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Party Poison pov
“hey look theres something else” I said looking at the door, Frank the bastard better no come down.
“what?” she asked.
“is it gonna be awkward if I tell you I have feelings for you?”
“no because I have feelings for you too” she said her cheeks filling up with the little blood she had.
“really?” I asked feeling like an idiot
“cool” oh wow this is so awkward, “well you should get back to sleep” I said standing up.
“yeah” she said moving, I kissed her on the forehead “wait” she said grabbing my hand “whose room am I in?”
“mine” I said looking around
“oh, Gerard when was the last time you slept in a proper bed?”
“I don’t know five nights ago, even longer”
“do you want to sleep, I could move over”
“nah, Im right” hang one you dickface she wants you to sleep with her! “actually I am kinda sick of sleeping in that chair”
“well get in here” she lifted up the sheet, I crawled over her, my back pressed up against the wall. I closed my eyes ‘you are a dick head’ the voice said.
It felt like I didn’t dream that night, when I woke up I felt for Katherine, but she was gone my eyes snapped open, I sat up looking for her, something moved on the floor wait what. “why are you on the ground?” I asked her.
“well I fell off and im to sore and lazy to get back up” she laughed.
“do you feel ok?”
“no, I feel a bit off, as in a stupidity way”
“you are stupid” I got up and lifted her back up on to the bed “do you want me to get Ray to have a look at your burn?”
“yes please” she said, I walked out of the room.
“hey Toro go have a look at her burn” I said to him
“uhh, I’ll be in soon, Mikey go have a look at her for me”
“’kay” Mikey got up from his place on the couch and walked into my room.
“oi” Ray said grabbing my arm “ I saw her last night, shes too pale, ill have to give her a needle, the same one I gave you when you were shot”
“was she on the ground when you came in?”
“no, why was she on the ground?”
“she fell out of bed”
“oh… Did you hear what I said about the needle?”
“oh, yeah, you’ll die trying to give it to her-“
“Well, someone scared her” I walked in to my room, still talking to Ray “she’ll freak out”
“Well you’re gonna have to do something to stop her, cause I need to give it to her”
“I’ll try” we walked in Katherine and Mikey were laughing “what?” I asked
“I just scared the shit outta her”
“Katherine we have to do something and you won’t like it” I said
“does it involve me getting hurt?”
“fuck my life” she poked out her bottom lip, then she saw what Ray had in his hand “ok now you can all get fucked”
“you have to have it, your pale and we’ve lost someone because they were shot and they didn’t have this needle”
“I don’t care-“
“hold her down” Ray said, I walked over to her and sat behind her head Frank sat on her knees and Mikey got her feet. I grabbed hold of her hands, she still struggled against our hold, wow she was strong, but she was so small. “this isn’t gonna work” Ray said
“Yay!” she half yelled, oh damn it, what im about to do its gonna kill me. I leaned down a placed my lips on hers, I looked a Ray and watched him put the needle in her neck. I pulled away everybody looked at me. “what did I do?”
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