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Chapter 1

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Basically about a girl who has social anxiety and her life and how she deals with it.

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Author's Note: Hi (: I'm a newbie on Ficwad and this is my first story so...yeah. I'm just gonna get on with the story now... oh and it's like a journal

March 18, 2012 - 1:00 PM
There's always that one main character who's always going through some kind of struggle. Well, who's the main character in this story? Me, but here's the thing: I have no struggle. In fact, for some people, I have the perfect life. Straight A student and a good family life. But, something went wrong. Something went wrong in my mind. My mind makes me become paranoid, a paranoid insect that thinks everyone is trying to squash me. But now when I think about it, it seems like everything was my fault. Might as well just get on with other stuff since I'm probably irritating people. Oh yeah, my name.

My name is Brennan. Brennan Green. I have twin siblings, Hector and Jenny. They're 5. I attend a boarding school in New York (yeah the city) but I'm originally from New Jersey.

I guess I forgot to mention one thing, I'm diagnosed with social anxiety. Woops. Guess that doesn't help with friends or any chance of getting married. Forever alone, woot. But, I have some nice friends and I'm intelligent. Like that matters in the world anymore. All the guys you want? Yeah, they're always going after some girl that either:

A: Doesn't acknowledge them
B: Total sluts/whores
C: Uses them
D: Is their girlfriend and is somehow beautiful, smart, funny, nice, and everything your not.

Oh, what has the world come to these days. I remember the stories my mother would tell me, how looks don't matter and it's inside that counts. Not anymore mom, not anymore.

Look at the time. It's 1:15. Must be heading to class.
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