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Episode 1 _The Adventure Begins

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In this Episode our first two heroes encounter each other.

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor - Published: 2012-03-21 - Updated: 2012-03-22 - 715 words

Our story begins with a young hedgehog by the name of Ezro who has ignored the warnings of countless signs saying “Enter at your own risk.” What our hero is doing is on the move searching for something rare and powerful but has been lost for ages.

“When will I make a break threw? im getting tired of this forest, its way to bright here today” Ezro says to himself while moving hastily threw the forest tripping every now and then. “If I can just make it across this last area im bound to stum-“ Ezro loses his train of thought tripping over something in his way to crash face first into a tree. “Bahahahaha, that’s what you get you klutz. you should be more careful like me” said an unfamiliar voice to Ezro. Ezro instantly turns around and in a snarky tone says” well excuse me for tripping over an oddly shaped bush that happened to be in the middle of my path”. “you tripped over me you dolt, and im no freaking bush, im Kojo, Kojo the mouse” says the upset green mouse.

I cant even bend over to pick up a worn out chaos emerald without some dark red idiot crashing into me. Speaking of which, where did I drop it?” Kojo said. Ezro feeling guilty about not being more aware says ”you’re looking for those chaos thingies too huh? They aren’t much use as they are now’ while holding out the powerless emerald in Kojo’s face. Kojo snatches it studying it looking at it from several different angles “I was so sure I had found the grey emerald, but thanks for the info” says Kojo sarcastically “hey wait a second, what do you plan on doing with it” asks Ezro. “well, I was going to use it as an engine for my next project, but its worthless to me as it is currently. why are you looking for them?’ “I want to see if I am a chosen hedgehog” responds Ezro. “chosen hedgehog? Don’t make me laugh, only a few of those exist, there's no way a klutz like you would ever be one, what gave you such an idiotic idea?” “well the emerald begs to differ, within in it, even though there’s no energy in it, I can still feel a unique connection to it” says Ezro taking the emerald away from Kojo. Kojo smirks and says “ so then how do you plan on finding out if you’re a chosen if the emeralds are dead theoretically speaking?” “well rabbit boy, I plan on restoring them with the master emeralds powers.” Kojo’s eye begins to twitch “did you just call me a rabbit? My ears might be floppy but I assure you, im a mouse”

Ezro laughed at Kojo and begins to walk away with the emerald “It was icy speaking with you joe, I have some gathering to do” Kojo ran in front of Ezro ”then you’ll need my help, I have a tracker that can detect the feint energy signals of the emeralds” Ezro responds saying “ just give me the tracker then and ill find them myself” Kojo laughs hysterically “You couldn’t even begin to understand how to use this complex device, trust me, you will need the help” Ezro makes an annoyed face saying “ why are you so keen on wanting to help me, you diss me left and right and now you help, whats up?” “well a lot of reasons, one i need that emeralds power restored to utilize it so I might as well come along for that purpose, and two I really wanna see if you are what your claiming to be.” Says Kojo somewhat sarcastically. Ezro sighs and begins to sprint off saying” fine by me as long as you can keep up with me” Kojo follows behind him saying ” not a problem, your too sloppy to leave anyone clueless” Ezro looks over his shoulder to try and say something smart back and trips on a rock and ends up belly flopping into a pond. “Don’t, say, a word….” Ezro says gurgling in the pond. Kojo gets Ezro out of the pond and they both head off in search of the next emerald.
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