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Fluff :)

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Hello loves! ;)

Gerards POV
For a while i don't really know what to do. I just stare completely taken aback. He's not usually sad. Usually he looks like a Meerkat, all straight backed and eager and determind, right now he's like a baby gazelle being chased by a pack of ravenous lions. All wide eyed and shaky like leaves on a tree when they're turning crisp and colourful in many ways.

His back rises up and down slowly in perfect timing with his chest and i know now is an appropriate time to intervene considering i haven't bothered already. "Frankie?" I say as softly as i can manage, which isn't easy for me as i sound like Dracula unless i speak up properly. He silently nods and lifts his face up slightly which makes me smile. Now how do they do this in the movies? What do they say? Do i grab blankets and make hot chocolate? Oh yeah, that's Lizzie McGuire and her Mom, and no i don't watch that programme. Okay maybe i do, a little.

Scrap the movies, i think to myself, i now have to go with my own fucked up little brain. "Do what feels right." I mutter putting my arm around him and stroking his hair softly whilst uttering comforting words. Although my "Your Mother is a heartless bitch and i hope she is eaten by alsations while she eats her Coco Pops" was on the tip of my tongue i resisted. "Ignore her, she dosn't understand." Is my replacement for the truth.
"But she was so nasty, she's my Mom Gerard!" He was yelling now. Oh fuck, lovers tiff already? Maybe we shouldn't date...

And maybe you should get that he's hurting and needs you to stop talking to yourself?

True story bro.
"She's your Mom Frank, She'll always be your Mom and She'll always love you, but please don't listen to what she just said, you may love her and she's family too but that doesnt mean she's right and it doesn't mean you have to change yourself or try to make yourself agree with her." I say rubbing circles on his back as he begins to quiten down.

"I know it's really early, but i do love you." Frank smiles pressing his lips to mine.
"I love you too shortcake." I laugh as he slaps my cheek and snuggles further into my side. And everything is going to be okay for now, even though we're like a zoo, me the giraffe obviously because he's a little too small to be a skyscraper on legs.
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