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Keep Away

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Gerard :

"LUNCH!" I screamed in my head. The day had so far dragged in and i wanted it to be over as soon as it can. The sooner im with my Frank the fucking better. I packed up my stuff and made my way over to the canteen.

"Gerard!" Hollie called running over

"Hey!" I smiled hugging her.

"This day is dragging in!" She said fixing her bag.

"Tell me about it" I laughed


"NOT LITERALLY!" I said. She began to laugh

"Only playing" She said nudging my arm.

"Good!" I said.

"I miss Frankie" I said

"Relax you will see him in the canteen" She smiled.

"Yeah i know" I smiled widely. She was the first one to know about me and Frank. Me and Holly had a bond that was really strong. It may be unusual to get along well with your sibling but i have a close connection with my twin sister. I'm still trying to connect her and Mikey but so far nothing has changed. They just dislike eachother and that's it.

"Look theres Billie and his group of friends" Hollie smiled

"They are not a group to be around" I said concerned.

"They are actually really good people. Me and Alexandria get on well" Hollie said.

"Don't go near them, they are bad people" I said concerned

"They are-"

"Dont argue Hollie" I said



"Alright" She gave up. Billiejoe Armstrong, Alexandria, Allie, Bert and Cassie were the biggest troublemakers of the school. If Hollie fell into their crowd i would get seriously paranoid.

"Promise me you will stay away from them" I said


"Promise" I repeated

"I promise" She said looking me straight in the eye.

"Thankyou" I pulled her into a hug.

"I love your concern for me Gerard" I felt her smile on my shoulder

"It's my job, your my twin" I smiled. She smiled back and we walked into the canteen.
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