular. Ray made to get up and help Mikey but he just waved him to sit back down, and with one flick of the wrist the soup cans were hovering up and over their heads to a cabinet.

“Took you long enough,” Bob commented then checked the clock on the other wall, “It's been at least an hour and a half.”

Mikey shrugged. “We don't really have a car and I can't just hovering in to town, now can I?”

“We should invest in a car.” Bob said thoughtfully.

“Anyway. Has Gerard come down at all?” Mikey wondered.

Ray shook his head, “No, but Frank went up there to check on him. But that was like right after you left, so I think they might be up there talking...”

“Or other things...” Bob hinted and waggled his eyebrows.

Both of Mikey's eyebrows raised, “Really?”

“Probably not.” Ray swatted at Bob, who just chuckled and leaned away from Ray's hand. “They might just be talking.”

“Oh, okay. Well I'm going to go check on them, they must be hungry.” Mikey's feet left the ground after he finished his sentence and he just hovered out of the kitchen.

Bob leaned against a propped up hand, watching the younger man go, “Wish I could do that.”

“You making eyes at my man?” Ray growled playfully.

Bob scoffed, “Oh please.”

Mikey made it up to Gerard's floor in no time. He checked Gerard's room first, peeking his head around to find the comforter missing and the sheets a mess and the snotty tissues thrown all over the floor. “Gerard?” He called softly.

There wasn't a reply.

Mikey pulled his head away, “Huh...” He thought to himself. His ears suddenly pricked at the generic sounds of women screeching and chainsaws sawing. Mikey reeled backwards and spun in the direction of the noise. The hallway was barely lit, so he could clearly see one of the rooms flooding flickering light.

Of course the spare TV room. Mikey thought. They're probably watching a movie.

So Mikey floated over to the slightly ajar door and poked his head around the door.

Frank had his legs crossed sitting straight up and alert, giving the movie all of his attention. He was slowly carding his hand through a tangled mess of black hair, clearly not his own, in his lap. It took Mikey only a second to realize it was Gerard, asleep with one arm dangling over the side of the couch. From where Mikey was floating he could see a mass of tissues on the floor and the missing comforter from Gerard's bed draped over Gerard himself.

Mikey grinned, like the Cheshire Cat.

He knocked softly on the door. Frank jumped slightly, tensing, and whipped his head around to the door with wide eyes. Mikey gave a small wave and came floating in. Frank looked Mikey over, eyes more on the space between the floor and Mikey's feet, then he relaxed.

“You take a long time just to get soup, man.” Frank smirked, hands still stroking through Gerard's hair.

“Not my fault,” Mikey's eyes traveled to Gerard's sleeping form.

Frank followed Mikey's line of vision, realized Mikey was probably staring at his hand working through Gerard's hair, and pulled it away in a flash. “Sorry,” He blushed.

“Oh, no. Don't be... did anything happen...?” Mikey left the sentence hanging for a moment.

Frank's eyes widen, “Oh no, no. We talked for a little while and he said he wanted to watch a movie, so we came in here. He fell asleep after thirty minutes though...” Frank gazed softly at the sleeping demon-angel in his lap.

“Oh,” Mikey replied, a little flatly. Not that he had been expecting anything to really happen, but with walking in on the scene, he kind of hoped... “Well okay. I got the soup down in the kitchen, so if you want any—you know, mix with a little blood—you can have a can.”

Frank smiled, “Thanks. Let me just finish the movie and I'll be down.” Gerard shifted around in Frank's lap.

He rolled over, stretched out, and went limp again. “Mm... Frankie...” He muttered.

Frank could feel the heat crawling to his cheeks, and he chanced a glance over to a now smirking Mikey. “Want me to help move him?”

“No, no. He's fine.” Frank assured.

Mikey's smirk widened, “All right. I'll be downstairs.”

“'Kay.” Frank nodded.

Mikey stood there for another moment, gazing at the Gerard laying across Frank's lap. He gave another smirk before he floated out of the room.

Frank tries to listen if Mikey is gone, but no one can hear someone floating away, so he just gives up. He turns his gaze down to Gerard, mouth slackened and nose still red. Frank lifts up hand, and lets only the tips of his fingers graze along Gerard's cheek.

The ends of Gerard's mouth tugs up in a smile and he mewls softly in his sleep.

Frank smiles, turns his attention back to the movie with his fingers carding through Gerard's black locks again.


The movie has since ended and has gone back to the menu screen. Frank doesn't want to get up in fear of waking Gerard, so he just sits there, still carding his fingers through Gerard's hair.

“Mm...” Gerard mewls.

Frank smiled.

Gerard's head turned to one side and then his back arches inwards.

“Get a good nap?” Frank asked. Gerard's eyes flew open and he sits up bolt right, narrowly missing hitting Frank's nose by a hair. He gets tangled up in the comforter and Frank has to hold on to him so he doesn't go falling to the floor. Gerard stops though, because his head is spinning.

He pressed a hand to his forehead and squeezed his eyes shut, to stop the room from spinning.

“You okay?”

“Yeah...” Gerard nods slowly, “Yeah.” He said again and opened his eyes, “Sorry.”

Frank smiled, “It's no problem.”

Gerard blinks for a moment and turns his gaze towards the TV screen, then looks back to Frank. “I didn't mean to fall asleep on you. I hope I didn't drool on you.”

“Oh, I didn't mind.” Frank twisted the corner edge of Gerard's comforter in his hands. Frank looks up to Gerard through his floppy hair, “So, uh, Mikey got back with the soup like thirty minutes ago, and I'm feeling a little hungry.”

Gerard didn't eat much of anything today; it would be nice to put something on his stomach, “Me too.”

“All right.” Frank stands from the couch, “Let's get something to eat.”

The both got to the door at the same time, and their shoulders bumped. Gerard blushed a little, and Frank reeled backwards. He bowed forward a bit, his hand extended like a gentleman would do for a lady who is passing. “Sorry,” Smiling a cheesy smile. “Ladies first.”

Frank snickered. Gerard slapped Frank's arm but curtsied, “Why thank you sir.”

Frank smiled and kept his eyes on the back of Gerard's head as he walked out of the doorway; it would be more or less rude to stare at the guy's ass as he went through. Frank straightened and skipped after Gerard, who bumped his shoulders purposely when he was bouncing beside him, and Frank bumped back with a soft smile.
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