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Finding Confidence

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*Story You Auditioned For* Frerard, Bob/Gerard. Bob moves to Belleville High and takes a twist in a bunch of outcasts lives but is it for better or for worse?

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Well this is the first chapter

First chapters dont turn out great for me, but the story will develop xD


And this is a new way of how im going to lay out my stories. Tell me if this way is better or not because im not to sure of it :P

Hollie :

The alarm buzzed in my ears alerting me of yet another day at the wonderful Belleville High. I enjoyed school most days but some days were just fucking depressing. The most epic day was defintly when Frank and Gerard opened up to eachother me and Jude forced them to admit their feelings and they have now been dating for a little over 8 months. They have their occasional fall out but that only lasts around an hour. They honestly cannot go the entire day without eachother. They basically complete eachother, i really can't see anyone replacing them.

"Holly" Gerard said opening my door. Usually he wakes me up, Me and Mikey really enver got along. Barely even look at eachother or even wave or any contact whatsoever, it is as if Mikey does no exsist.

"Yeah" I said sitting up and stretching. Me and Gerard were extremly close.

"Checking if you are awake" He smiled stepping in and scratching his head which was covered in his black hair.

"Well iam" I said stepping out of my bed.

"Good" Gerard said.

"Now im gonna get changed" I said ushering him out of the room.

"Can i watch?" He winked.

"Don't want to make Frank jealous now would we?" I laughed

"Of course not" He laughed leaving the room. I pulled on black skinny jeans, red converse, a plain red top, black and white stripy gloves and grabbed my black leather jacket. I ran the brush through my red hair and applied eyeliner and headed downstairs stealing a pancake from the cupboard.

"Im surprised Frank isn't here yet" I said. Frank usually appears at the door early. Normally him and Gerard would wake me up, but he appears to be missing.

"He text me saying he is going to be a little late to-"

"Im here" Frank said bounding through the door and kissing Gerard sweetly
"Aww" I said pouring two cups of coffee and handing one to Frank
"Hey Frankie" Gerard said.

"Hey Gee" He replied stroking Gerard's face and sitting on his lap.

"Why you late?" Gerard asked kissing Frank's nose.

"I had to do some favours" Frank said.

"Okay" Gerard said.

"Miss me?" Frank asked.

"Of course" Gerard said kissing his lips again.

"Come on otherwise we are going to miss the bus" Mikey said putting his bag over his shoulder.

"Alright, come on Hol" Frank said entwining his fingers with Gerard's. I downed the end of my coffee and we walked out the door.

"Where's Jude?" I asked

"She said she will meet us at the bus stop" Frank said.

"Awesome" I smiled plugging in my headphones.

"Whatcha listening to?" Gerard asked

"Music" I said

"No shit" Gerard said. Frank laughed and Mikey just carried on. It actually stung inside knowing that if God forbid anything happened to Gerard, my mum and my dad that Mikey would probably abandon me and want nothing to do with me what so ever.

"There you are!" Jude said running up to us with Ray closely behind.

"Morning Jude" Frank said doing his handshake with Jude.

"Morning Knarf" Jude laughed.

"Being honest i cant be fucked with school" Frank whined.

"Stop whining, we all have to put up with the joys of Belleville High" I said dramatically to add effect.

"Its going to be an ordinary day!" Ray said.

"It always is, nothing good ever happens" Frank said.

"Because its us" Gerard said kissing Frank once again.

"Maybe just maybe this day will be some how different" Jude said. Maybe it will, i would like to see a change in the normal routine of the school day.
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