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Hi, sorry for the long update!



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Bob :

This school was so much different than my old one. Well technically i was homeschooled so this is what a real high school looks like. The corridors seaming with students, a weird odour in the air. A tense atmosphere. People just blocking you out. Thats actually a good way to be. The reason im no longer being homeschooled is quite simple and acceptible. My mum says that i need a social life, make friends and be out of the house more. My dad said to understand and meet new people. Both pretty good reasons. For myself i think it will gain self confidence. Im very no EXTREMLY self conscious. I finally found the main office.

"Hello, how may i help you?" A woman with brown hair and glasses asked me with a small smile.

"Im new-"

"Name?" She asked opening her cabinet


"Bob what?"

"Bob Bryar" I said fixing my long fringe that needed cut.

"Oh yes, here is your schedule and a map, but im sure you will make friends who is in your classes who will gladly show you around. Welcome to Belleville High Bob" She smiled and handed me the papers.

"Thankyou" i smiled then stepped away looking at my timetable. First i was in Registration in M17. I looked at my map. The school had 3 seperate building labelled 'A', 'M' and 'G'. 'A' standing for Assembly building. 'M' standing for millenium and 'G' standing for Graymount. I walked to the Millenium building and found the room i was looking for. I prepared myself for the stares that i will receive entering this door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. As i predicted stares. I avoided them and walked up to the teacher.

"You must be Bob" He smiled

"Yes" I said

"Welcome to Belleville High, you can take a seat beside Ray" He smiled

"Whos Ray?" I asked

"Sorry, him with the afro with the Skullcandy headphones" he smiled and pointed to him. I nodded slowly and walked up to the back and sat down beside him.

"Hello" He said taking off the headphones

"Hi" I said

"My name is Ray" He said

"Bob" I shook his hand

"Welcome to Belleville" He said

"Fuck sake im sick of thoses words dude" I said

"I know how you feel" He smiled. I took in his appearance. Bushy afro, Brown eyes.

"Well technically you dont" I said

"How?" He asked me a little confused.

"I used to be homeschooled" I said


"So im trying to get used to the idea of being here" I said

"Dont worry if you stick with me and my group of friends you shall fit in perfectly" He smiled.

"Thankyou" I said

"What's your next class?" He asked. I pulled out my timetable and handed it to him.

"Awesome you are in my Science class first" He said

"Cool" I smiled. We basically sat and talked for the whole perios getting to knwo eachother. He seemed like a really cool dude. He also explained that him and his friends were labelled the outcasts and that his friend Gerard was mainly named emo along with his twin sister and a guy called Frank and another girl called Jude. He also said that him adn Gerard's brother Mikey get called nerds.

"Wow" I said

"Yeah, do you play any instruments?" He asked


"Awesome! I play guitar" He said

"Epic!" I smiled. Then the bell rang and we walked to our first class Science.
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