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This Is How I Disappear

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Frank gets depressed and Gerard doesn't seem to realise it...

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I know I said I was going to update yesterday, but I fell asleep after I updated again and didn't wake up until this morning, but anyway, enough of the pointless excuses, on with the story!

Frank's POV

Me, Gerard and Bob are sitting in form. Gee's talking with Bob about Josh and I can't help thinking that Josh's a really nice guy and Gee likes him more than me. It wouldn't be a first time, so I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. Gee took advantage of me, and now I'm left here as a useless person who's not worth anything to anyone.

Gerard turns to look at me and says 'So, what do you think about having him over for a sleepover tomorrow?' Him being Josh motherfucking Franscechi. I don't want him to be in the same fucking house as Gerard and I think I'd kill him before he came for a 'sleepover'.

'Yeah, no, that's fine.' is my response. What have I let myself in for? I couldn't exactly say no, it's his house and he should be able to have whoever he likes over. I try and not let the mental beating up I'm currently participating in show on my face, because I think I'd get put in a mental institute like in Grave Encounters. And then have my brain dissected. Oh fuck, stop thinking about it!

Bob looks at me weirdly, and I think maybe some fear or something showed on my face. Motherfuckingmeeseshit. 'Er, what?' I ask innocently.

'Nothing, it's just you look terrified out of your wits and like you're beating yourself up over something, but other than that, no, nothing to worry about.' He says with a slight smile meant to make me feel better, and it does a bit. But only a little bit.

The bell goes (Gerard didn't notice me going weird, he was probably thinking about Josh too much) and we make our way to the last lesson of the week. YIPPEY! But it's English. Fun. Not. Ah well. At least it's not with Mr.thinkingaboutJoshallthetime so I'll get some peace finally.

I meet up with Ray and he asks me what was wrong at lunch. I just say 'it's nothing, I'm fine' because I don't want to bore him with my pathetic problems. He shrugs and carries on walking.

After an incredibly boring hour of reading Of Mice And Men, me, Gerard, Mikey and Ray get on the bus. Apparently Josh was coming over at 3pm tomorrow, so I had less than 12 hours of Gerard to myself. The others start singing to Iron Maiden, but I just stare out of the window and when Mikeh asks why I'm not singing, I pretend a smile and start singing with them. It must work, because no one notices that I'm singing really quietly and I'm no longer smiling.

We get off the bus and go our separate ways. Gee hooks his arm around my waist, and I smile involuntarily at that, and I think 'Well, at least he knows I exist now' because that's how I feel.

We get home and grab some snacks to eat in our room, and race up the stairs, celebrating that it's a Friday and dumping our bags in the process. Me and Gerard burst into our room and he promptly goes to the CD player and puts in a Lostphrophets CD, so we can dance and sing along to it.

I pretend to enjoy it, and I think he believes my lie of 'I'm okay' after he asks what was wrong at school. He really doesn't have a clue what it's like to be me. Messed up me.

Gerard's POV

I really don't know what's got into Frankie, I really don't. He says he's fine, and he's smiling, but he doesn't have the energy that he did when I met him. I try and make him feel better by kissing him, and he melts into my arms, which isn't hard considering he's 4 inches shorter than me.

He runs his tongue along my mouth, and I allow him access. This is what it should be like. I push him down on the bed, and he promptly turns us over so he's on top. I guess that makes sense because he is a lot lighter than me. He seems to be enjoying this, so I lift up his short and the kiss is broken for only a few seconds before we smash our lips together again. Frank takes my shirt off, and I start undoing his trousers. He moans into my mouth, and the noise makes me melt a little. Pretty soon we're lying on my bed naked, and kissing like there's no tomorrow.

'So, who's going to be on top?' His voice breaks the kiss and I reply 'You, I don't mind being bottom.' which I don't.

I feel his index finger in me, and I can't help moaning loudly. He slips in another finger, and this is too much for me, it's this amazing. A third finger enters and I whisper into his ear 'I'm ready now, honey'

He withdraws his fingers and I feel his cock slip inside. He starts moaning and thrusting, and I moan really loudly, but the music is still playing so hopefully Mikey won't hear. As both of us reached our climaxes, Frank increases the speed, and I feel his cum explode inside me. I can't hold mine in any longer, and white liquid splatters our stomachs. Frank moans and withdraws, meaning that I feel disappointed, but of he doesn't want to carry on, that's okay.

'You go and have a shower, don't worry about me' I say with a smile. He nods gratefully, wraps himself in a dressing gown and heads out of the room, tripping over several Kerrang! magazines in the process. I lie back on the bed, and sigh. I wonder what's up with him at the moment. Maybe having Josh over tomorrow will help.

Frank's POV

I step into the shower, and relax as I feel the warm water wash over me. I don't know how much I can take of Gerard being all over Josh and not really caring about me. Why am I So fussed about what happens to me? I guess I'm just a selfish faggot who no one really cares about. And that's fine because I can't change it.

I stay in the shower a long time thinking about Gerard and Josh, and by the time I realise how long I've been in here, I suddenly feel really guilty abou leaving Gerard in the bedroom. I step out of the shower, wrap a towel carefully around me, and go back to the bedroom. Gee's lying on the bed with his eyes closed, but he's not asleep. I shake him gently and he opens his eyes into a smile.

He gets up off the bed, and goes to shower. I pull on my black skinny jeans and a black Misfits t-shirt. I don't bother with any makeup - it was washed off in the shower and I was only seeing Mikey, Gee and Donna now.

Gerard comes back and gets changed, while I start texting Ray. I ask him what to do about Josh coming over tomorrow, and he says to just enjoy it and tell Gerard later. I decide to pretend that it's not really that bad, and ignore any flirting that may or may not happen.

Dinner is pasta and tomato sauce, one of my favorites. It's just what I need to cheer me up, and afterwards me, Gee and Mikey settle down to watch several episodes of Friends, and after the first one, we're all on the floor in a tickling war. Mikey tickles me a bit too hard and I shriek like a girl, causing Gerard to laugh even more than he was, so I get revenge by poking him hard in the ribs.

'Shit! Haha, Frankie, there was no need to poke that hard haha!' Despite my evil poking, he's still laughing like a maniac. I say to him 'Yes there WAS! You laughed at my squeal which I think is quite manly.'

Mikey looks at me like I've finally gone round the bend, and attacks me again. This time I'm ready so I reach him first and he doubles over, half from laughing and half because my hand is tickling him really hard in his sensitive bit above the hip. He seems to have lost control of his body and collapses on me, which isn't very uncomfortable.

'Damn you, Mikey! I can't breathe!' I manage to gasp out, and Gerard senses that I need help. He cries out 'Don't worry, I'm your knight in shining armour coming to rescue the damsel in distress!'

'Shut up and just get me out from under here!' I'm sure I'm turning purple now, and the last time I checked, that wasn't a good thing.

Gerard manages to haul Mikey off me, and we decide to calm down and watch more Friends. We stay up until 2am watching Friends, and when I go to bed, I'm in a better mood than I have been in all day. Let's hope it lasts until Josh gets here.

Okay, once again I'm sorry if the writing wasn't up to scratch and I'm terrible at writing sex scenes anyway. I've been busy with selling my horse, so that's why it didn't get updated this morning. Cookies for all that review! mychemicalpony :)
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