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Money? That's just a material thing

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Gerard tries to get Frank a Job.

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Hey! Sorry for my recent update lack! I've been super busy and experiencing my first case of writers block! :) xo

Gerards POV
" Another entire packet of Oreo's?" I ask my now official boyfriend rifling through his kitchen cupboards in desperate need of something to eat. "They're just too good. Too good for me, too good for you but i got them first so yeah, i ate them." He rambles on waving his hand in the air as he sits through the Desperate Housewives Box set. Again. "So hows the Job Hunt going?" I ask him scooting over to the couch and sitting down next to him, loosening my ugly tie that was my last birthday present. The Joy of distant Aunties. "So-so." He replies calmly watching intently as Gaby sneaks her Gardener into her house and begins to fuck him like theres no tomorrow. "Why do you watch this Frank?" I exclaim pointing at the screen. "Getting ideas are you? For when i head out to work?" I sneer. It's true i'm having doubts. It's been a month and a half and yet he's becoming distant and won't even bother getting his life back after he fucked it up so royally last time. "Oh shut up, you know i'm not like that, plus you have the best legs in town." What. The. Actual. Fuck.
"Oh so you only like my legs and just because they're a bit fatter thanks to my new bacon bites obsession you want me gone?" I am actually pretty fucking mad right now.
"I like everything you sadistic, sex crazed lunatic, i just don't like it when you interrupt Frankie's TV Time." He replies stuffing his face with popcorn. He barely washes, hasn't shaved in weeks and needs to re dye his hair. He's being real fucking difficult for me to handle in other words. Okay, so looks aren't everything but i by far preffered his old one to this new sloth like Frank i've grown accustomed too. I only like seeing people dirty when they're covered in mud, wrestling, particularly if they're Frank.....

Oh snap out of it fuckface.

"Look Frank, I love you but this has to stop. Your house is a tip, you haven't bothered to wash yourself or your clothes and you're eating shit food all day long whilst watching things you've seen over a thousand times. Fucking sort it out!" I yell at him and he sits there stunned, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. "Oh so you're breaking up with me?" His voice suddenly is shaky and he looks away from my icy glare.

"Oh shit i'm sorry." I wail after a few moments of awkward turtleish silence.
"S'ok." He mutters pretending to still be entranced by the wonders of Wysteria Lane.
"Come on, let's go out tonight." I try still feeling like Pete Wentz with a broken guyliner. Pretty fucking awful.
"No, i know what we can do!" He proclaims. "You dress up in drag and clean this house singing "I want to Break Free" like Freddy Mercury and if you do it really good, I will let you shower me down, in water though, not your bodily fluids because nobody likes jizz on their face and it smells like whale sweat which i hate." He beams at me and i know he is loving my torture. My little fucking lovable Frankie.

Franks POV
"I wait on the couch in anticipation as my boyfriend whines about being in drag bhind the living room door. Not only am i bribing him into doing my household chores for me, i get to watch him be fucking hot to the extremes. If i had ovaries i know they would like explode. And i wouldn't mind one little bit. I knew he was right about everything though, i had gotten lazy and i did need a job. The bills hadn't stopped coming and if left much longer i was going to be in more than a spot of trouble with my finances. Plus with money, you can buy guitars and cool shit to go with them. I loved it that much. Actually, a band would rake the money in, if they were good that is. Ahh ideas are rolling around already. Just as my boyfriend happened to strut through the door.

Someone's definitely been to Ann Summers. A red feather boa, a pink boob tube and the tighest, shortest, ass accentuating skirt ever invented along with pleather (cheap plastic looking leather) thigh high boots with spikes running down the sides. They're stilettos too, which explains why he stumbles towards the TV and grabs onto my curtain for support, in the meantime ripping the curtain pole entirely of the wall...... "I said clean it not demolish it bitch!" I laugh as he glares at me trapped in the long velvet masses of material. He is almost out when his heel gets caught and he faceplants the coffee table, my bottle of coke zero landing over his head as he curses and groans in frustration. The song still playing out from the stereo. He doesn't move and so me being the greatest boyfriend ever sauntrs over to him and helps him out of his mess, licking the flat tasting coke off his pretty little drag make up clad face. "Well it's a step up from Jizz." I point out as he chases me into the shower.
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