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“Party will come for you, Korse, and he will kill you.”

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The darkness lifted slowly and Haru opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that her room was pink. Hideously pink. It attacked her vision so violently that she had to blink a few times. She sat up, her head light and her body stiff. She rubbed the crick in her neck and looked about the room. She was tucked up in a soft purple bed with a fluffy pink throw at her feet. In one corner there was a desk and mirror where a variety of hair and beauty products were set out neatly. The carpet was thick and purple and next to the bed stood a bookshelf with hundreds of books stacked into it. There was a TV fixed onto the wall and ten shelves lined with DVDs. The only thing that broke the image was a wall that consisted of nothing but shiny black bars.

It wasn’t an ordinary room.

It was a cell.

She got to her feet and staggered for a moment, the feeling rushing back into her numb limbs. Why was she here? Where was Kobra? She shuffled to the iron bars, still tottering on her feet every so often. She leaned on the metal rods for support and looked up and down the white corridor, “Hello?” She called, “HELLO?!” She shook the door and it rattled. Anger flushed her cheeks, who had dared to lock her up?! From nowhere stepped a Scarecrow officer, “OI!” She bellowed, “You!” The officer turned and stared at her from behind the mask that covered his face, “I demand that you release me right now. Do you even know who I am?! I am Haru Simians of the Exterminator Division. I am your superior and I demand that you open this door!”

The Scarecrow stared a while longer, then walked off.

“Don’t you turn your back on me! I am warning you, open this damn door!”

He carried on walking.

“I’m warning you! I am your superior!”

The officer paused then looked back, “Well in that case, I’ll fetch the boss.” With that, he disappeared silently and quickly, leaving Haru to watch after him.


Kobra’s room was white with no windows and only one door. And that door was very heavily guarded. He was locked up with his wrists handcuffed together and his ankles bound with chain and a padlock, so that was a brand new experience right there. From within this room he could hear the scuffles and growls of the Draculoid that guarded his prison. He smiled to himself as he looked at his shirt. It was spattered with blood.

Korse’s blood.

His knuckles ached dully from where he had punched the BL/ind leader and he was still shaking from where he had been electrocuted with the stun gun. He didn’t know why he had done it; Haru was nothing to him. But the second he caught Korse with his lips on hers he’d lost it, thus leading him to this cheery little place.

But, despite himself, he couldn’t help but wonder where Haru was; if she was okay or not. He tipped his head back and leaned against the cold wall with his eyes shut. He was almost dozing off when there was a high pitched buzzing sound and the door hissed open. Footsteps clicked on the tiled floor but the Killjoys eyes remained shut; he didn’t need to see who it was.

“Michael,” Korse spat.

Kobra didn’t even flicker an eyelid.


“That’s not my name anymore,” Kobra replied coolly.

There was a sudden pain in his stomach and his eyes snapped open as he doubled over, clutching his middle. He felt a tear in the stitches. Korse brought his leg back down again and grinned,
“It is your name here. So Michael...”

“What?” Kobra wheezed. Korse raised his foot again and Kobra flinched back on instinct.

“It’s ‘Yes Sir’,” He growled.

“Yes... sir...” Kobra whispered.

The bald man nudged him with his boot, “Good boy,” He said. Then he turned his back, “Why would
she fall for you, Michael? Why? I did everything right. I spoke to her more than anyone else,
complimented her on everything she did... but she betrayed me.”

“I wonder why...” Kobra muttered but Korse, thankfully, didn’t seem to hear him.

“But she will be mine, Michael. She will fall in love with me as surely as I will kill you.”
Kobra’s throat tightened at that.

“But killing you is for later. I think I’ll go all out on your death... maybe I’ll even get Haru to do the honours, especially after she has agreed to be my wife.”
Kobra’s cheeks burned, “She would never marry you.”

Korse laughed, “Don’t flatter yourself Kobra. Besides, I don’t have to wait for her to fall in love with me, because I have these.” He held up a small bottle with pink tablets inside, “A few of these planted into her food and she’s as good as mine.”

“Party will come for you, Korse, and he will kill you.”

Korse seemed to stall and the smile slackened a little, “Well, the last I saw of him, he was being cornered by one of my Draculoids here. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.” He turned and left, the door hissing shut behind him.

Kobra buried his face in his hands, his stomach throbbing with pain.

He had to stop Korse.

He had to save Haru.

Will Kobra be able to stop him? Or is there a little surprise along the way? ;) Hope you enjoyed it. Please R&R :)

- Sara xoxo
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