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A sudden change of heart

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"Haru squealed and then the world swirled and the last thing she saw was Korse’s face sneering and a red blur appearing behind him."

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A sudden change of heart.

Party stood straight, watching the horizon intently. The sun was sinking low, the sky blossoming into a fiery red and the shadows yawning out like stretching cats. Fun Ghoul stood behind him, twirling his gun lazily around his index finger with a look of melancholy on his face.

“This better not be messy,” Sabbath called, cocking his sniper rifle, “I don’t think I’ve got enough equipment to fix you all up.”

“It won’t be messy,” Party growled, “But it will be quick.”

Jet Star rolled his eyes and continued polishing his blades; two silver samurai-style swords he’d found on a raid once. He slipped one in its sheath and strapped it over his shoulder, the other he kept steady in hand, “This is ridiculous, Party,” He said, “Can’t we just torture her instead?”

“No, she took my brother- this is personal,” Party spat, scouring the horizon. Still nothing appeared.

Sabbath started singing, muttering French lyrics under his breath. Jet Star took his place next to Party, flipping the sword over in his hands, “How ‘bout we torture her for a while, but you can kill her?” He checked his reflection in the blade, “I’d like to cut her up a little; mess her up.” From behind, Fun hummed and nodded in agreement,

“I want to mess her up too. Can we please torture her? It’s been a long time since an Exterminator came our way.”

Party though this over for a second, then shrugged, “I suppose it couldn’t hurt... But I get the first turn, okay?” The two men nodded, “I get seconds!” Fun piped up.

Suddenly, Sabbath threw his gun down, “Sacré bleu! C’est ridicule! What are you, animals?!” He spat on the floor, “Have you even heard yourselves?” The three men stared at him. “I can cope with it when you bring dead bodies into the house, but no way am I going to allow you to torture someone in my home!”

“...Why?” Fun asked.

Sabbath cried out in anger before storming off to the hotel. He stopped at the door, “And don’t even think of trying to sneak in with her or I will disembowel you!” The door slammed shut behind him.

“Wow...” Fun said and turned back to Party, “...Are we still gonna torture her?”

Party smiled, “Oh God yes.”

In her seat, Shockwave whined. Her legs were numb from sitting and her wrists sore from the cuffs. The Draculoid sniffed the air and purred deeply, lapping up her fear. She couldn’t bring herself to even look at it. She saw Korse’s eyes watching her through the rear view mirror and he smiled, “Almost there,” He said. The Draculoid mewled with excitement and flexed its fingers, the black serrated talons clicking as they glanced off each other. Korse scrutinised her a little longer, “Such a pretty little thing aren’t you?”

Shockwave scowled.

“I could make you a Draculoid...” He mused and she swallowed, body tensing. “But,” He continued, “Your face is too pretty for such a fate.” She relaxed slightly, grateful that he’d decided against messing her face up. “I shall make you into something beautiful, though. I shall make you into a piece of artwork for the whole of America to see.”

For some reason, Shockwave suddenly had visions of her dissected body smeared all over a canvas and hung up in an art gallery. She shuddered.

“Trust me, the only thing America wants to see is your head on a spike,” She growled.

“Ooh, you are a feisty one, aren’t you?”

She glared ay him, wishing that hot lasers would blast from her eyes and shoot him in the back of the head. But this only seemed to amuse the bald tyrant even more so,

“If looks could kill,” He chuckled.

“Rot in Hell,” Shockwave glowered, but her comeback was short lived. Suddenly, the Draculoid had her face held in an iron-like grip, its teeth millimetres away from her throat. She could smell its foul breath, clogging her sinuses with the stench of rotting meat. She drew in a tight, panicky breath. The Draculoid’s eyes glinted and it growled, saliva dripping off its teeth and sliding down her shirt. Her heart pounded and the blood rushed in her ears.

“I suggest we start being a bit more respectful towards me, after all I am holding your life in my hands.” Korse sneered. Shockwave nodded as much as she could and the Draculoid relaxed and curled back in its seat, but she still felt its gaze piercing her.

Then the car gained speed before swerving to the right. Shockwave fell and smacked her head off the door. She cursed and wriggled back up into a sitting position, her skull throbbing. The vehicle had stopped completely and she heard Korse’s gun cock, she looked at him.

“Game on,” He smiled.

Haru pulled the bike up amid a withered patch of trees. They’d made it. She got off and stretched out after the long ride. Kobra hopped off and looked at her,
“I-I guess this is goodbye then?” He said. Haru looked at the dust on her boots and scratched her arm.

“Yeah...” She said, but she wished it wasn’t true. They’d barely even got to know each other but Haru felt like she was losing a friend. She’d miss him, throughout the rest of the ride here he had shared both funny and sad stories with her about his mama and Party and she’d actually enjoyed it. Listening to him talk about all the things he’d done made her feel less isolated, especially when he’d listened to her anecdotes- though few there were. She’d discovered that just because he was branded a Killjoy, it didn’t make him any less human or a person than her.

“So, the second I turn my back should I start running, or will you jump ahead and try to shoot me now?” Kobra smirked. She laughed awkwardly.

“No... I think I’ll take a break,” She sighed, “Give you some time to recuperate- I play fair and square.”

The Killjoy looked surprised for a moment before flashing a small smile, “Thanks.”

“No problem, plus I’ve wanted to do some tinkering on my bike for some time. Now perhaps I’ll get a chance?”

Disappointingly, Kobra only put his hand out. But she took it and they shook, “Thank you,” He said, “For everything.”

“You’re welcome.”

He slicked back his fringe and rubbed the sunburn on his neck, the gold locket glimmered in the sun, “I’ll see you around, Haru.” Suddenly Haru remembered something. She trotted over to the bike and lifted the seat up to rummage in the compartment underneath. She took out a bottle of aspirin and Kobra’s jacket, “Here,” She said and offered him them. He took them and smiled,
“You’re not as bad as they say, Haru,” He said and Haru blushed. Then he turned and began to walk off, “I’ll see you again when you’re trying to kill me!” He called. Haru forced a laugh as he disappeared around the corner of the farm building.

“You can bet on it,” She muttered but, somewhere deep down, she had the feeling that she wouldn’t be trying to kill him anytime soon. She turned back to the bike and read the fuel level- she had just enough to get home with. She got on but didn’t drive off. She sighed and leaned onto the handle bar, face buried in her hands. She tried to process everything that had happened but just couldn’t. Why hadn’t she killed Kobra? It wasn’t logical- it didn’t make any sense. She sat up and ran a hand through her hair and decided that this mental battle was best left for home. Party would be here to pump her full of laser in a minute; she had to go.

Twisting the ignition, she kicked the bike off. But she’d barely moved five meters before she heard a scream.

And then there was a gunshot.


Party dodged the shot and snarled. Why hadn’t he seen this coming?! Of course Haru wasn’t going to turn up by herself. Korse leaned against his car, the gun still smoking from when he had fired it, “Hello, Party,” He grinned. A Scarecrow stood beside him, a massive gun held in two hands and a finger resting on the trigger. Next to that crouched a creature that Party had never seen before, he wanted to say that it was a Draculoid... but this wasn’t a man in a mask. It was poised possessively behind a girl who was hiding behind a shock of blue hair. The atmosphere was tense to say the least.

Korse fixed his gaze on Party, his cold dark eyes hollow, “Well I’d love to stay and chat but I have people to kill and a country to take over. So I’ll keep this brief,” He turned to the Draculoid-like creature, “Kill them.”

It shrieked and bounded forward, faster than anyone could have anticipated and collided with Fun Ghoul who was sent flying.

Then all hell broke loose.


Haru bolted round the corner, her gun ready and adrenaline jumping in her blood. There were bangs and the smell of burning ozone as laser blasts cut through the air. She saw Kobra bolting in from the side lines, pistol firing erratically and he stood back to back with Party. Party was shooting at Korse, Kobra was against the Draculoid. There was a streak of brown as Jet shot past. He kicked up from the ground, bringing his sword across in an arc. The Scarecrow stop firing and his head slid clean off, rolling to a halt at Jet’s feet.

Fun Ghoul was trying to get up, clutching at the claw marks that lined his chest. With no second thoughts, Haru ran to him ducking laser beams and dodging the Draculoid’s claws as it lashed out spontaneously. She held out a hand to him, “Fun Ghoul!” She shouted. His head snapped up, his eyes widened and rage contorted his face.

“Party!” He yelled, “Party, she’s here! Take the shot!”

Thankfully Party didn’t hear, but now Fun Ghoul was the new threat. He’d picked his gun up and aimed it squarely at her. He was going to kill her instead. She looked at him, “I’m so sorry for this.” She said and her leg lashed out, her boot connecting with his forehead and he slumped back, eyes shut.

“Haru?” Cried a voice and she turned. It was Korse, one of the most powerful men in the country, standing in all of his sickening glory. There was a cold smile etched into his face, he said no more and beckoned, beckoned for her to join him. Behind her Party and Kobra stood back to back still, their guns firing erratically at the snarling Draculoid and Jet was there too, his swords flashing as he swung them gracefully high and low.

She was torn, her mind had trapped her. If she went to Korse, Kobra was a dead man. If she went to Kobra, she would be dead too.

There was a sudden roar and she saw Kobra move back just in time, the Draculoid’s claws slicing through the space where he had stood.

She’d decided.

“Sorry,” She said again and in one fluid movement brought up her gun and shot Korse in the foot. He toppled and howled, the sound catching both the men and the Draculoid’s attention.

“Haru,” Said Kobra quietly.

And for Party, that was all it took.

“YOU!” He shouted his voice gravelly and he sounded more like a wild beast than a human. The Draculoid admired her with its green eyes. It wouldn’t hurt her; it knew who she was. Haru wanted to stay, hold her ground and demand that the ringleader listen to her and hear her out.

But from the look on Party’s face, she knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Her legs and animal instinct betrayed her and she spun and ran. Ran for her life.
Party screamed something so angrily it was incoherent and then there was a bang and dust
exploded up before her. He was firing the gun.

He was going to kill her.

The Draculoid growled as yet another shot narrowly missed her thigh and it dived for Party’s hand. Haru kept running, praying that her feet would not fail her now. She heard Party curse and the gun went off again, but not at her. She braved a glance. Party and Jet were circling the Draculoid, but no matter what attack they gave, the creature always had a defence. Kobra was helping the bounded girl.

Haru scarpered around the farm building, forced her way through the wilted trees, the gnarled branches scraping her skin and twigs snaring her hair. She grabbed the bike, hauled it up. She wrenched the accelerator and the bike revved to life. She couldn’t go back to her home- Korse would find her- and she certainly couldn’t stay here.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

She gasped and looked up, heart pounding. A person stepped from the bracken and dead plants.

It was Korse.

She screamed and he grabbed her by the throat. She gagged and struggled as he pressed his face into hers, “Who would have thought that you, out of all people, would betray me?” He snarled. Haru could not find her voice, “How long has this been going on for, Haru?” He shook her violently, “HOW LONG?!” Her neck throbbed and she made a small simpering sound. Korse dragged her off the bike and slammed her into a tree. He regarded her as she held back tears, “You were the special one, Haru. You were the special one!” She whimpered, “Am I not good enough?” He asked, “I’m trying, Haru. Why did you have to be so difficult?”

Before she even knew what he was getting at, his lips were suddenly on hers. She twisted beneath him, snatched her head away, “I was going to make you mine Haru. We could have been so happy together.”

She finally found her voice, “I... don’t want to be with you...” She rasped.

Korse’s eyes hardened, “Well maybe a few days in a cell will make you reconsider.” Quicker than she could process, he plunged a syringe into her neck and pressed the plunger down. She squealed and then the world swirled and the last thing she saw was Korse’s face sneering and a red blur appearing behind him.

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