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Introducing Myself and Auditions!

by JustYourAverageGirl 22 Reviews

Hi everyone! I'm new to FicWad, so I want to introduce myself to you guys and see if anyone wants to be in a story I'm going to write.

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  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) Frankies_Hands 2012-03-06 02:48:12 PM

    Hi. I'd first off like to welcome you to FicWad. My name is Lilly and I'm also fairly new. ^.^
    My audition:
    Part: Bandit's new friend
    Name: Lilly Jones
    Age: (14-18 years old, please.) 15 or 16?
    Gender: Female
    What country are you from?: the UK. Slight accent.
    Appearance: (Split up for detail.)
    Hair: Light blonde. Loose curls falling past shoulder blades.
    Eyes: Bright blue eyes.
    Body: 5'2 short for age. Roughly 120 pounds. Skinny but a bit toned.
    Tattoos and or piercings: Lip ring. Right nose stud. 2 piercings in each ear lobe, wishes for a tattoo on ankle but hasn't decided on what.
    Clothes, jewelry, and shoes: Usually where's dark jeans with tees either plain/movie logos/band logos/funny sayings, plaid converse with red shoestrings. Usually wears studs in her ears.
    Anything else involving appearance: Pale skin but easily tans.
    Personality: Big imagination, plays piano and bass, loves the arts, enjoys her DC Comics, tends to keep to herself, intelligent but doesn't embrace it
    Back story: Father left when she was born, mother never wanted her so she sent her to the boarding school in Japan in hopes of never seeing her again.
    What do you think of the murder?
    What do you think of Bandit?
    Anything else I should know?
  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) Sleeping7Beast 2012-03-06 02:53:32 PM

    Okay so your story sounds pretty awesome :) I've never read anything with Bandit in it! :)

    I'd like to be a character! Lol :) I want to be the popular girl who is secretly nice xD cuz that sounds cool!

    Description...Name. Corey Knight. Hair. Strawberry Blond about waist length, very curly (real). Age. 18 (real) Eyes. Green (real) Skin. Pale (real) American (real) Height/weight 5'2 and 120 (real).

    Can she be gay? If then that too. But I think she should think Gerard is hot as well as B! She appreciates a mans look but really only likes girls.

    Kind of a normal kind of a skinny Jean t-shirt girl. Likes blue and black. And bracelets. reads alot. Is loud around the people she likes. Home life. Adopted by a family. Parents are strict about school. No siblings. Kind of lonely.

    Piercings - tongue. Belly. Ears. Left part of nose. Angel bites. (actually have all these)

    She's interested in the murder and secretly excited thy somthing worth paying attention to is happening. But she's not stupid and doesnt want to get involved.

    She likes B, but secretly b/c she's with the popular girls.

    Umm anything else shouldn't be important. Hahaha ;) well this is a long message. When ever you begin the story will you inform me????

    I just basically described myself for this character. Lol.


  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-03-06 02:54:52 PM

    Part: one of B's friends, possibly the murdered girls sister? where ever you'd like me, really

    Name: Izzy Crow

    Age: (14-18 years old, please.): 16

    Gender: Female

    What country are you from? United States

    Appearance: (Split up for detail.)

    Hair: black and blue, fringy bangs. just past my shoulders. Choppy layers

    Eyes: bright green

    Body:(This would be height, weight, etc.) about 5'3, really short. Average weight, not fat or skinny or anything

    Tattoos and or piercings: lip ring

    Clothes, jewelry, and shoes: black skinny jeans, band Ts, converse. Hoodies or jackets

    Anything else involving appearance: Really pale, wears lots of eyeliner

    Personality: loyal, really protective of friends. This girl can fight when she wants to. uses lots of sarcasm. loves coffee and skittles. super creative and does dangerous shit for fun. Has trust issues and self esteem issues.

    Back story: well, if i get the sister to the murdered one part, then obviously thats in there. But beyond that, just an average teenage girl. Her boyfriend Nick and her have been together an insanely long time (9 months, 20 days) and hes pretty much her whole world. Her dad was emotionally abusive, her mom just likes church and baking things. Because of shit with her dad, she believes everything she does is crap and she's worthless. She keeps quiet though, because she always gets in an argument with people (her friends and Nick) when she tries to tell them something she did is crap, or that she is, in fact, ugly as hell. (shes actually really pretty, but emotional abuse does that to people coughcoughmecoughcough) uh, so, yeah. She also doesnt like her past acknowledged much. to her it doesnt matter

    What do you think of the murder? scary, horrible, and worthy of revenge...

    What do you think of Bandit? seems really nice, itd be a shame if something happened to her. her dad is really hot...;). but shes got music taste, great style, and shes a good enough person.

    Anything else I should know? Is straight herself, but doesnt mind bi or gay/lesbian people. She HATES homophobes with a passion. She also uses lots of random british words, (chav, wanker, etc) is terrified of needles and heights and spiders.

    thanks for reading, change anything you'd like. :DD

  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-03-06 02:55:53 PM

    oh! and WELCOME to Ficwad :DDD

  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) thegirlwhowasonfire 2012-03-06 02:57:41 PM

    Hi Judy! You seem like a really cool person, and I hope you like it here! Anyway, here's my audition.

    Part: Bandit's love interest or one of the friends.
    Name: Filippa Morikova
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    What country are you from? Russia.
    Appearance: (Split up for detail)
    Hair: Black, chin length.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Body: 5'6, 115 pounds. Average size bust, slightly curvy.
    Tattoos and or piercings: Doesn't have any.
    Clothes, jewelry, and shoes: Anything vintage or retro. Also wears lots of plaid skirts, punk band t shirts, and maryjane flats, converse, or sometimes heels for shoes.
    Anything else involving appearance: Not that I can think of.
    Personality: Very witty, sarcastic, tends to make people laugh. Loyal, protective of friends, very outgoing. Obeys rules for the most part. Cares a lot about her education and studies very frequently, but doesn't let school dictate the rest of her life.
    Back story: Grew up in Moscow. Was given a scholarship to the school your story takes place at. Her family is very poor, and they wouldn't have been able to send her on their own. Her dad left the family when she was two, and she doesn't really remember him.
    What do you think of the murder? It frightens her, and she hopes that they catch whoever did it.
    What do you think of Bandit? She thinks she's really nice, and wants to know more about her. If you pick this character for the love interest, then she's also very shy around Bandit.
    Anything else I should know? Nope.
    I hope this helps, and good luck writing your story.
  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) Sleeping7Beast 2012-03-06 03:04:01 PM

    Oh, and welcome to ficwad! Hope your story gets lots of rates and reviews!
  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) ilovecandy 2012-03-06 03:34:19 PM

    Welcome to ficwad! I'm sort of new, too. Well, new to the MCR section, anyway, since I'm just now becoming a fan of them.
    Part: Bandit's friend or the popular girl who is secretly nice.
    Name: Antoinette Bernard
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    What country are you from? France
    Hair: Golden blond, slightly wavy
    Eyes: Bright blue
    Body: 5'7. Around 130 pounds. Very curvy.
    Tattoos and or piercings: None
    Clothes, jewelry, and shoes: Skinny jeans, band shirts, an old army jacket, converse, ballet flats. Occasionally wears a skirt with tights or knee highs unless it's really hot.
    Anything else involving appearance: Has a small beauty mark to the left of her mouth.
    Personality: Is a tiny bit boy crazy, very loyal, outspoken, intelligent.
    Back story: Her mom was also a teacher at the school, but she got a better job, and left. Antoinette really liked it at the school, though, so she stayed behind. When she lived in France, she didn't have many friends because people thought she was weird.
    What do you think of the murder? She's thinks it's awful, and can't imagine what the girl's family is going through.
    What do you think of bandit? She liked her the minute that they met, and is excited to hang out with her and show her around.
    Anything else I should know? She smokes a lot and wants to be a photographer when she's older.
  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) Falcon_Dance 2012-03-06 04:08:20 PM

    Hey, I'm new here too, and I'd like to know if I could audition for a possible killer.
    Name: Riley Matthews
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female, but very masculine
    Country: German
    Hair: Very short, light blonde
    Eyes: Ice blue-gray
    Body: 5'2", very fit, around 120 lbs
    Tattoos/piercings: A phrase about vengeance or death on her back in another language, lip ring
    Clothing: Boys clothes, camo or soldier style, military boots, dogtags, plain t-shirts
    Personality: Mysterious, stubborn, hard to get along with, is often alone, sarcastic, secretive, somewhat friendly if someone gets through to her
    Back story: Doesn't talk much about it, father was a soldier/assassin/bounty hunter (you choose) and was killed (but not sure when/how), mother thought she could find a better job in Japan working for a computer company
    What do you think of the murder? Maybe they have a good reason for revenge...we don't know their side of the story, do we? Hmph, who knows.
    What do you think of Bandit? Ugh, must be another rich foreign exchange student prep chick. Greaaat.
    Anything else I should know? She has a lot of interest in weapons and owns a couple knives and guns, some were her father's.
  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) Heymimusic 2012-03-06 04:15:20 PM

    Hello and welcome to Ficwad! You'll love it here, we are all like a pretty close family (:

    Part: possibly Bandit's love interest? If not, then I'd just like to be someone who helps her out.

    Name: Matteo Roman-Luz

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    What country are you from? Puerto Rico

    Hair: he has blackishbrownish layered hair that reaches to his shoulders. He hates to gel it and usually doesn't straighten it. Kind of like William Beckett's old hairstyle

    Eyes: dark brown

    Body:5 foot 10 inches

    Tattoos and or piercings: none.

    Clothes, jewelry, and shoes: he likes black and tropical colors, so he'll mostly be wearing like a light blue, sunset orange, tropical colors. He wears v-necks most of the time because regular cut shirts make him feel like he's gonna choke. He almost always partners his shirts up with a jacket or a vest. He likes dark blue jeans and creative looking shoes.
    Anything else involving appearance: he has a scar on his left eyebrow, cutting it across diagonally.

    Personality: He's genuinely really nice to everyone he meets. He was raised to respect anyone as long as they don't do something bad in his eyes. He's forgiving, but doesn't trust very much. He likes to admit that he's awkward and hates lying. He's also protective of the people he cares about and loves nature. Not only that, but he kind of has a dark side. This side is a deep thinker and analyzes his surroundings. He finds murders and death fascinating, occasionally asking himself how the killer did it and why. He hates the fact that no one catches these killers and wishes for a way to stop them from happening.

    Back story: he had always been fascinated with the Japanese culture. So when he was offered a scholarship to go to the international school, he didn't stop and hesitate, but he did ask for his deaf sister to come along with him. Now, they live together and she also attends the school.

    What do you think of the murder? He hates the fact that it was committed, but he finds the way she died sickly fascinating. He wants to become a blood splatter analyst and solve crimes.

    What do you think of Bandit? She's a sweet girl who means no harm. He'll be able to get along with her and show her around.

    Anything else I should know? He likes music, sports, and occasionally dancing traditional Hispanic dances. He knows sign language and is fluent in both English and spanish. He's a klutz when he gets shy, which isn't very often and doesn't like to admit how he feels most of the time. His little sister is 14, looks and acts almost like a female version of him, and is named Lucero.

    Thank you, and like I said, Welcome to Ficwad! Enjoy the madness!
  • Introducing Myself and Auditions!

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-03-06 04:53:00 PM

    Part: Love interest then a friend otherwise any wheee you would need me.

    Name: Aven Monroe

    Age: (14-18 years old, please.) 15 (You can change if you need to)

    Gender: Female

    What country are you from?: London England


    Hair: shoulder length balck hair with blue fringe. usually in pig tails or sloppy pony tail

    Eyes: lightish blue gray

    Body:(This would be height, weight, etc.):*}

    slender pale skin
    heart shaped face

    [*Tattoos and or piercings:

    Bella Vita she got from her brothers friend who is a tatttoo artist

    snake bites

    Clothes, jewelry, and shoes:
    white tank top
    leather jacket
    black,red or gray skinnies
    heart shaped locket
    all star high tops or combat boots

    Anything else involving appearance:


    Back story:

    What do you think of the murder?

    What do you think of Bandit?

    Anything else I should know?

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