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Chapter three- 666

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Stephanie's POV

I was so nervous, I just blurted out the answer and I caught the guy next to me staring, wide eyes, mouth hanging open.
I shouldn't have answered.
I stayed back after everyone walked out and Mr Inis gave me a timetable, map and my locker combination and gave me a quick brief on my classes. I thanked him and turned to walk out,
"Y-Yeah?" I said
"Listen, don't worry about what people say about your condition. Social anxiety is a big thing and you're a smart girl, don't worry about it okay?"
I nod and swing open the door, the first step out I take, I'm knocked down.
"I'm sooo sorry!" the guy from class says as he gets off me awkwardly, he offers a hand to help me up and I take it.
"I-I-Its o-okay" I tell him
He helps me to gather my things then looks at me,
"I'm Frodo Blake Wisman, but everyone just calls me Blake"
"Fr- Frodo as in lord of the rings?" I try and hold back a laugh as he nodds.
I just look down shyly, "Stephanie Parker"
"Supermans sister?"
"Nope, m-my brother's n-name is Jake"
I just look down at my locker code and frown
"You need some help?" he asks me, I nod
"What do you need?" he says, peeking over to the sheet
" 666"
"That's my old locker, wow 666 ha! Anyway that's easy, I'll show you"
He smiles and I look down scuffing my boots,
"Come on" he says taking my hand
"We've gotta go" he says anxiously
"Jocks, just trust me, you don't wanna mess with them"
I'm confused but he leads me down random hallways until he stops and faces me again,
"Here's 666"
I half smile again,
"H-How do I d-do the code t-t-thing?"
"Show me the code" he says, I pass him the paper
"Okay, wow it's my old code too! Creepy"
I shift my jumper sleeves,
"14, 38, 18 what you've got to do is start at 10, go around four times to ten but on the forth keep going until 14, then go around to 38 then back to 18"
I nod
He opened the locker and helped me pin up my timetable and put all my stuff in,
"How d-do I-I read this...?"
"The timetable?"
I nod
"Bro, what school did you come from?!" he jokes, reading and explaining it to me.
"Thanks" I mutter turning away, I put my left earphone back in and leave the right one hanging, luna by smashing pumpkins starts playing
"Do you wanna come hang out?"
I can't believe my ears,
"Su-Sure" I smile
He takes my hand and leads me into the cafeteria, I shut my eyes tightly and take a deep breath.
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