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Archie and Atlanta go for a run in the park, what could happen? Set after the titans defeat Cronus. Archie/Atlanta

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Author's Note: I know that the story is short, but my best friend and I came up with it last night and it wouldn't leave me alone so I created this one shot. Just so you all know I haven't abandoned Fate and Destiny: Why Me. I had exams so my mom wouldn't let me do anything but projects and studying for the past three weeks. Also I had the third and fourth chapters written but they're in my French notebook, which my French teacher has. Sorry, so now I have to rewrite both chapters. To make it up to you I'm posting this one shot and the first chapter of the prequel to Fate and Destiny: Why Me.

Disclaimer: I wish I own Class of the Titans but I don't so don't sue me!


It was three years since the titans had defeated and imprisoned Cronus in Tartrus. Jay, Theresa, Herry, Neil and Archie were all 21 and Atlanta and Odie were 20. Still all seven of them still occasionally trained with Ares, to keep in shape.

Jay had proposed to Theresa a few weeks ago and the two were going to be married in about five months. Archie and Atlanta had been dating for about three years. Yes, Archie had managed to finally ask Atlanta out.

It was a Saturday and all seven friends were having a running session with Ares. Archie and Atlanta had to do five laps of the park each. Jay, Theresa, Herry and Neil all had to do two laps each and Odie one lap.

Everyone but Archie and Atlanta had finished running and they all were waiting on the two lovebirds. Archie still hadn't managed to beat Atlanta in a footrace. And both were still very competitive with each other.

Archie and Atlanta were on their last lap, with Atlanta slightly out in front as expected. "Atlanta?" Archie called out to the redhead.

"Uh huh?" She replied without slowing her pace.

"Do you think you could let your fiancé win for once?" Archie continued, while trying to catch up to her.

Atlanta slowed down so that she was even with Archie and turned her head so that she was facing him. "Did you just ask me what I think you did?" Archie nodded his head in reply. At this Atlanta stopped running all together and just stared at the purple-haired guy, who was still running. She soon realized that he wasn't going to be stopping or even slowing down any time soon, and began to run at top speed again.

Still Archie had gained enough of a lead that she hadn't been able to catch up to him, no matter how fast she ran. She reached the finish slightly behind Archie and everyone was in shock. Did Archie really manage to beat Atlanta in a fair footrace? Ares kept congratulating Archie over and over again as he tried to catch his breath.

Theresa walked up to Atlanta looking dumbstruck, "Did he really mange to beat you in a fair footrace?" Atlanta, who was still trying to catch her breath just nodded her head.

"I guess he did..." Atlanta finally managed to reply, 'It wasn't fair and you know it!' Her competitive side of her brain screamed. She smiled at her best friend as Archie walked over.

He stood beside Atlanta and faced her. "You know you never answered my question..." his voice trailed off.

Atlanta smiled and looked into his eyes, "I let you win didn't I?"

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