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3 hours later

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this is my first sex scene.... don't hatw on me if its bad.

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Delusional alives pov

I laid down on the bed watching the door waiting for Party poison to come back. After about 3 hours the door slowly started to open, I didn’t move I could see his red hair in the dark but that was about it. I heard the lock click.
“can you please sit up” he whispered.
“do I have to?”
“I would like you to” I sat up slowly he came and sat next to me, I noticed he was shaking.
“whats wrong?”
“I want to try something” his hand moved to my leg, he dragged me closer and put his lips against mine his mouth was dry, than it finely hit me what he wanted to do, my mouth turned dry too. He pulled away I used that time to get a drink. We started to kiss again this time we were both into it, he moved so I was under him, he lifted his shirt over his head then full on ripped my tank top in half, I reached back fumbling for my bra, I got it undone and pulled my shorts and undies off while he undid the button on his jeans, he pulled off his briefs. He kissed me hard then I felt a finger go inside me, then a second then he stopped with the third he continued to pull them out then pushed them back he did this for almost three minutes until he pulled them out and started to kiss me again, he slowly moved down kissing my neck down to my collarbone “do you want me to-?” I moaned.
“yes” he moaned back. We moved again so he was under me, I moved down do my head was above his crotch, I wrapped my lips around his erected member, he started to moan and groan. He was shaking, I felt his juice fill my mouth, he let out the loudest moan yet I swallowed. I moved up so we were kissing again, he flipped me so I was under him again I felt him enter me, he punched the wall several times. I screamed as he thrusted harder I wrapped legs around his body and put my arms under his arms I dug my nails into his back, he let out a soft yelp as I dragged my hands down his back. He brought his head down to my neck and bit down hard, I screamed loud, he threw his head back and laughed, he moved his lips back to mine, they tasted of blood. This time I started to shake I couldn’t hold myself up anymore I started to drop, he put his hand under me to keep me up he finely came again. He put me down and we both laughed, he placed his head on my chest and we listen to each other’s breathing, my hand ran up and down his back feeling the bumps from my nails. We laid for 5 minutes then Gerard put his head up.
“I have to go now” he kissed my cheek.
“mmmmm” I wasn’t a where of what was going on, I was still in a daze from what just happened. He stood up finding his clothes, I sat up watching him he get dress. I sat up pulling my undies and bra, he walked over to his cupboard and pulled out a jacket and threw it at me.
“come on, im about to leave see us off” he kissed me again.
“what zones are you going to?”
“we’re starting in zone 7 and moving around to zone 10” he opened the door as I zipped up the jacket he walked ahead of me.
“well, well, well did you guys have fun?” Frank asked
“shut up or I’ll punch you in the face” I said
“I’ll miss you” he kissed me.
“I’ll miss you too” he got in the driver’s seat, he closed the door, I stuck my head in the window and kissed him “I’ll see you at the end of the week” I said. Bonnie (Atomic Whisper), Candice (Poison Blood) Meredith (Desert Heart) and myself stood in the cool breeze watching as they drove off, I’ll give it 4 hours. I walked back inside and when to bed.
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