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the little girl

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Delusional Alive meets Grace for the first time

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Delusional Alives pov

I have enough of Fun Ghoul I looked around and saw party poison sitting down next to a little girl, I was guessing it was the little girl Korse wanted, then it hit, me Korse I really didn’t wanna continue with my mission, I think I was In love with party poison. I looked back at fun Ghoul
“Oi Fun Ghoul shut the fuck up!”
“Ghoul, you should shut up” the little girl said laughing.
I walked over to Party poison and sat down Ghoul walked back to his spot, I looked at him, Kobra came and sat one poisons other side Grace went and sat on Kobra’s lap. I looked to poison “can I have my ray gun back yet?”
“Are you gonna kill Fun Ghoul?”
“Not yet?”
“Not yet, well that’s just awesome”
“I said not yet, I still might if he pisses me off even more”
“Please don’t we uhh kinda need him” he laughed.
I looked at Grace sitting on Kobra’s lap, “hey” I smiled
“Hi” she smiled at me
“How old are you” I asked her
“Nine” she smiled
“Who long has Korse wanted you for?”
“Since I was 3”
“Why what’d you?” I asked not taking my eyes off her, after a while they started to sting. The fire wasn’t helping much.
“Well it had a lot to do with my mother, uncle party poisons sister, astatic lullaby, or before the whole taking over the world, Sarah.”
“She was killed?”
“How long ago?”
“After the second load of bombs” poison said looking up at me, my eyes tore away from Grace to look at him.
“Oh, I’m so sorry”
“It’s alright, I mean, we got each other” he smiled, my heart skipped a beat.
I started to talk to Party Poison, we talked for a bit then I started to wonder, whats his real name?
“Whats your real name?” opps I didn’t mean that.
“Wow no one’s asked me that in a while, Gerard, Gerard Way, yours?”
Shit I don’t have a real name, “Katherine Lynx” I said yeah that’s good enough.
“That’s a really pretty name, for such a beautiful girl.” Then he went quite, did he just call me beautiful? Yep a voice said. I looked back at violent stardust she was staring at the back of poisons head “what” I lipped to her, she threw her head behind her I stood up walked further out with her.
“What” I said
“This might be a lot harder than we thought” she whispered.
“I know but we can’t back down” I hissed.
“Why don’t we just kill them?”
“Because Korse wants to” I hissed again “and what are we gonna do with Grace-“
“Everything alright” a voice came, we both jumped when Jet Star came over.
“Yeah, fine” I said, there was a lump in my throat. He eyed us for a few second “come on lets go back” I said walking back and sitting back next to Party Poison.

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