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Spiders are scary and Bed heads are sexy.

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When there's a spider in the bathroom, which one will help you?

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A/N: look who's back bitches! yayayayaya, me. So how've you all been? good? good. Well this is basically a filler-ish type thing, FRERARD IN NEXT CHAPTER AYYAYAYAYAYA! aren't you guys lucky? :3 well, y'know, the usual, R&R?? thank-you-please

-LatherTheBlood xo


I can’t stay in here forever, I’m positive I’ve already been in here for over an hour. I checked my phone, 21:31 pm flashed on the screen.

I placed it down beside me on the linoleum floor, the bathroom was pink, all pink. I think their mother might like the colour. I stood up and walked cautiously over to the door, unlocking it and opening it slightly, to see if anybody was there. Jem was sitting on the top stair, just staring into space.

“Frank, I know you’re there, and I’m dying for a piss, so get the fuck out” she seemed angry, I pulled the door right back and ran down stairs, avoiding eye contact with her.

I reached the basement stairs, maybe they were all asleep?

Doubt it.

Suck my dick you stupid ass brain.

You’d like that huh?

Go away.

I slowly opened the door a tiny crack, everything was dark and the tv was off. I pushed my way through the door, literally forcing my feet to move. I hope they aren’t up. I slowly made my way over to the empty couch and sat down. That when I heard Jem’s footsteps coming down, she appeared in the doorway and closed the door behind her. She didn’t come over to me, she didn’t question me, infact she walked right past me and took her familiar spot next to the younger way brother. Resting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

My eyes were starting getting heavy, I was tired. I fumbled around my pockets looking for my sweet, sweet phone, it wasn’t there. I must’ve left it up in the bathroom? Nobody would notice if I went to get it right? Maybe I could sleep in the bath..

For about the eighth time that night, I climbed the stairs, two flights.
I stumbled into the dark bathroom, flicking the light on. There it was, my cherished black square lay on the floor, next to a white bin and…a fucking spider..

A fucking spider.


There was no way i was going to get my phone, that deadly beast might pounce on me, it might kill me with its sharp claws of fury. I was going to have to wake one of them up downstairs, but which one?

Not Jem, she’ll laugh.

Not Mikey, I don’t know him well enough. Hell, I don’t know any of them well enough.

I’ll just get Gerard, he can be my hero.

He can be your hero baby, he can wash away the tears.

I am not crying, my eyes are swimming.

I ran downstairs and into the basement, stepping over Bob and Ray to get to Gerard who had a huge ass bed all to himself, greedy butt.

“Gerard..” I said whilst shaking his arm.

I bent down right into his ear and whispered loudly.


“Wha- what do you want?” he replied, sitting up promptly.

“I left my phone in the bathroom..” I said, lowering my voice a little.

“Well then go get it?” he replied, lying back down.

“I can’t..” I said, turning to face the door.

“Why not?” he questioned, not moving from the position he was in.

“There’s a.. a .. spider in there..” I said.

He laughed loudly, then covered his mouth with his hand in an attempt to not wake the others.

“seriously?” he said, still laughing.

“Fuck off, it’s not even funny” I replied, going back to sit on the couch.

He sure knew how to make someone feel like shit huh?

“Aw Frankie, I’m sorry” he said, getting up from his lazy ass and climbing the stairs, he better be getting my phone. Cunt.

I have an idea, whilst he’s doing that, I shall go into his bed, steal it and he’ll have to sleep on the couch. Sucks for him.

I heard his footsteps clambering down the wooden stairs, making as much noise as fucking possible.

“Here Fra- get out of my bed” he said, noticing me straight away.

“No, comfy.” I replied, pulling the covers up to my neck.

Which is when it happened, again, he lept on me causing me to scream and wake up other members in the room.

“Guys! Shut the hell up, there’s a thing called sleep? Go to it.” Bob said, launching a pillow our way.

Jemma got up and switched the lights on, the dark room was no longer dark and my eyes hurt from the light.

“Gerard, get off Frank, Frank get off the bed” She said, slight annoyance in her tone.

I would be annoyed too.

You don’t count.

“Fine” I sighed.

Jem turned the light off and regained her position on Mikey’s shoulder. Ain’t they cute?

I stood from Gerard’s bed and stepped over Bob, only to be dragged back by a pale, sleeveless arm.

“Goodnight Frankie” Gerard said, wrapping me in a warm embrace that seemed to last more than normal.

“Goodnight Gee” I replied, the hug ending soon after.

On that note, I entered a lovely slumber and dreamt of Gerard..i mean Pony’s..i mean Batman..


The ringing is right in my ear, someone please make it stop. MAKE IT FUCKING STOP.

“Someone turn the fucking beep off!” I screamed, the ringing was soon silenced by Ray.

“next time turn off your alarm then” he replied, slipping under the duvet on the floor.

“Next time, get a hair cut” I replied closing my eyes.

That comment earned a pillow in the face. Thank you Ray.

“What was that for?” I asked, sitting up in my bed, rubbing my eyes.

“Ray will never get a haircut, Ray will cut this hair when Tibet it free!” he replied, crossing his arms like a little 5 year old who didn’t get a lollipop.

“Both of you, shut the fuck up!” Bob shouted, waking up Jem, Frank and Mikey also.

“Well, now that we’re all awake, who wants food?” I asked.

They all cheered at the mention of food, as you do. We each climbed the stairs for the first time that morning eager for what was in my fridge.

“Hey Mikey?” I asked.

“Yeah Gee?” he answered.

“Your bed head is very sexual.” I stifled a laugh.

“Shut up, bed heads are sexy” he replied.

Frank’s bed head is sexy, oh so sexy..

Your still on about him?

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