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Work to End

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Tsuzuki, Hisoka, and Watari go over the notes to find out how to fix this latest mess.

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Chapter Forty-Two: Work to End:

Yu would be alright. Watari treated his wounds. The junior rested in one of the infirmary beds. Tsuzuki, Hisoka, and Watari looked over the notebooks.

“These are pretty detailed,” Watari said. “Organized and everything.” He flipped the page. Tsuzuki looked confused.

“What is all of this?” he asked.

“The make-up of the virus,” his friend answered. “See, look.” But then, something caught Watari’s attention.

“This isn’t right,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” Hisoka asked. Watari pointed to the page.

“This,” he said. The other two Shinigami got a better look.

“What is that?” Tsuzuki asked.

“Not quite sure. Hang on,” the blonde scientist said. He woke his laptop up and typed in the data. Coded information filled the screen.

“I knew it!” he said. “Take a look at this!” The boys did so. Tsuzuki’s jaw just dropped.

“How did they get a hold of this magic?” he asked.

“Ai seemed to be well-connected,” Watari said.

“But to who?” Tsuzuki asked.

“Well, they did have a professor helping them,” Hisoka pointed out.

“Kida-sensei?” his partner asked.

“Yeah,” the younger Shinigami said. “Maybe we should look at him.” They turned back to the notebook. In a few pages, there it was.

“He was the supplier,” Watari said.

“Does it say from where?” Tsuzuki asked. The scientist shook his head.

“Doesn’t say,” he replied.

“Oh,” the other Shinigami said. “Is there a cure for the virus?”

“Hang on,” his friend said. He went through notes again. He came to the last notebook. Yet another surprise greeted them.

“It’s coded,” Hisoka said.

“Looks like a good one too,” Tsuzuki said. Watari grinned.

“Not a problem!” he bragged. “This is child’s play!”

“So, you can…” Tsuzuki began. Watari nodded.

“Already on it!” he bragged. “I might even find the supplier!” The blonde scientist got right to work. Tsuzuki just remembered something.

“Watari,” he said.

“Yeah?” his friend asked.

“Is there any possibility that the Eda-Kimoto clan decided to use the virus to their advantage?”

Watari and Hisoka turned to him. Tsuzuki shrugged.

“Just a thought…” he suggested.

“No, wait,” Watari said. “You might be onto something. Hold on.” He pulled out his own notes and did a quick search.

“Ah, here it is!” he said. Tsuzuki and Hisoka took a look. The older Shinigami shook his head.

“No,” he said. “This isn’t Shichiro’s doing.”

“How can you be sure?” Hisoka asked.

“We’ve seen his power before,” he said. “This isn’t that. This is much stronger.” His co-workers didn’t speak for a moment.

“Haruka?” Hisoka asked. Tsuzuki nodded.

“But,” he said. "I can’t figure out how she’s doing this.”

“An advanced spell?” Watari asked.

“Maybe…” Tsuzuki replied. Watari sat back with a smile.

“Well then,” he said. “You’ll have to find that one out yourself.” His friend gave him a blank stare.

“What?!?” he yelped. “Aren’t you coming to help me?”

“We have to stay here and fix this mess,” Watari pointed out.

“Plus, someone has to watch over him,” Hisoka said as he motioned over at Yu in the infirmary bed. Tsuzuki pouted.

“So I have to do this alone?” he asked.

“Yes!’ his co-workers said. Tsuzuki groaned.

“But where do I even start?!?” he complained.

“Well,” Hisoka said. “Trace the kitsune.”

“But how?”

“I might help,” Watari said. “Here.” He printed out the notes that Tsuzuki would need to know.

All the while Yu slept through his recovery.
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