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Jaws On The Floor

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We see things from Mikey's POV for once.

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I got bored of seeing things from Gee and Frankie's POV and it would be hard to show this little bit from their perspective anyway, so yeah. Enjoy!

Mikey's POV

I wake up at quarter to eight, which means I've got approximately 21 minutes to shower, get dressed and have breakfast. Not gonna happen, seeing as Gerard's hogging the bathroom. I sigh and go downstairs for breakfast. Frank's down there, and I can't help thinking that he looks really cute today. His hair was brushed and he had smudged red eyeliner around his eyes, so he looks extra irresistible today. He looks up at me as I walk in and I smile at him as a way of saying good morning. He smirks and I realise I still have tomato sauce around my mouth from last night. I lick around my mouth and taste tomatoes, so I probably looked really stupid. Damn.

'All gone now' Frank says with a smile, and I smile gratefully back at him. Gerard walks in and I dash upstairs for my shower. For some reason I can't get Frank's face out of my head, and I dread seeing Ray today. I get dressed and see that it's 8 o clock, so I run downstairs. I grab my bag and follow Gerard and Frank out of the door.

'Someone's in a hurry this morning, aren't they?' Gerard asks with a smirk on his face. I feel myself blushing, so I hastily say 'My alarm clock didn't go off.'

Frank and Gerard look at each other and start giggling, so I exclaim 'What? No! You didn't purposely do that did you?!'

They burst out laughing at that, so I can tell they did and I put a scowl on my face. 'It isn't funny!'

We hear the sound of a bus, and as we turn the corner we see the bus waiting. 'SHIT!' Gerard yells, and we all start sprinting madly towards the bus. We leap on, and scramble to find 4 empty seats. I sit on my own, next to some weirdo who apparently is reading Lord of the Rings. Frank and Gerard get to sit next to each other, and I say 'Wouldn't it make sense for you two to sit here and then me and Ray get a seat to ourselves because Ray can't sit in my lap and I can't sit in his...'

'Um, maybe yeah.' Frank agrees, so we switch seats and I can't help but feel envious at Gerard for having Frank on his lap. I make up my mind about Ray, and I'll tell him before school somewhere private. You see, the truth is, I'm pregnant.

No. I'm only joking. I'm a guy and can't have babies, so that would be a tad weird right? Also, we haven't actually done it, so it would be impossible. Ray gets on the bus, and I budge over so he can sit in the empty seat. For the rest of the journey, we sit in silence, with me looking out of the window and him staring into space like he does, bless him. We arrive at school, and sit on the bench like usual.

I say 'Ray, can I talk to you in private? Please?' Ray nods and we get up to go and stand a little way off. 'Ray, I feel so guilty for doing this, but we can't be together any more. I just don't love you like I did yesterday, and it would be unfair to keep you thinking that I do. Honestly, I'm really sorry, and I feel so bad doing this, but...'

'Phew! I thought I was gonna have to do it! To be honest, I don't love you any more, so it doesn't really make sense staying together.' Ray says, much to my surprise. I thought he'd be upset about it, but his reaction makes it a lot easier to hide the fact that we were together in the first place.

'Ray, can we still be like, friends? I know it doesn't usually work out, but it'd be hard not to now...' I say to him, because I really don't want to lose him as a friend. I'm not going to admit to him that I like Frank now, but at least I don't have to pretend to be in love. He nods and looks grateful that I asked.

We walk back to the others and they give us questioning looks. I tell them to ask later, not in school, because of who might overhear. The arrival of Josh and co distracts them from asking more questions, and Gerard stands up. He puts on his most menacing face, and smacks Josh in the face, causing his nose to start bleeding. Josh staggers backwards, and Matt, Max, Dan and Chris look a bit alarmed.

'Don't worry, we're not gonna hurt you guys, you're awesome. But Josh, he's a homophobic prick who can't learn that when Frank gets angry and upset, I'm not gonna let him anywhere near him. You should get the hell outta here and never come back to our group again.' Gerard explains to everyone.

Matt and the other 3 look a bit shocked that Josh would do that, and decide to stay apparently, because they smile and say in unison 'Get the fuck out of here cause you're obviously not wanted.'

We all smile and Dan explains 'We're kind of all gay. I'm with Max and Chris is with Dan.'

Not the time for it, I know, but Thank You For the Venom is so good, and I've just been yelling it out at the top of my lungs because of writers block. It sounded awful, but oh well. You should all try it, it's very good for getting anger out.

We all look relieved, and Bob explains 'We're all gay as well, so no problems there! It would be pretty weird if we were homophobic, seeing as that would be discriminating against ourselves' He says with a smile.

Okay, I'm ending it there because I really can't think of any more to put in that chapter, and sorry if it's shorter than usual :/ Oh, and the title's not actually related to the storyline, it's just an awesome song. And you should all listen to it if you haven't already! I love Sinners Never Sleep, it's just asdfghjkl, if that's a word. Hehe I'll shut up and let you go and read better stories now :) mychemicalpony
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