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Chapter 2

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Uh...chapter 2?

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March 18, 2012 - 3:00 PM

Finally done with school for the day and I'm at my dorm. I only have Biology, English, and Calculus homework to do then I can surf on Tumblr for a while then my friends and I are going to see a movie. I got this journal yesterday, due to my therapist forcing me to get one. My next meeting is next week Tuesday and I have to bring this journal back to her. She wants me to write in it every single day, so I might as well. Be a good girl and do your work, Brennan. 'Be a good girl.' It seems so hard to follow this quote when everyone around you is being bad. It's like no one told them to be a good person.

Maybe I should just be a bad person instead. But, if i was a bad person, no good people would be left in the world, would there? Oh look, my phone vibrated. New text from Nicole.

Nicole: We're seeing Chronicle, I'll pick you up along with Juan, Chris, Jake, Tyler, and Sam at 6.
Brennan: Kay.

Everyone's been raving on and on about Chronicle, so I guess I'll see what all the hype is about. Nicole's my best friend, in the world. She's the only one who seems to listen whenever I go on and on about The Beatles, Taylor Swift, One Direction, and him. Y'know, that one boy who manages to make you melt whenever he looks at you. Yeah, him. His name's Dave and he has a crush on this girl who just uses him. Oh-oh-oh, just a joy, isn't it? We used to be best friends, like three years ago when we were 7th grade. Well, whatever. I guess that doesn't mean anything to him, at least. I better get started on my homework, bye journal.
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