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Chapter 15 - Prom

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Lindsey is torn into pieces

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Lindsey was trying to make her hair more wavy with the help of her mother.
"Mom I hope this would turn out good." Lindsey said with a small laugh, having a hard time making it perfect.
"Don't worry, I know it will. I know that Logan guy will like it." her mom smiled.
Lindsey's smiled widely. "I hope too." Her phone rang and as she expected, it's Logan. Lindsey hurriedly fixed herself up before accepting the call.
"Logan? Are you about to go here?" Lindsey asked.
"I'm sorry but I can't picked you up. Maybe Gerard can do it for you?" Logan said on the other line. Lindsey's face turned into something that no one can explain. She sighed and said, "Fine."
"I'm sorry baby." Logan said and hung up. Baby? Like, c'mon, have you really loved me? Lindsey thought.
"Is everything alright?" Her mom asked as she approached her daughter. "Yeah mom. I'll be waiting for Gerard."
"Gerard? But you told me Logan will pick you up here, right?"
Lindsey once again sighed and said, "Nah, Gerard is just our neighbor anyway, so I'll better go with him." Lindsey sat down with frustration.
"Tell me honestly, are you and Logan doing good?" her mom sat beside her with concern on her eyes. "Yes mom, I guess I've been like this these days because it's my first time." Lindsey smiled a little bit and hugged her mom.
"You better call that Gerard guy. By the way, I thought of him as a handsome man. I like him." Her mom stood up with a matching wink to Lindsey.
Lindsey laughed and said, "Mom, he is my best friend and I love Logan."


Gerard was indeed, preparing too. He's wearing a black tuxedo and black shoes and a white polo inside.
"Bro, can you please help me tie this?" Gerard asked waving the red necktie to Mikey's face.
Mikey laughed and said, "Bro, you suck because you don't know how to tie this thing." Mikey grabbed the necktie and helped his brother with it.
"You should have asked Frank how to tie this. He's an expert when it comes to ties."
Gerard rolled his eyes and said, "I don't need to learn this thing. My future wife would do this for me soon when I'm going to work." Gerard laughed and Mikey rolled his eyes in return.
"How sweet of you bro." Mikey said sarcastically and tied it tightly. Gerard made a choking noise and Mikey quickly loosen it. Mikey just laughed and said, "You're welcome."

Gerard's phone rang and saw the name on the screen. It read "Lindsey Ballato calling..."
He picked it up quickly and said, "Hey."
"Hi Gee, can you pick me up here?" Gerard was confused when he heard this.
"But what about Logan? I mean, I thought he'll pick you up."
"He changed his mind. I don't know why. Please?" Lindsey said. Gerard can imagine at this moment Lindsey's face begging like a child.
Gerard chuckled. "Okay. I'll be there in a few minutes."
Lindsey smiled and said, "Thanks. See you." and she hung up.

Gerard approached his dad who's watching TV and smiled cheekily.
"What do you want?" his dad asked without gazing on him.
"uhh... I'm picking Lindsey up."
"So? I don't think you need the car. Lindsey is just our neighbor."
Gerard sighed and said, "Yeah right dad, and we'll just walk from here to our school."
His dad laughed and gave him the keys. Gerard's face lighten up and said thanks with a big smile plastered on his face.

Gerard knocked on the front door of Lindsey's residence and her mom opened it up.
Her mom's face lighten up when she saw Gerard and automatically said, "Oh boy, come in!"
Gerard came in and saw Lindsey walked down the stairs slowly, trying not to step on her dress.
Gerard stared at her for a long time. His soul melted inside, he can't explain how good-looking she is. Gerard smiled all the time, speechless.
"My daughter is beautiful, isn't it?" Lindsey's mom asked Gerard in a whisper.
All can Gerard do is to nod. Lindsey stared back at Gerard and smiled widely, like a child seeing lots of candies. Gerard offered his hand to her as she stepped the last stair.
"Take care Lindsey, and Gerard don't ever leave her anywhere, okay?" her mom said and smiled.
"I will ma'am." Gerard smiled. He can feel his feet tremble as he walked with Lindsey, hand in hand.
Gerard lead her first inside the car then he took the driver's seat and drove. Gerard don't know how to make a conversation with her, too much nervousness and excitement coursed through his body.
"So..." was all Gerard can say. "So?" Lindsey asked then turned her head to Gerard. Gerard can't turn around because he was driving, so he said, "So... Are you excited for tonight?"
Lindsey smiled a little bit and said, "Kind of. What about you?"
Gerard didn't really know what to say. "Well, not really. Veronica wouldn't be there because she's sick." "Oh so who would be your partner?" "I don't know. I'll dance alone I guess." Gerard smiled then laughed. Lindsey didn't laugh, instead, she said, "I can tell Logan I can go with you for a while." Lindsey smiled.
"No no. He might be mad at me. No thanks, really." Gerard said as he cut the engine.
Gerard opened the car door for Lindsey and she said thanks with a smile.
The whole campus was full of people. Gerard can't even immediately identify who's who.
Gerard held Lindsey's hand the whole time because she might lost in the big crowd. Someone called Gerard's name and he quickly turned around. He found out that Bob and Ray was there at the corner waiting for him. He stopped walking and told the guys that he'll be right back.

"You think Logan is here?" Gerard asked. "Of course. Why?"
Gerard scanned the place around but he can't spot him. "Just wondering."
"Lindsey!" someone shouted her name and wondering who it was. "Gee, I think someone's calling me." "What? Who?"
Christa grabbed her hand. "Hey it's me." Lindsey's eyes widen up and hugged her. "Hey haven't seen you a while." "Same to you. Hy have you seen Logan?"
Christa's smile faded and said, "I saw him with a woman out the cafeteria. I was thinking that girl was his partner."
Lindsey's smile faded as well as she heard what Christa said.
"He what? You know what? I don't really like that guy. I'm sorry but, he's stupid." Gerard said and he grabbed Lindsey's hand. "C'mon. Let's find him." They left, leaving Christa alone.
"Hey, what's wrong? Why are they in hurry?" Ray asked as he approached Christa in the center of the crowd. Christa didn't say something. "It's okay. C'mon let's dance?" Christa looked at Ray's eyes and said, "You know what? You always know how to lift up my mood." Christa smiled and put her hands around Ray's neck. They slowly danced along the music, leaving Bob at the corner with a bowl of punch beside him.


"Hey Gee slow down." Lindsey said as he was still grabbing her arm, dragging her away from crowd. "Let's find that fucking retard." Gerard said. Lindsey pulled her arm from his hold and said, "Hey, don't ever call him a fucking retard." Lindsey said in an upset voice.
"Don't you get it? He's with an another woman. I saw him last time at a tea shop with a woman too." Lindsey didn't know what to say, so she ran towards the cafeteria. Gerard followed him until she saw Lindsey stopped. "Hey I'm sorry, okay?"
Lindsey didn't respond. She was suspecting something's happening inside the Lady's comfort room.
"Linds? Are you okay?" Gerard walked slowly towards her. Lindsey was listening carefully and she opened the Lady's comfort room. As she entered, loud moans and groans from a woman and from a guy he knew who owned those voice. She saw Logan enjoying the body of a woman she didn't know and didn't even meet. Her eyes widen and she covered her mouth not wanting to shout. The woman stopped and said, "Oh I think someone's gonna take a piss." The woman laughed and Logan looked at Lindsey with a surprised face. Lindsey got out of the comfort room then ran away. Gerard saw Lindsey ran then chased her. "Lindsey! Wait!"
Logan left the random woman at the floor then started running while zipping his pants. Logan saw Gerard running and shouted, "Hey you! You better stop chasing her or I'll beat you down."
Gerard stopped and ran towards Logan and hit him in the face. Gerard knocked him off the ground and punched him multiple times. Logan's face started to bleed but it didn't make him stop.

"You know what? You're the most fucking idiot I've ever known, you fucking horny stupid dickhead." Gerard hit him with his last punch on his face then ran again to chase after Lindsey.
"Fuck... aggh. you!" Logan said hugging himself on the ground.

Gerard can't find Lindsey anymore. She was lost in his sight after he beat Logan. He stopped at the grassy field, searching for her. He slowly walked back at the building when he heard someone's sobbing. He knew it was Lindsey. "Lindsey? Where are you?" He searched for the wide field and saw her sitting on the ground, sobbing. Her make-up smeared on her face as the tears fall on her face.
Gerard approached her, offering her his hand. "Hey c'mon, you don't need to be treated like this. Get up and let's go home." Lindsey didn't respond.
Gerard sighed and seated beside her, no matter how wet the grass is. "Linds, I told you he's a retard." Gerard wiped off her tears and her face stained with make-up.
"A fucking retard." Lindsey added. Gerard smiled and said, "You deserve a better guy than him. A guy that you can fully trust, like me." Gerard smiled.
"Yeah, I hope he'll be gone in this fucking planet." Lindsey sniffled and leaned her head on his shoulder. Gerard laughed and said, "You think we need to stand up 'cause the grass is wet?" Lindsey laughed a bit and said, "Yeah I think so." Gerard stood up first then offered his hand to her. She stood up and Gerard said, "Wanna scream out to the world how you feelin'?"
Lindsey smiled. She removed her heels then ran around the field and screamed, "Unleash the idiots in this world and murder them like there is no tomorrow!" Gerard stood there, watching her and just smiled.
Lindsey added, "I'm damn happy with my best friend!" She looked at Gerard and said in a low voice, "Just with him." Gerard ran towards her and she grabbed her arm and said, "Let's go home."
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