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***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

by xxKilljoysxx 14 Reviews

Auditions for a story that's been on my mind for a while :3

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012/03/06 - Updated: 2012/03/06 - 333 words


  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) jackalface 2012-03-06 02:45:08 AM

    Part: Gee's girlfriend
    Name: Laura Fischer
    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17 ish
    Personality: open-minded, rebellious, at first she appears quite and avoiding but warms up to someone once she gets to know them, shes sometimes confusing to read
    Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed: Light blonde hair (naturally), greeny-blue eyes, about an inch shorter than gee, not incredibly skinny (skinny but still has meat on her), quite pale skin (burns easily so she likes to avoid the sun) button nose, full lips, a small nose piercing and ear piercings
    Family (who you live with): mom and dad, a brother who is somewhat a homewrecker, who is 15 and out of control ( a bit of a disfunctioning household )
    Likes: art, playing music (guitar and piano), going to gigs, partying, taking risks, reading
    Dislikes: boastful people, loud people (those sort of people who want the world to know everything about them), school, authority, control
    Talents?: she's quite the pianist
    Clothes: oversizeds t-shirts, tights, boots, beanies, plaid shirts, denim jackets and jeans (quite a grungy/punky look)
    Anything else: she smokes, but tries to hide it. she seems innocent at first, but she can get nasty to people who insult her or the people she loves (like really nasty, i will come to your house and burn it down nasty, wheoow)
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) velocity_storm 2012-03-06 02:57:51 AM

    Part: bobs girlfriend :)
    Name: breeze bakewell-simmons
    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors):18? You can edit if necessary
    Personality:shy and quiet, loving, sticks up for her friends but shys away from conflict.
    Hair: long blue hair with a bright green streak. Full bangs.
    eyes:almond shaped moss green eyes
    height: 5'0 (I know, I'm a midget, don't judge xD)
    build: too thin. I don't eat olot, as I think I'm fat.
    skin tone:slightly pale, with a slight tan. Freckles on my face.
    Face:slighlty upturned nose (like gerard's) oval face shape and think eyebrows.
    Family (who you live with):no one, my mom works in another state, so I get lots of money to look after myself.
    Likes:coffee! Beer, cigarettes, rockmusic (black flag, the misfits, Green day) and books.
    Dislikes:twats. Bullies, violence. Tea.
    Talents?:singing, dancing (when drunk, kind of like a hoe xD don't judge, its true)
    Clothes:over size hoodie, green tartan skinny jeans and band t shirts.
    Anything else: I'm from england but moved to america for my moms work :)

    I look forward to reading this story so much, it sounds really good :3

    Velocity xo
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-03-06 03:06:52 AM

    Part: frank's childhood friend

    Name: Andi Jones

    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 18-ish

    Personality: very creative and shy at first but is a badass, very rebelious, funny, a bit of a prankster, weird

    Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed: short, black spikey hair with red bangs, hazel eyes (oval), 5'6, skinny-ish, pale-ish complexion

    Family (who you live with): mother (Emma, 45), sister (Cassidy, 14)

    Likes: music, playing guitar and drums, singing and drawing

    Dislikes: assholes, fake people, authority and broccoli

    Talents?: singing, acting, playing guitar and drums and drawing

    Clothes: black veil brides and green day tees, hoodies and bracelets, skinnies, vans or converses and studded belts

    Anything else: has a black lip ring, in a band called outcast's revenge (vocalist)

    hope you like it, btw he's a guy :)
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) MissAbbieHudson 2012-03-06 03:10:10 AM

    Part: friend one
    Name: Abbie Hudson
    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): I don't know how old senoiros are :L I'm from England... But her birthday is the 13th October if that helps :L
    Personality: funny, bubbly, peace maker, good listener, non-judgemental and a bit of a hopeless romantic
    Hair, long and black, with blue streaks, side parting and side fringe
    eyes,hazel with a dark brown outlined iris (always wears black eyeliner and red lipstick as her make-up)
    height,5 ft 6"
    build, average weight, hour-glass figure
    skin tone, very pale
    Family (who you live with): mum, dad, and two older brothers. One brother is six years older the other is five years older.
    Likes: dancing, reading, drawing, partying, scary movies and is learning to play drums
    Dislikes: heights, confined spaces, bugs, sappy movies and 'belibers'/anyone who claims the have 'swag' -.-
    Talents?: just dancing, everything else she does, she just does because she enjoys it.
    Clothes: always wearing either skinny jeans or denim shorts with mad coloured tights/long socks, plain t-shirts and a leather jacket. Black converse or black doc Martin's for shoes, unless she's going out which is when she wears huge stilletos and party dresses :)
    Anything else: she is pretty good at school, quite clever, but she doesnt really like school, she's just a fast learner. Also very trustworthy and loyal :)

    Feel free to change anything because I'm pretty sure its kinda crappy :L xoxoA
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2012-03-06 04:42:40 AM

    Name: Jezebel Wylde (pronounced wild) but insists on being called jez
    Part: whatever you think fits best.
    Age: whatever fits best. I`m English so I don`t really know all the ages and grades and stuff. Sorry.
    Personality: she is quite sarcastic at times, states the obvious a fair bit, lives for music and writing. Often walks around with her IPod in and/or reading a book (normally horror or classic novels) confident but not cocky, kind and likes helping people and giving advice though she rarely follows her own. Doesn`t judge, doesn`t normally swear but says stuff like fricken hell and Peed off. Loves animals and little kids, sings a lot under her breath but is always slightly off key but she doesn1t care. Likes pulling pranks and making people laugh. Can be quite fierce at times and not somebody you want to mess with. Loyal friend, smart-street smart and school smart, ambitious and hates sitting still too long unless she is reading of course. quite random
    Looks: she has wild waist length naturally jet black hair that falls in soft but untamed waves. She occasionally straightens it but prefers is wavy. Wide, almost childlike emerald green eyes but she likes wearing coloured contacts and keeps changing them from green, red, purple and sometimes pink. Pale but not unhealthily so, slightly shorter than average height but has longish slender legs but is very flat chested which she is very self conscious of. A healthy weight, not too thin or fat. Wears black, purple or red eyeliner and dark red lipstick. Sometimes wears dark coloured eye shadow. has clear skin apart from a few freckles on her nose. Has a tail of black and dark purple stars going up her spine, a cute cartoonish owl tattooed on her left wrist in memory of her gran and the words, “life is for living” tattooed in black curly script on the top of her left foot. Has a nose ring, her ear lobes pierced twice and a helix. She never ever wears matching earrings.
    Family: feel free to change I just made this up. She just moved out from her parent’s house where she lived with mum dad and her little sister Dakota to live in her best friends/ girlfriends flat. Her girlfriend is called Arianne but gets called Ari. Jez often talks of Ari in a good way. also lives with her pet snake Nyx and Tarantula Nyssa
    Likes: rock music, some old decent pop music, animals, children, books, writing, learning, singing even though she sucks at it, friends, concerts, swimming, going new places
    Dislikes: all the isms, people who have no self respect or respect for others, people that are too shy or confident, shitty music, haters, when people diss her friends/family/music/reading, loosing people, the colour yellow. Because she thinks it is too bright.
    Talents? Erm she is good with animals and kids, though I don`t think that is a talent. She is kinda good at writing short stories and poems and she never gives in when she has started something. Used to play piano and was alright at it.
    Clothes: lots of quirky jewellery, converse with odd doodles on them and colourful laces, boots with chains and studs on them. casually she just wears weird tops with strange images, cartoons or sayings on them and brightly coloured skinny jeans and a leather jacket covered with badges. But if it is a bit warmer she wears shorts over ripped tights. And if she is dressing up she will wear a knee length red tartan dress with black fishnets and combat boots. Always has a backpack on her back in the shape of a coffin with her name written on it in blood red writing.
    Anything else: vegetarian, has a strange obsession with exotic animals and always has a pack of strawberry laces in her bag because she loves them.
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) thegirlwhowasonfire 2012-03-06 04:50:18 AM

    Part: Put me wherever you want
    Name: Sylvia St. Claire
    Age: 17 and a half
    Personality: Sarcastic, loud, brash, outspoken, very protective of friends and family.
    Hair: Turquoise, chin length.
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5'4"
    Build: Average weight, very curvy.
    Skin tone: Olive
    Family: Her two dads and a younger brother named Jack who is twelve.
    Likes: Music, coffee, high heels, fanfiction, rainy days.
    Dislikes: Ke$ha, math class, sappy films, bullies.
    Talents? She plays the piano.
    Clothes: Leather jackets, lots of high heels, often wears a 'schoolgirl outfit'. Loves anything retro or vintage.
    Anything else: She's originally from Canada and moved to wherever the is story set when she was in fourth grade.
    Change anything you want, and I hope you liked my character!
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) Frankies_Hands 2012-03-06 04:57:49 AM

    Part: Friend one or two.
    Name: Lilly
    Age: 17
    Personality: Shy at school, hates large crowds,
    Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed: Blonde hair with loose curls falling past the shoulders, bright blue eyes, roughly 5'1 in height, skinny but slightly toned, pale skin but can easily tan, lip piercing, right nose stud.
    Family (who you live with): My mother Kate andmy little sister PJ (11)
    Likes: Loves her large collection of art supplies,her comic books, her iPod -can't leave without it- ,taking risks, being around family and friends.
    Dislikes: Romance movies, people who talk about themselves in the third person, loud people, those who boast, drama, violence
    Talents?: Artsy, Plays piano and bass, writes occasionally.
    Clothes: Usually plain tees with funny sayings/band logos/movie logos or tank tops(around the house), mostly dark skinny jeans but sometimes will settle for shorts, plaid converse with red shoestrings.
    Anything else: Bit of a prankster, does good in school but could care less about it. Has always wanted a tattoo.Very protective over her sister because her only other sibling died in a fire.
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-03-06 04:59:17 AM

    Part: I dont really care, where ever you like me. Im thinking either with Bob or Frank's friend....maybe with mikey...idont know it all sounds awesome :D

    Name: Isabella Crow (Izzy)

    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17

    Personality: loyal, really protective of her friends. Likes doing dangerous shit for fun. REally creative, loves music and art. She draws (not amazingly in her opinion), she sings, and she sorta kinda plays guitar (she knows like, 12 notes e.e)

    Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed:
    about 5"3, black and blue hair thats choppy with side fringe thingy. Really pale, has bright green eyes. A really pretty smile. Average weigh, not super skinny or really fat. small teeth.nose scrunches up (and she resembles a hamster) when she's mad or upset. She's been told its adorable, but kind of hates it.

    Family (who you live with): my obnoxious, assholish dad, and my mom who can make awesome fucking brownies and cookies and oh my god that girl can bake.....and my reallllyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying little sister named Karla who everyone hates because shes sooo fucking annoying.

    Likes: coffee, skittles, coffee, guitar, art, music, nutella, sleep

    Dislikes: sun, cold coffee, homophobes, jerks, assholes, chavs, chav music, her appearance (she thinks shes ugly as hell, but shes not. trust and self confidence issues here)

    Talents?: sings, sorta kinda plays guitar, likes to draw. Can make people laugh easily, although she doesnt smile much. She can FIGHT, i mean you dont wanna fuck with her. :)

    Clothes: black skinny jeans, band Ts, converse, hoodies and jackets

    Anything else: needle phobic (trypanophobia), arachnophobic, aerophobic... when shes hurt she acts like shes not because she doesnt like looking weak. She doesnt really cry, and if shes crying in fron of someone, something is really wrong. Can be really quiet, but you hand her a mic and put her on stage, shes louder than anything. Her stage personna is way more outgoing than herself.
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-03-06 08:05:40 AM

    Name:Lucy May Stevens

    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17

    Personality:Shy at first but shows her true colours once she gets to know you, bubbly, friendly, creative, can get angry easily, you'll know when you piss her off.

    Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed: Long blick hair which falls just past her rib cage with a blue full side fringe and purple streaks through it, Sea green eyes, pale skin, slim, 5'1.

    Family (who you live with): Mom who she hardly ever sees because she works all the time, Dad who is always out drinking and her older sister Vicki who dosn't live with them she lives in england.

    Likes: The colour purple, coffee, skittles, cookies, Glee, rainbows, colourful things, drawing, hanging with friends.

    Dislikes:Spiders, Lifts, people who scream at everything, tea.

    Talents?:Playing guitar and keyboard, very good at art.

    Clothes: purple skinny jeans, band T shirts (30STM, Mindless Self Indulgence, Blink 182, Green Day)

    Anything else: Veggie, dyslexic.

    hoped you liked it good luck writing =)
  • ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

    (#) StakeMeBitch 2012-03-06 08:23:27 AM

    Part: Anything is fine n.n
    Name: Scarlette Crimson
    Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17
    Personality: Shy around every other ppl. Outgoing and jokester around friends. Really passionate for everything important in her life. When she falls in love nothing can ever put her in a bad mood or get her enraged. But when she does get angry she can be really sarcastic and mean, or start crying. Whes really sensible.

    EYES: Big hazely green with long thick eyelashes
    HAIR: Long jet black hair, left fringe the tips dyed red
    HEIGHT: 5'2
    build, skin tone etc: Slim and quite toned, ivory kinda palish skin, heart shaped face, button nose, rosy cheecks, well defined dark eyebrows, big front tooth that resemble a rabbit lol
    Family (who you live with): Lives with older brother.
    Likes: Horror movies, concerts, moshpits, guitars, reading, writing poetry.
    Dislikes: Stereotypes, loud girls, homophobes, animal cruelty, black veil brides with a burning passion, ignorance, hiphop "music", jocks and bullies.
    Talents?: Can play guitar and piano. Comes up with good-ass combacks easiy. Haves a huuuuge imagination so she knows how to make her lies believable.
    Clothes: Punk band tees like misfits, ramones, dead kennedys ect. Beaten black or red converse. Black combat boots. Black or grey skinnies. Leather jacket (black) or hoodies.
    Anything else: She kinda has a photographic memory. Loves animals but hates insects. LOVES Photography. Daydreams alot.

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