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Lemon Tea and Ice Road Truckers

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The titles inspird by two of my favourite things :)

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Heyy! Sorry for this lateness again it sbecoming a bad habit but im vowing i'll break it! :) xo

Franks POV
Everything is blurry as i open my eyes gently, Gerards face directly above mine. Oh. My.God. I freaking remember last night now. Man i'm such a slut for Gerard, than again who wouldn't be? I'd like to see you try and resist his legs. I bet he rocks skinnies something chronic, maybe i could dress him up one day? Well, if i made it through this one, i felt my stupid dazed grin setlling on my face and Gerards brow furrowed in concern.

"Are y-you okay?" He said, chuckling a little bit.
"Yeah, fresh as a daisy, bright as a lightbulb!" I say sitting up and suddenly regretting it as my head began to spin over and over again. "Yeah you sure look it Mr Sleepyhead." He ruffles my hair as I fall backwards rather ungracefully onto the bed. " We really need to talk by the way." I add, my voice lazy and droning on.

"Yep. We do." Gerard replied, yet i could hear the nerves in his shaking voice. That told me he was going to regret it all. The breakfast was his sympathy and apology card. He'd head back to work probably tomorrow and i'd continue my bleak, lonely lifestyle.

"Wh-What d-do you think?" I stutter, cursing my self for how small and timid i must sound to him. He's probably mocking me inside, laughing maniacally and feeling satisfied he got himself a fuck with a dwarf to add to his list of used, small and screwed. "I, what do you think?" He sighs.

"About what happened?" I ask, raising an eyebrow and struggling to look his way.

"Yeah." He says softly.

"I asked first." I point out, the blush on my cheeks creeping upwards, i feel faint again.

"Ok, Frank i really like you. Okay? I said it. I like you alot, you're so kind and nice and you make me laugh." He chuckles. "Plus you're one of the best looking people i've ever met." He adds quietly as he turns away in shame. I stare at him, my eyes wide with shock and my jaw hitting the floor i had just woken up on.

"Really?" I ask shocked.

"Yeah-" He sighs again. " But i know you don't-"

I cut him off with my lips, we break apart after a few moments as the TV beeps.

"Oh it's time for ice road truckers! If you're feeling kind please put the kettle on! I'm dying for some Lemon Tea!"I jump up as I run downstairs, Gerard laughing at me wildly. Ah the romantic i am.
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