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Finding my lover~ Shinya

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A brave Toshiya and a scared Shinya brave the forest to look for Die...

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Toshiya flew down the stairs to Shinya. The princess must be so scared. Die might've been killed aswell. "SHIIINNYYAAAA!", Toshiya called, out of breath as his high heels tip-tapped on the kitchen floor. "Oh Totchi", Shinya's mascara had run all the way down to his neck. "Ok, calm down, I've phoned the polic now, we've just got to find Kyo and D-Die! When was the last time you saw Die?", Toshiya was trying to make sense of things here and all the drummer was doing right now was crying his brown eyes out. "Uh-uhm...outside..he-he told m-me to l-lay off so-so I came back in here t-to get a drink an-and I haven't seen h-him since" Shinya had a very worried expression on his pretty face now. "Oh shin", Toshiya leant over to give his litte friend a hug. "What if Die's dead too? It could be an assasin. We could be next!", He started wailing loudly. "Shinya! Shinya! Pull yourself together!", Toshiya screamed at him. He kept on crying. Toshiya slapped him across his face. "Totchi....wh-why?", Shinya wonderd why the bassist had hurt him. "I'm sorry- please forgive me!", He pleaded. "We don't have time for this- let's go", Shinya pulled Toshiya by the wrist towards the front of the house.

"DIE!!" Shinya screamed into the night. "BABY! WHERE ARE YOU!", Shinya started crying viciously again. Toshiya sat him down by the lake before hugging him again and gently rocking him back and forth. "It's okay, shin, We'll find him, okay? I promise", Toshiya was trying to comfort him but nothing was working. "AND WHAT IF WE CAN'T?!", Shinya screamed at his friend. He stood up, no longer caring about his muddy dress. "I'm going to look for my love- you look for Kyo! We need to get out of here, okay? Kao's already dead and you don't want that happening to Kyo-kun or Me, or you, or...." Shinya burst out crying and started wailing whist calling Die's name. "Shhhh, Shin-chan, I'll come with you- Kyo's a master at Karate, he can handle himself". Well....Shinya never knew that..

The drumemr and the bassist wandered silently into the deep, murky forest. "Toshiya, I'm scared", Shinya huddled closer to him. "It's okay, Shin", Toshiya held him close. He was frather enjoying this, Shinya with him, cuddling him. I'm starting to think it's a good thing if Die's dead he thought grimly. "Hey- what if he is gone? What'll you do then?", Toshiya asked the cold frame next to him. "I'll-I'll kill myself, I can't live without Die!". Toshiya understood how he must've felt but he couldn't let little Shinya die too. "NO! I MEAN YOU CAN'T DIE! I LO- nevermind.." Shinya looked down shamefully. "If some-somethign has happened to h-him...w-would you still want m-me?", Toshiya looked at him with surprise. "You're fuckng beautiful of course I would!", Toshiya smiled a huge grin....Shinya smiled a little but it was fake. You can't be dead, Die, I love you too much to ever let you go and let Toshiya have me
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