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Being Human

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"And, as Kobra watched her walk away, he realised that perhaps Haru the Exterminator was more human than the Killjoys thought."

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Being Human

Haru pressed the icepack against her burning face, she’d offered to put a balm on Kobra’s scraped hands but he’d refused. She watched as he stood at the vending machine, entering the digits from her BL/ind wristband and took another sip from her flask. They had travelled here in complete silence; a four hour journey without a word. The sun was at its highest, causing the usual green sky to turn an intense blue.

Kobra threw the wristband into her lap and sat at the furthest end of the bench. As she slipped the bracelet back on, he muttered what could have been a thank you before cracking the canned pop open and gulping it down greedily. Six hours before she could give him back to Party. Another six hours of muteness.

She didn’t think she could take it.

“I’ll show you how to change the bandages, so you know how to do it yourself.” She said, trying to start conversation.

Kobra nodded.

“I bet Party’s gonna be pissed at me,” She smiled.

Kobra arched his eyebrows and nodded again.

“Must be nice to have a brother,” She mused, “I’m sorry that I shot yours.” WHAT?! Why did you say that! Her mind screeched, why should you be sorry for getting rid of vermin?!

To her surprise, Kobra laughed softly, “He was pretty pissed off with you.”

“I don’t blame him.”

“I’m sorry too by the way,” He blurted, finding a sudden interest in pinging the tab ring at the top of the can,”...For running.”

“It’s fine,” Haru shrugged, “I would have been scared too... And- and thank you, Kobra.”

He blinked, “What for?”

“For shooting Marco; if you hadn’t, I’d be dead right now.”

He all of a sudden bristled, “I only did it because I want to get back to my friends,” He stated, voice growing cold, “If you get in trouble again, I’m leaving you behind.”

Haru flinched; his words making her feel weird. She felt... she felt hurt. Kobra crushed his can with one hand and threw it on the floor; he stood up, “Let’s go. We’ve got ground to cover.” He slotted the helmet Haru had given him over his head and turned expectantly. Haru got up and started the bike, keeping her head down lest the killjoy see the hurt on her face. She tucked the icepack into her backpack and hoisted it over her shoulders. She sat on the bike and Kobra tucked in behind her, holding on to her bag.

“You need to wrap your arms around my waist,” Haru said, not looking at him. Kobra suddenly let go of the bag.


“We’re gonna be driving at full speed; holding onto my bag isn’t going to be safe enough.”

“Well I prefer holding the bag thanks. I’d rather take my chances.” Kobra insisted, sounding disgusted.

“Stop being such a baby.”

“I’m not a baby!”

“Well put your arms around my goddamn waist!”

She heard him sigh and, although reluctantly, his arm slid around her middle and held tight. Haru pressed down the feeling of tingles and warmth in her stomach and pushed up the kick pedal before twisting the ignition brutally and the bike roared, streaking through the desert like a bullet.

Through her blue hair, Shockwave Current eyed the Draculoid warily. It stared straight ahead and it was nothing like the others. It was real, not a man in a mask.

Its eyes were fully green with no white, like two deep pools of colour, its skin sickly white with networks of blue and red veins pulsing beneath and from cracked black lips spewed a catastrophic mess of white fangs and crimson gums. It didn’t breathe, it didn’t blink and it didn’t move.

“Do you like them?” Korse asked from the front passenger seat, “Much more improved aren’t they? But don’t let those teeth touch you; one nip and you’re certain to die- very, very strong venom.” He laughed, “And they don’t need clothes because they have no gender!”

Shockwave shuddered in her seat.

“So if you’re lying to me,” Korse continued, “My Draculoid will rip your throat out.”

The Draculoid purred upon hearing that and she swore she saw it smile. Fear ebbed in her stomach, and she prayed silently for Party to be home.

The sun was getting lower, inch by inch. Party Poison watched it through the dirt smeared window with anticipation; Haru would return his brother tonight. He got out of the bed, his arm heavy with plaster cast and adrenaline jolting in his blood.

He couldn’t wait to kill her.

The scuffling of the killjoys below him was muffled and the sickly smell of PowerPup drifted through the building. Party pulled his jacket over his shoulders, wincing from the pain in his hand, and walked out the room and onto the landing, taking the letter out of his pocket.

Come alone, he read. He smiled wickedly. As is, he thought and traced the side of his belt unconsciously, finding reassurance in the loaded pistol that slumbered there.

The sun was just about hot, its rays dancing across the desert plains and warming Kobra’s skin as he lay on his back and gazed up at the sky. Haru’s jacket was soft against his body and he watched as Haru set down her backpack. He tensed slightly as she pulled out a pair of scissors. He still didn’t know whether to trust her or not. She caught him looking and gave a small smile, but it didn’t reach her eyes, “Can I lift your shirt up, or will you try to stab me with my medical equipment again?” She asked. Kobra sighed and sat up. He looked down at his palms which were still scraped and stinging.

“Look,” He said, “I’ll trust you Haru, even if I think I shouldn’t. But there’s a limit to that trust.” He met her gaze. Her face was serious and her eyes glittered. He looked at the bark bruise forming on her left cheek and eye where Marco had punched her. Her neck also had an ugly imprint of purple; a reminder of how close he had come to killing her... and all because she had decided to save him.

She did care.

“You know what?” He said, “Forget I said anything.” He lay back down and waited. He felt Haru’s surprised gaze on him for a moment and then the warmth of her hands as she pushed his shirt up. He felt her cut the bandages carefully and she peeled them back. Then her fingers, soft and gentle, brushed along his skin and he closed his eyes, a warm and happy feeling radiating in his torso.

“What’s this?”

His heart leapt as her hands touched his chest and his eyes snapped open. He saw her scoop the gold locket from his neck to inspect it closely.

“It- It’s a gift.” He said. Haru let it dangle from her fingers, looking at it with awe.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered, “Where did you get it?”

“From a very special person.”

Kobra noticed how Haru’s face fell when she heard that. His stomach, for some reason, twisted with guilt, “No! I meant- I meant my ma.”

“Oh,” she whispered, “What’s in it?” She pulled the clasps apart and a smile broke out on her face, “Aww,” She crooned, “Is that you?” She asked and Kobra pushed himself up and shuffled next to her to look at the two photos hidden within the necklace. It was a picture of him- but from a long time ago. He was stood in the backyard of his own house, hugging Gerard with a massive grin on his face. Gerard was smiling too which made Kobra sad- Gerard hadn’t smiled like that in years. The second was of his ma, Gerard on one knee, Kobra on the other and she was reading them a book. Tears suddenly pricked his eyes .

“Are you okay?” Haru asked.

Kobra snatched the locket from her and stood up. He didn’t want her to see him cry; he hadn’t cried since ma died, “Can we just go?” He said, “I want to go home.” Haru’s hand clasped around his shoulder and he looked into her piteous eyes.

“It’s okay to cry, Kobra.” She said.

“I’m not crying,” He grunted, and tried to pull away but she held him tight.

“I lost my ma too.”

“You did?”

A sad smile crossed Haru’s lips, “Yeah, Better Living wanted to build their city on top of our homes. We were transported to safe houses but mom refused to leave... They blew up the entire area... Mama was burnt to death.”

Kobra blinked, “Haru I’m so sorry I-” Suddenly she pulled him into a hug. Kobra didn’t know what to do and stood there for a moment until he heard her sobbing, hot tears dampening his shirt.

“I miss her,” She hiccoughed, words catching in her throat, “I miss her so much it hurts.”

Kobra slowly and awkwardly brought his arms up around her too and rubbed her back stiffly. The tears rose up again and he let them silently slide down his face. “I know; I miss my ma too...” He whispered. And as more tears came, he found holding her to be a great comfort. But soon, much to Kobra’s disappointment, she pulled away wiping her eyes.

“Sorry about that,” She sniffled.

Kobra rubbed his tear marked face, “It’s fine,” He grinned, “It’s okay to cry.”

Haru laughed, “Hey, no cheesy quotes okay?” She shouldered her bag and headed off to start the bike. And, as Kobra watched her walk away, he realised that perhaps Haru the Exterminator was more human than the Killjoys thought.

Firstly, I'm sorry I didn't update on Saturday! The Chapter wasn't as good as I want it to be and I still don't think it is as good as it could be. But anyway, R&R and let me know what you think!

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