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All Your Fault

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A quiet Sunday in and Frank & Gee get some stuff sorted out.

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]First things first, I'M REALLY SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING! My excuse is that I've been busy, and it's not a very good one but it's true. School finishes tomorrow so I can update a lot more now there's not any homework in the way! Okay, does anyone else get excited when MCR appear in Kerrang!? Nope, only me then. Anyways... On with the story :)[

Gerard's POV

I'm so tired. I mean, so tired that you go hyper because your brain doesn't know what else to do kind of tired. Me and Frankie stayed awake for lots of last night just hugging each other. It was really nice and I wish we could do it more often, but not in those circumstances. Finding out that Josh was a homophobic dickhead was a slap in the face, but Frank must have been really annoyed at me for letting the prick into my house.

Frankie stirs beside me, and I look at him. 'Hey, are you awake yet?'

'No, I'm in a deep unconscious sleep answering your question totally randomly.' He says with a straight face. He really is too funny.

'Oh, cause ya know. It's funny being able to do that, not many people can. I'll take you to the doctor to see what the hell is wrong with you.' I say back, not quite managing to keep a small grin off my face. His eyes snap open and he grins at me cheekily. He grabs at the sides of my stomach, and I let out a really girly squeal. I can't help it though, it tickles like the fucking devil. Not that I know that the devil tickles or anything, but it may be a form of torture in hell.

'Who's the girly one now?' He breathes into my ear, and I have to say, those eyes are getting the better of me. Our lips meet for a second, and we're about to deepen the kiss when my mum bursts through the door.

'Gerard honey, do you want me to iron another pair of skinny jeans for school tomorrow? I can do Frank a pair of his as well if you want...' She trailed off as she noticed what we were doing. Not that it was naughty, just that it was private and stuff, and now she saw and stuff. It's just awkward.

'I'll just leave you two boys to it then, shall I?' She says nervously, blushing as furiously as if she'd walking in on us fucking or something. I nod and she quickly leaves the room before I can throw a slipper at her.

We get up, get dressed and eat a slice of toast each before I check my phone and see that Ray wants to meet up today. I reply quickly saying that we could meet in the park, and that I'll bring Mikey and Frank as well. He says he'll tell Bob, and pretty soon me, Frank and Mikey are heading in the direction of the park. Sure, it's a 15 minute walk to it, but it's the only place for teenagers around. We get there to see Bob sitting under the blue shelter and Ray hanging upside down from the roof, typically.

'Yo, whasup? You look kinda down, Gee.' He greets us, steadily going red from the blood rushing to his head. Bob waves and attempts to pull Ray down, and we all sit down around the old campfire that we made in the summer holidays.

'I've got something to tell you and it's not nice. It'll affect us all, so I want you to all listen very carefully to what I say.' I begin. The others look at me like I'm mad, so I quickly go on to explain.

'We can't hang around with Josh any more, and Frank here knows why. The sleepover didn't go well, with Josh and Frank getting into a fight. Basically, he walked in on us talking abou our relationship and it turns out he is a homophobe. When he started calling us tags, Frank started beating him up. I pulled him off so we wouldn't get in trouble and we locked him out of the house. I dunno whether he went home or not, seeing as it's 4 miles away and it was dark.'

There were quite a few shocked faces at that, seeing as no one had ever seen Frank physically beat someone up and also the fact that Josh seemed so nice at first. Ray breaks the awkward silence 'So we can't hang out with him, but what about the others? They're all really nice and Matt and Max were really good about it when they realised me and Mikey were together...'

'I personally think only Josh should go, because the others haven't actually done anything to upset the group, have they? But I dunno whether they'd want to hang out with us and not Josh. He seemed like the leader of the gang.' Mikey inputs.

'You're right, I guess we should just kick Josh out tomorrow and see what they do. We'll make it clear that they're welcome to stay if they want to, though.' Frank decides for the group. Bob seems to agree with anything anyone says and I'm happy as long as Josh is nowhere to be seen.

After a 2 hour bitching session about Josh (yes, we are that girly), we all go home and eat lunch. Me and Frank seem to be more understanding of each other, bu that doesn't stop us play fighting all the way home.

Me, Frank and Mikey spend the rest of the day watching Family Guy episodes and doing homework, and as I lie in bed that night next to Frankie, I come to the conclusion that this is all Josh's fault and me and Frank would have been so much happier if he never came into our lives.

Yes, I know it was short, but I have a writers block and I have NO idea where to go with it. Any suggestions would be really helpful, and I'll make the next one much longer! I'm sorry I'm doing this to Josh, any Sixers out there, but I needed a baddie and shit like that. So yeah, I hope it wasn't really crappy (which it probably was). mychemicalpony :)
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