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Need some help for my story "I Think I'll Blow My Brains Against The Ceiling". If you're from London or have visited and are well informed, CHECKTHISOUT.

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    (#) Shiwoggi 2012-03-15 03:24:31 PM

    I'm not from there, but I am from England, and have visited. Several times. :3

    1. Sightseeing. That's a BIG one. Houses of Parliament (and Big Ben), The London Eye (dirty great big Ferris Wheel), Trafalgar Square, Tate Modern (art gallery), The National Gallery, Camden Market, Hyde Park, (The Gerkin? - it's an odd shaped business builiding)... Natural History Mueseum, Science Musesum, Victoria and Albert Muesuem, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Kew Gardens... I can't think of any more.

    2. Some really famous ones are Selfridges and Harrods. Shopping streets are Oxford St, Regent St, Convent Gardens (this is really, really cool and quite laid back - I can totally imagine them there) Soho and Chinatown (Soho is infamous for being a bit scuzzy, with a load of sex shops and bars :3 A little bit sterotypical...) and Camden Market is awesome. (Send them there; it stinks of weed, sells every kind of emo/hippy/goth thing you'd every want ever, and has lots of people who look like Frank with the tattoos and the piercings.)

    3. Well... Style wise, it's like the sterotypical slut in America. But awesome people do dress in scruffy punk clothes etc. Punk kinda started in the UK, and in Camden Market (always seem to come back to there...) there's loads of alternative people. Bear in mind though, that there's no Hot Topic (sniff...) and most 'emo' clothing is bought at before metnioned market, or online.

    4. Apparently, pot is an obvious one. Well, it's supposed to be. It's Class B over here, but that shit doesn't stop people. But everything else is kinda difficult to get ahold off. We're an island, and it's hard to smuggle shit.

    5. Depends. On average, it's okay - about 10 degrees Celcuis, but it's pretty windy, and often gets kinda chilly after 4 pm and before 10 am. You'd need a hoody, but not a coat.

    6. Gruff. They'll help and they don't mind really but they act kind of like they do. It;s like any other city, people are always on the move and everyone's in a rush.

    Hope that helped! :D

    Author's response

    Wow, that totally helped! Thank you so much! :)

    (#) monstrice901 2012-03-15 03:31:23 PM

    I haven't actually read your story, but thought I'd answer anyway, just for the crack of it.

    1. What do you do for fun?
    Same as the rest of the world really - cinemas, shopping, er, you can fish and do water sports on some parts of the river Thames... and go boating/get a ferry around the river too. There are museums and shit, and some pretty epic tourist attractions - the view from the London Eye is amazing.

    2. What are typical stores/restaurants people go to?
    Restaurants I don't know, but there are shopping centres all over London. The most upmarket street is in central London and is called Knightsbridge - home to Harrods and Harvey Nichols. They're the sort of places people go knowing full well that they won't have enough money to buy anything.
    Less upmarket stores are like New Look and Primark - I personally hate them both though.

    3. What's in style when it comes to fashion? (keep in mind Gerard and Frank's style as well)
    I have no idea what Frank and Gerard wear in your story, having not read it. But in England girls wear floral dresses a lot, cardigans that make them look like old grannies and skin tight tan leggings. Yes, they're weird. Guys don't really have a set fashion - other than jeans wore halfway down their backsides.

    4. What drugs are more easily accessible or you've heard are accessible?
    Depends where you go. Weed and ecstasy are the most popular. Heroin also gets used a fair amount, but I'd imagine that's fairly typical for everywhere

    5. What's the weather like around early September?
    Usually still quite warm - you could happily sunbathe if you have a garden.

    6. What are the locals like? (friendly, hostile, etc.)
    Busy. London's always moving and people have a policy of not looking at each other where possible. Pretty much the same as every other big city.

    Hope this helps!


    Author's response

    Thanks a ton! :)

    (#) monstrice901 2012-03-15 03:32:14 PM

    oh and Kew Gardens is a MAJOR tourist attraction. I forgot all about it until ten seconds ago - sorry!

    (#) Fabnosity 2012-03-15 04:38:13 PM

    im foom london, i hope this helps you,

    1.go to the movies, go shopping at oxford street visit museums, tate modern etc, major tourist attractions, the london eye......big ben and the houses of parliament and you MUST see the london dungeons gotta be the most enjoyable one i think and most popular.

    2. stores, harrods ......hamleys toy store.....trocadero....selfridges....m&m world. restaurants. wagamamas.....planet hollywood.....aberdeen angus steak houses they are bloody everywhere!!!! and nandos i guess

    3.if you are into rock music or even just like individual style, there is only one place to go, camden (camden market).

    4. honestly i think weed would be most common but also ecstasy, ive been to a few underground raves in london centre and they pass E round like sweets.

    5. our weather is unpredictable but on average its more likely to be warm like 18 degrees celcius but could rain anytime.

    6. the locals?? only the elderly will stick their neck out to help you, we dont randomly talk to strangers and are wary of everyone in case we get mugged, so friendly to people we know but keep our guard up if that makes sense.

    i hope this helps you, i visited florida couple years ago and was totally freaked out by the niceness of all the people i must have seemed rude but i wished we back home said have a nice day etc its wonderful

    Author's response

    And really? I never thought people from Florida were that friendly, but I guess it depends where you go. I live in Miami which is filled with more rude people I guess.

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