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Chapter 14 - No Fear

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Gerard discovered something.

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Chapter 14

"Hey! I'm sorry!"
"Sorry your face!"
Frank was trying to chase after Jamia, after what she saw that he is with another girl.
Frank quickly grabbed Jamia's left arm. "I swear I didn't mean it. Just believe me, please."
"Just tell me why you did it. That's all I'm asking. Why can't you just answer me?"
Jamia asked with trembling hands and feet.
"I... I was casted under her spell. I didn't know what I was doing until I just realized she's already sitting on my lap."
With that, Jamia slapped across his face and run towards the high school gate without waiting for her father to fetch her.
Frank was about to chase her again but a hand behind him stopped him.
"Dude, let her go. Give her time." Ray said. Frank turned around to see Mikey, Bob and Ray.
He knew they saw the whole scene. "I'm afraid she'll break up with me." Frank looked dwon at his feet and covered his face with his hands.
Ray didn't say nothing but he patted Frank's shoulder.
"I know Jamia loves you. Just give her time and I know she will come back to you." Mikey said in a small tone.
"I hope so." was all Frank said.
"C'mon let's go home. Wait, where's Gerard?" Bob suddenly asked.
"I think he's having a evaluation in Science Lab. He said he will go home late." Mikey said and everyone went home.


"So... How's your day?"
"It's okay, but I'm kind of tired."
Gerard sighed as he heard Veronica's response. "So you wanna go home?"
Veronica smiled and said, "I'll be fine." Gerard smiled back and never leave her gaze.
"Wanna go to a coffee shop? I'll treat you." Gerard offered.
"It's okay, but honestly, I'm not really drinking coffee." Gerard frowned and didn't know what to respond.
"But, I always wanted to drink tea." Veronica smiled.
Gerard smiled a little bit, knowing that he will have a chance to talk to her more, though he doesn't really like tea.
"Sure. I'll treat you. Let's go." Gerard stood up from the swing that he's been sitting on and offered a hand to Veronica.
Veronica smiled and accpeted Gerard's hand and stood up from her swing. They've been at the playground for almost half an hour.
As they walked down the street, their hands were hitting each other. Veronica tried to walk faster so she is in the front of him.
Veronica then smiled without Gerard noticing. So is Gerard. He can't hold back his wonderful grin.

As they arrived at the tea shop, Gerard opened the glass door for Veronica and she mumbled 'thanks' to him.
They sat at the corner though there are only few people in there.
A waitress approached their table and ordered their tea. After that, there was an awkward silence between them.
There were times that they'll stare at each other then giggle. Then do the same thing again, then repeat.

There were two people who just arrived at the tea shop and seated near from Gerard and Veronica's table. Gerard cannot recognize the man because his back was facing him.
Veronica noticed Gerard's face and she followed Gerard's gaze.
"You know them?" Veronica said.
"I don't know who's that lady, but that guy looks familiar." Gerard whispered.
The guy he's been watching at went to the comfort room and the lady waited. The lady looks tan; she has blond hair and slim body.
After few minutes, the guy from the comfort room went out and Gerard was kind of surprised when he recognized the guy.

"That's Logan, right?" Veronica stared at Logan then turned back to Gerard.
Gerard didn't reply anything, but he nodded as his response to Veronica.
"What is he doing with a woman? He's dating Lindsey, right?" Veronica whispered.
"Lindsey should know about this." Gerard said, never leaving the sight of Logan talking to a random woman.
The waitress arrived at their table with a tray on her hand. "Here is your order ma'am, sir." The waitress smiled and went back to the counter.
Logan haven't looked back to them, but Gerard is afraid that he'll do it.
Vernoica noticed about this and said, "You wanna leave now?"
Gerard was suprised and said, "Are you a mind-reader or something?"
"I can feel people's decision I guess." Gerard just smiled and drank at his tea.

Logan slowly turned around behind him and Gerard unexpectedly gazed at him. Gerard froze.
Logan quickly turned back to the woman he's talking and Gerard quickly stood up and grabbed Veronica's hand.
"C'mon. We have to go." Gerard said.
Gerard left a bill on the table and they quickly got out of the shop. Before Gerard can run towards the street to hail a cab,
an arm gripped his shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going? Tell Lindsey of what you just saw?"
Gerard whipped around to see Logan giving him a death stare.
Veronica don't know what to do. She tugged Gerard's arm telling him to go.
"Logan, me and Veronica will go home. If that's what you think, you're wrong."
Logan smile slyly and said, "Try to destroy my reputation in front of her and you'll get what you deserve."
Gerard just stared directly across to his eyes without blinking.
"Gerard, come on. Let's go." Veronica whispered behind him. Logan shot his eyes directly to Veronica.
"Hey you lady, tell me you saw nothing in this coffee shop." Logan said, making sure she won't tell anyone.
Veronica can't utter a word because she's kind of scared from Logan, so Gerard responded for her.
"We saw nothing. It's just me and Veronica in the coffee shop."
Logan smiled evilly and patted Gerard's shoulder. "Good. Now leave."
Veronica quickly grabbed Gerard's arm and they leave.

"Honey, dinner's ready." Donna knocked at Gerard's bedroom door but Gerard didn't respond.
"Gerard, honey, are you sleeping?"

Gerard wasn't sleeping or busy. He was just lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.
"No ma. I'm making a project. I'm not even hungry, I'll be okay." Gerard lied.
"Okay, but if you want to eat something, I'll leave the food on the table."
"No need ma." Gerard said and he sighed.
He wanted to talk to Lindsey but he's afraid Logan might knew about it.
Gerard sat up at his bed and thought what to do. He went to his closet and dressed up.
He got out of the window and jumped onto the bushes beside their house. Luckily, he hit the right spot and stood up.
He climbed up the tree house that he haven't visited for years. He looked at those photos that has been posted on the wooden walls of the tree house.
He also saw the paintings and artworks made of pencils and crayons sticked in the corner of the tree house.
He smiled by himself, reminiscing the moments when there is only him and Lindsey.
His smile faded when he realized everything went different as the time went by.

His attention has been caught when a glimpse of light hit the corner of his eyes.
He watched the direction of the light and it was from Lindsey's room. She is still awake.
Gerard decided to climb down the tree and went near to Lindsey's bedroom window and picked up a small pebble.
He threw the pebble towards the window to get her attention, but nothing happened.
Gerard did it again but there's nothing. He did it thrice and then again and again, still Lindsey didn't show up.
Gerard decided to stop and wanted to go inside the house but then he stopped in his tracks when someone spoke.
"Hey stop hitting my window." Lindsey whispered, knowing that it was Gerard who did it.
Gerard smiled and said, "I'll climb up the tree house." Lindsey smiled back and then disappeared. The light of her room went off.
Gerard thought she is going to sleep but surprised when he saw Lindsey came out of the back door.

"You think we can fit in there?" Lindsey asked then laughed at Gerard.
"Of course. We're not that big, are we?" Gerard smiled and then lead Lindsey to the ladder. He let her climb in first then him.
"Wow. Are we this wild before?" Lindsey asked and giggled when she saw the artworks they made together.
"Nah, I think we are that creative." Gerard smiled and went near to her. The closeness make his insides burst. He wanted to hug her from behind but he's afraid to do so.
Lindsey turned around and fell back when she unexpectedly saw Gerard behind her. She didn't know he was standing right behind her.
Gerard pulled her so she won't fall. Gerard gripped her arms so he can pull her towards him. Lindsey almost fall on Gerard's chest but she controlled her balance.
With that, Lindsey giggled and stared up at Gerard's eyes. Her smile make Gerard's heart melt. Gerard smiled back and said, "Did I scare you?"
"No. You almost make me break my back bone." Lindsey stucked out her tongue and laughed.
Their faces were only inches apart. Lindsey closed her eyes and said, "I miss the moments when there is only you and me... and the tree house."
Gerard laughed a little bit and kissed Lindsey's forehead. "Me too."
Lindsey put her arms around her neck and swayed slowly. Gerard giggled when he knew what she's doing.
"Hey I told you many times that I can't dance." Gerard laughed. He put his arms around her waist and followed her the way she sway their bodies.
"Dance is a form of art. Art is everything." Lindsey smiled widely and winked.
Gerard stroked her hair slowly and hummed a song.
"What song is that? It sounds great." Lindsey asked. "A song I've been working on." Gerard said then smiled.
She then hugged him unexpectedly and rested her head on his chest.
Gerard wanted to say his feelings towards her but she might walk away or stay away from him forever. But for Gerard, everything that's happening on the tree house should be the only thing he should think about.

No worries, no fear, just Lindsey and him.

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