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it happens

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this is my first fan fic, sorry if its bad.

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Delusional alives pov

I sat not saying anything, listening to every word Korse said to me “you were made to trick the fabulous killjoys”
“to trick them, why?”
“Because we need to change the world and the killjoys are the only thing in the way, from changing, we also need the little girl they have with them, she was stolen from us, we need her back.”
“Ok, when will I leave?”
“In 4 weeks, we will train you up, so you’ll be ready fight, if they make one”
“Ok” I said watching him as he walked at the door, the it in the masked looked at me, well, it seemed to feel like it “training starts tomorrow” it said throwing in a bag. He closed the door, just before he closed the door, he threw a bag in. I got up and opened it, in it laid bright purple skinny jeans, those converses that go all the way up to the knee, they were red. A black singlet, a dark purple jacket and, a blue laced bra, why would he give me a bra that looks like that it’s not like im going to get laid. I got dress in them, pulling the pale pink, lot of fabric that I was wearing over my head. I laid down, keeping my shoes off, and closing my eyes.

“Please no, I don’t mean to do this I was made!” I screamed, the blade cut my stomach I already had marks all over it, to my left there was a girl that I have seen before, I looked back to the front, I think it was the front, “tell me bitch, korse sent you!” the I saw who it was it was the guy on the walls of HQ one of them, it was the one with red hair. “please it hurts so much-“ I don’t know what happened next because I woke up, I was covered in sweat, I didn’t really see the point of going back to sleep, so I put my shoes on a sat back down, would they find out who I am.
I sat there for an hour or two, till the door finally opened, korse stepped in, “oh, your awake, and in the clothes I got you, good.” He looked out to the hall way and a masked person stepped in, “up you get, start training today” it said, I stood up and walked out, I followed it down the hall way closely followed by korse, when I got into the room I saw there was another girl in there, but it wasn’t just any girl, it was the girl in my dream. “This violent stardust, violent stardust, this is delusional alive.” Korse said.
“Nice to meet you”
“She will be your partner in training, and she will also help you with the killjoys. So let’s start shall we.”

Training was hard 10 hours a day for four weeks I fell straight asleep every night. One the last day of training we went down and there was two boxes, one was purple and the other was orange, I walked over to the purple, and stardust walked over to the orange, we looked at each other and opened them, I pulled out a purple ray gun and she pulled out an orange one, under that there was a mask and bandana the mask was purple with a few black dots and a green type of spikey thing coming off the side, the bandana was purple and black. I looked up at stardust, she looked at me. “Well girls” a voice said we turned around to see Korse, “ready for your last day off training?”
That day of training was hard it was the hardest ever, I was nearly asleep before I even got to my bed, I laid down and closed my eyes. Middle of the night I woke up. “SHIT!” what if they find out what im up to what if they kill me, I haven’t even lived yet. I managed to fall back asleep, when I woke up again Korse was at my door, “today is the day” he said, meaning today is the day we leave and theres a chance I might die. I got up and walked with korse, I ate something and I walked to the front of the building, Violent Stardust was there, mask down, so I pulled mine down, “ready” she said “ready” she got hold of my hand and we walked out, that was the day, Violent Stardust and Delusional Alive was born.
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