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Ghosts Will Never Hurt You

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The guys watch a horror movie and poor Frankie gets scared...

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My phone went funny and I lost everything I'd already written (which was most of this chapter) so I've had to rewrite it and that's my excuse for not updating as quickly as I'd have liked. Please R&R, it's the only way I can improve!

Frank's POV

After we'd put the guitars and everything away, we go into the living room and Mikey grabs a DVD for us to watch. I see Gerard's face whiten, and I wonder what film it could be. Ray starts trembling, and says 'Please Mikey, not Grave Encounters. Please, anything bit that. Grown men have been crying at it, and I really don't want to die!'

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Grave Encounters is the scariest movie I've ever had the misfortune to watch, and I've watched some pretty scary ones in my time. Seriously, me and the film do not go well together. I'm pretty sure my face is now whiter than Gerard's, and that's saying something.

Me and Gerard share the smaller sofa, and we snuggle up together. He puts out his hand under the duvet and I squeeze it tightly to remind myself that I'm in Gee and Mikey's house, not with my 'friends' back home. I'm with Gerard, in Gerard's house, holding Gerard's hand and he loves me. And I love him.

The film starts, and I remember that it kind of starts out as a joke, and Gerard's face cracks up as he realises this. Pretty soon, all of us are laughing our heads off at it, but then that was the way that it started back in New Jersey. God, why can't I just forget it and enjoy being with my proper friends?

It starts getting scary, and Gerard's grip on my hand tightens slightly. It seems mean to say so, but I'm glad he's scared as well. It means I'm not the only one. But I'm the only one who went through what I did that other night.

It all started with some guys pretending to be my friend. I was stupid enough to believe that they actually cared about me, and after a few weeks one of them suggested a horror movie night. I was invited, and I was excited about being included for once, so I went along with them. We watched Saw 3,4 and 5 and then they put on Grave Encounters. I wasn't scared of it at first, and we all laughed at it. It got scary and we all shut up. Then, I think one of them got out some beer and they drank to stop being scared. I got a bit wary of them at that point, and I wanted to stay in a state of mind that was controllable, in case something happened.

They came at me, drunk obviously, and started calling me names like faggot. That wasn't do bad, because I blocked it out. And then one of them hit me. I mean, properly hit me. They slammed me up against the wall, and every one of them was punching me everywhere they could. It was worse than your average beating because I thought they were my friends and it was in one of their houses. They left me in the basement, and I could only remember changing the words 'Never let them take me alive, never let them take me alive' and after a couple of hours, the film had finished and I had worked up the courage to walk out of there in the bloody mess that I was.

They didn't notice me creeping out of the house, and I somehow got back home to find that my mum was out. At a club, probably. I cleaned myself up, and my mum came home at about 3am. I got an earful for getting in a fight again, and that pushed me over the edge. I yelled at her, and shortly after that it was decided that I was coming here for a fresh start.

I notice Gerard looking at me, and I realise that I'm visibly shaking. I smile weakly at him and squeeze his hand to let him know that I'm alright. I don't think he believes me, though. I continue watching the film, ignoring the taunts that are ringing through my head like the bullies are actually there next to me.

The film finishes and I notice that everyone else apart from Gee is shaking and as pale as Gerard with white foundation on, which is pretty scary. Gee suggests that we go and make pancakes to take our minds off it.

We all go into the kitchen and start making pancakes zombie-like, and after we all have at least 4 midnight pancakes, Gee tells us to go back into the living room. He puts on Pink Panther 2, which is really funny. It works with taking my mind off the movie, and even though Gee's laughing with all of us, I can tell he's worried. Not about the film, he wasn't scared by it, but he might be worried about me. Maybe

We all sort of migrate onto the floor, so we all lie next to each other watching the film. Gee's at the end and I'm next to him. And we're closer together than strictly neccessary. But I'm not complaining. Pink Panther 2 finishes and Mikey turns off the light.

About half an hour passes and everyone except me and Gee are asleep. He whispers to me 'Are you alright?'. So he was worried about me.

'Do you want the honest answer? Or the I'm okay excuse?' I tell him.

'What do you think, idiot?' He retorts, and I can tell he's joking when he calls me an idiot.

'Um, Grave Encounters was shit scary. And I've had really bad experiences with it before.' I sort of open up to him, but I'm still a bit reluctant to tell him the whole truth. He has the right to know, but still.

'Come on, that film wasn't scary enough to make you go as white as me and start shaking like a train's coming to run you over.' Oh shit. Did I really do that?

I tell him about being beaten up and everything. I can't blame him when he puts his arms around me and starts telling me that those guys who beat me up are assholes who should have multiple cups of urine thrown at their face, but all it does is makes me want to rip his short off and-

Woah. He's started kissing me, and I kiss him back immediately. He rolls on top of me, and our arms wrap around each other like we're never gonna let go.

A sound makes me stop and Gee looks at me in surprise. 'I heard a sound comin from over there' I explain, looking over in the other's direction. He follows my gaze and starts choking back laughter.

'Gee, what's so funny?' I ask him, because I can't see very well in the dark and all I can see is two lumps kind of moving. Where Mikey and Ray should be. And Ray's sleeping bag is empty.

It dawns on me what's happening and I too have to bite back laughter. 'Ray and Mikey?' I check with Gee in case it's not those two.

He nods and stifles a giggle. That sets me off and we're both trying not to make any sound. Which is really damn difficult.

The two figures stop moving and the one with the big fro looks over at us, and I realise that Gee's still on top of me. Shit.

'What are you two doing?' Says Mikey.

'I could ask you the same question.' Gerard replies.

'We're, um, this isn't what it looks like...' Mikey sort of mumbles.

'It looks like you two are making out, if that helps' I chip in.

'In that case, yeah, it is what it looks like. So what are YOU doing?' Ray speaks for the first time.

'We are laughing at you two, if you really want to know.' Clever one, Gerard.

'Why are you on top of Frank then?' Damn Mikey and his Sherlock like detective skills.

'Gerard was experimenting whether it was more comfy on me or on the floor. So, which is more comfortable?' Wow, I'm getting good at come backs. And the last bit was directed at Gee.

'Hmm, I think you're more comfy, mainly because the floor's really hard. And you're quite soft, like a mattress, so I think I'll sleep here. If you don't mind' How he says that without laughing like an idiot I have not the foggiest idea in the world.

I think he's scared Mikey a bit, because Mikey says 'Well, um, I don't want you lying on me or anything, okay?' Haha, he believes Gerard.

Gerards POV, the morning after

I can just remember what happened last night, and to be honest, I fail to see how Bob could have slept through all of that. We sort of had a joke arguement after I told Frankie that I'd like to lie on him all night, which I did, but that's not the point, anyway yeah, Mikey and Ray got a bit touchy about us finding out about them being together, and I couldn't resist teasing Mikey about it.

Right now, I'm lying on Frank half asleep waiting for someone to wake up, and seeing as it's 6am, I don't think they'll wake up anytime soon. Shame really. I wasn't lying yesterday, Frankie is a lot more comfortable than the floor. Apart from the fact that I have only got 3 hours sleep due to the fact that I want to fuck the shit out of him. And lying on him probably isn't helping.

I see Bob stir, and I promptly roll of Frankie, so he doesn't suspect anything. Ray'll probably tell him anyway, but that way's a lot less embarrassing than being found on top of the guy you've only known for a few days. Only a few days? It seems like a lifetime.

I look at the clock from my new position next to Frankie, and it's 7am, when we should be getting up anyway. Bob opens his eyes and I thought it would be funny to put my face really close to his and grin like a maniac before he woke up. When he opens his eyes, he yells 'SHIT! Gerard, why the fucking fuck would you scare the living shit out of me before I've had coffee?' I was in for it now. 'It' being a scary Bob when he's not had coffee.

I leap up and dash into the kitchen to make loads of coffee before Bob could wring my neck, and he follows me. He says that he could forgive me if I gave him 4 mugs of coffee, the lazy caffeine addict. He's nowhere near as bad as me and Mikey, though. If we fail to have less than 10 mugs a day, we start shaking really bad and we have to get coffee in us FAST.

Frank comes into the kitchen and smiles at me. Thank god or whoever's up there that I wasn't carrying any mugs or I might have smashed them on the floor. His smile is so cute, and it melts my heart just to think of it.

Pretty soon, we're all sitting around the kitchen table drinking shit loads of coffee, and suddenly Mikey half shouts 'Frank and Gerard are gay!', the little bugger.

Bob looks at us - Frank is sitting on my lap because there are only 4 seats - and a look of understanding passes over his face. 'So THAT'S why I woke up to find Gerard on top of Frank...'

I freeze, and Ray looks at my blushing face. 'So you weren't lying about spending the night on him then' I could kill him.

Frank looks at me, and I look him in the eyes, trying to telepathically communicate to him that I loved it, and I didn't want to squeeze the daylight out of him, and I didn't do anything except sleep. In case he thought that I sexually harrassed him while he slept or something. Which I didn't. I think.

]This chapter is really different to the first version, which is from Gerard's POV and I'm not sure which one was better. Maybe this one, but I guess I'll never know. Oh well. Anyway, it's a cliffhanger and I'll try and update as soon as I can![
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