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Can't Take It

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Josh comes for a sleepover and Frank can't take it anymore (hence the title and yes, it is a song by the All-American Rejects) :)

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]So, sorry if it's a little short, I'm trying to update everyday. And I am NOT trying to imply that Josh is the 'bad guy', he is probably very nice and wouldn't do this in real life. So anyway, I'll shut up and write the story now XD[

Gerard's POV

I open the door and Josh comes in, with his sleepover stuff and takes off his shoes. Which are Doc Martins and I think they're très cool. Frankie's behind me, and I can see him smile and step aside to let Josh into the house. We say hello, and I invite him into the living room. We sit on the sofa, Frank a little awkwardly, and make small talk for a few minutes.

I put on a DVD, and we sit in silence for the hour and a half that is the movie. I suggest we go into the kitchen afterwards and I get out the ingredients for pancakes. Me and Frank take turns making them, and we have cheese and ham on the first couple. When we finish we just sit there, too full to talk much. I suddenly decide to grab Josh around the waist, tickling him and he shreiks like a girl, which is quite funny. We somehow find ourselves in the living room, in the middle of a vicious tickling war.

'Gee, stop it! Haha, it hurts!' He cries, and I just yell 'Never! You're hurting me too, so we're even!' I don't even notice Frank sat on the sofa looking at us awkwardly.

After half an hour, I'm exhausted and we lie on floor next to each other gasping for air.

'Er guys? Do you wanna get sleeping stuff layer out and stuff?' Frank's voice reminds me he's still there, and I quickly sit up guiltily. I can't believe I forgot about him. I nod, and quickly go upstairs to grab my duvet and pillow, and Frank follows me. He stops me leaving, and says in an accusing tone 'What the hell was that about?'

'What are you talking about?' I think I know what's happening, but I just don't want to admit that I ignored him.

'That tickling thing. Oh, and forgetting about me all this week. I'm sick of it, you're supposed to be my boyfriend, or don't you want to anymore?' He half shouts, and I can hear emotion in it, like it's been building up and he couldn't let it out before now.

'Frankie, believe me, I never wanted you to leave you out. And I wasn't forgetting you last night was I? Frank, just trust me. I still want to be your boyfriend-'

'What the fuck? I didn't know you two were faggots' Shit. Josh's voice interrupts me, and he walks into our room like he owns the place. I could die right here, right now.

'I didn't think it was any of your business whether we're gay or not.' Frank comes to the rescue and politely tells Josh to get his big fat arse out of the room where we're having a PRIVATE conversation. Seriously, I could kill him right now, and I try and put a look on my face that matches my feelings. I settle on a vicious glare directed at Josh.

'Woah, no need to get touchy about it. I mean, it's not your fault you're freaks of nature. And Gee, what's with the facial expression?' He is so infuriating. I retort 'Josh, what's with you sticking your big fat arse in a private conversation in another persons house? And what's it to you if we are freaks of nature?'

'Nothing, and I was just looking for you two. I kind of noticed Frank was jealous of me getting your attention and I got suspicious.' Josh replies calmly.

Smack! Suddenly there's blood everywhere and Frank's punching every inch of his face that he can reach. Josh's putting up a fight, but my lovely Frank's got the upper hand. I cry out and haul Frank off Josh before he could do anything more than break his nose and give him some cuts and bruises.

'Frank, if I let you go, will you promise not to start beating him up again?' I say, so I can go and see how Josh is. Not because I care one bit for him, but because then I can clean him up and send him home without my mum asking any questions.

'Fine' He replies irritably, and I let him go. He just stands there with a smirk on his face as he watches Josh try and get up. I go over to help him, and take him into the bathroom. I sit him on the edge of the bath, and get a cloth to wipe his cuts with. I make sure I don't wipe his face gently, and he flinches as I press a little harder than neccessary. I hunt around for a little until I find the cream which I know will sting him, and I give him no prior warning before smearing it on his face.

When I'm done, I push him out of the bathroom and tell him to get his stuff. Frank comes out of our bedroom, and smiles at me. I return the smile, and I can tell he really is happy when he smiles now. We go down the stairs together and I whisper in his ear 'So, shall we walk him home or not?'

He shakes his head, clearly not wanting to spend another minute in his company than neccessary. We go into the hallway where he's putting on his shoes, and I say to him 'I hope you can walk home, cause we're not walking you anywhere, motherfucker. And don't you tell anyone about this, otherwise I'll give Frankie here permission to beat you to pulp.' And it's true, it's only my slight fear of blood that made me pull Frank off him just now.

He goes out of the door, and as I close the door, I hear a small sigh behind me. I turn to find a happy Frank, and at that moment I can't resist him. I smash my lips onto his, and it turns into the most passionate kiss I've ever shared. It doesn't really have anything to contend with, but it was really passionate. I wrap my fingers in his beautiful hair, and he moans gently into my mouth. I pull away and say 'I'm sorry, Frank. He was a jerk, and I should've let you beat the shit out of him. Please forgive me?'

He smiles softly and says 'Of course I forgive you, how couldn't I with those ridiculous puppy dog eyes which I want you to promise NEVER to do again because they're so creepy!'

I giggle into his mouth and I sort of collapse onto him. He laughs and says 'I think either you're really tired or I'm so hot, you can't resist me.'

'The first one, silly! Who'd want to fuck you?' I retort childishly.

'Um, I distinctly remember you begging for more last night! So that comeback didn't quite work'

'Still... Can you carry me upstairs?' I try and persuade him.

'Nope! You're forgetting that you're several inches taller than me, making it a bit difficult for me to carry you!' Damn, I could've done with being carried.

'Fine. I'll just walk up like a normal human being then.' I say. We trudge up the stairs, and clumsily get into our pyjamas - which consisted of bottoms only for Frank and I couldn't help staring at that chest - and I get into bed, sliding over so Frank can share. He jumps onto me, making me yelp and he grins like a maniac.

We go to sleep cuddling each other like in one of those romantic movies. I'm so glad that Frank's happy again, and I still feel a bit guilty about ignoring him unintentionally. Ah well. Tomorrow we can go for another walk and I hope it goes as well as the first one.

Soooo Josh is the bad guy, and I feel bad about making him so horrible. It's nothing against the real Josh Franscechi though, I love ymas! So yeah, please rate and review, it means a lot to me! mychemicalpony :)
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