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The Morning After

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"Oh shitting, motherfucking me."

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Hey little lovelies! I'm trying to plan out my prom transport as i write this! Man it's hard work! :) XO

Gerards POV
I slowly open my yes as my eyelids flutter, battling against the brightness that is fighting to enter my pupils. My eyes ping open to a painted sky blue ceiling, fluffy white clouds painted over the top. This isn't my bedroom? My ceiling is as white as snow, as white as my skin, as white as casper the friendly fucking ghost. I exhale slowly, a groan escaping my lungs. Fucking hell, my bones are stiff, my back especially. I stretch across the creaky mattress and roll over, hoping to crawl out of this weird house and not come back to terrify the owner, who was probabaly drunk when they invited me inside.

To my surprise, the face i am met with is not a stranger. He was a stranger once, but this face is unmistakable. The same cute nose, small full lips. It's, no it couldn't be. Me? And- And him? It's Frank! And we're both naked! What the actual fuck?!?!

Franks POV
I wake up to the smell of omelettes floating up the stairs. Did my Mom come over to check on me again? Or was it Aunt Leah, she never leaves me alone for more than three days at the most. Protective families are cute for a while, especially when you're aged One to Seventeen, but i'm in my early twenties now, i can look after myself. Although i can't cook for my life and i did fall over in the shower cubicle and cut my knee open the other day. Oh. and i also have piles of clothes that i have been meaning to wash for at least three months now. I have more clothes than a New York Shopping Mall.

I stumble out of bed and feel like i'm in the arctic, especially as a draft brushes across my lower regions. I cautiously glance downwards, " What the fuck?" I ask myself.
"Morning Sexy." Someone says from behind me causing me to jump out of my skin so much that i fall to the floor, my head colliding harshly with my shoe collection; three pairs of scribbled on converse, two pairs of Doc Martens and my Wedding/Teaching Shit Flickers. I scrambled up off the floor and threw my dressing gown over my naked form. "Huh? Wha? Ohhhhh." I freak out as Gerard stands in my doorway wearing the most confused expression i've ever seen on anyone. And then it hits me like a ton of bricks!

I had sex with him?! The flyest, most cute motherfucking person ever! We exchanged saliva! We exchanged bodily fluids! We're fucking tied together! No, no Frank do not, do not do it. " Gerard, i love you." WHAT THE FUCKING HELL! I mentally curse myself. I did not just tell him that! We had sex once, he probably made me breakfast as a kind of "Sorry Frank you're shit in bed and you're ugly as fuck so i'm going to leave now and impregnate Miss America or someone actually attractive and worthy of my time." Oh shitting motherfucking me.

Gerards POV
"Frank, are you sick?" I ask, actually concerned for the poor guy. He's sitting on the floor shivering and covering his anatomy with a sheet. Not your average human behavior, may i just add. I carfully walk over to him and perch next to him, placing the plate of omelettes in front of him. " I made them for you, i know you don't eat meat so i figured bacon would be no good." He snorted as his own awkward ice breaker.

"Do you regret it?" He asks after a while.
"Nope." I admit without hesitation. Man i fucking want last night to happen every night. Look at him, even when he's frightened he's fucking sex on legs. Well, on the floor at the moment. But hey i'm down either way. "What actually happened?" He cautiously asks, blinking furiously.

I think back to the night before.His lips were on mine. It grew deeper, more passionate than i expected, but boy i wasn't complaining. Soon, our bodies were pressed together, Frankie tiptoeing as best he could as we fell through the front door into the hall, me almost crushing the little gnome to death. What happened next was the furious ripping off of eachothers clothes and desperate countless attempts at making it up the stairs without falling down, not every bruise on our bodies we're going to be lovebites in the morning. And then, you can guess what happened. We made babies, well kinda. If he was a girl.

"We made babies?" Frank looks at me, eyes wide.


A loud thud came from next to me. I glanced over at his prettiness once more, man i could stare all day, and much to my amusment and also half horror, the dude had fainted.

Oh fucker.

I'm sorry this is so bad! xxx
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